View Full Version : BoC 2k, Khazrak

31-10-2008, 01:44
This is a list I came up with to satisfy my hunger for wins against my local GW crowd since a vast majority of them play the new, high powered armies. It's Tzeentch / Khorne with 9 ambushing units. Hopefully it'll be enough to help me towards victory.

Wargor:BSB, Mark of Tzeentch, heavy armor, Preyseeker (184)
Wargor:Mark of Khorne, chaos armor, great weapon, crown of horns (139)

Beast Herd:11 gors, 7 ungors, shields, full command (150)
Beast Herd:11 gors, 7 ungors, 2 hand weapons, full command (140)
Beast Herd:5 gors, 5 ungors, 2 hand weapons (55)
x5 Warhounds of Chaos:(150)
Khorngors:20, full command, war banner (340)
Tuskgor Chariot:Mark of Khorne (130)
Tuskgor Chariot:Mark of Khorne (130)
Tuskgor Chariot:Mark of Tzeentch (105)
Minotaurs:4 Great Weapons, Mark of Chaos Undivided (184)

With the magic support from the Wargor of Tzeentch and the magic defence, I could probably do some damage against some armies. The chariots will be the forearm of the army, smashing towards the closest enemies. The Khornegors and Minotaurs will be working with each other to rack up kills, especially with the many attacks coming from the khornegors. The 9 ambushing units (excluding the two wargors) will come out on turn 2 or 3 (depending if its a gunline or a rushing army) and then march block the enemies units. Then in one brutal movement phase, the army will charge towards the closest units in sight and watch the carnage begin. Khazrak will be in one of the herds and put the other 11:7 ratio herd nearby to get Khazrak's leadership. The 5:5 unit will be hoping to get the flanks and the warhounds will pounce out of nowhere and take the enemy by surprise.

Comments and Critique is welcome!