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31-10-2008, 03:33
Hey. It was announced yesterday there is going to be a 1500 point tournament for fantasy and I was able to get the last open space, brining the total to 10 players. The other armies are:

*(2x)Vampire counts
*(2x)Deamons :mad:
*(1x)Dwarfs (gunline)
*(1x)Dark Elf
*(1x)High Elf
*(1x)Dogs of War (me)

I surprised everyone when I said what I be fielding and a lot of them laughed when they saw it, so Im out to prove them wrong, plus its a fun, fluffy list to try out. Here it is:

-w/Hvy. Armor, Shield, GW, Pistol, Talisman of Protection, Barded Warhorse

-w/Hvy. Armor, Enchanted Shield, GW, Pistol, Barded Warhorse

-w/Level 1, Lore of Fire

*(21x)Pikemen: (w/Captian)
-w/FC, Hvy. Armor (6x4)

*(21x)Pikemen: (w/Paymaster)
-w/FC, Hvy. Armor (6x4)

*(23x)Pikemen: (w/Wizard)
-w/FC, Hvy. Armor (6x4)

-w/Pistols, HW

-w/Pistols, HW

*(12x) Crossbowmen:
-w/Crossbows, HW

-w/Crew, HW

-w/Crew, HW


Plan is for the enemy to come to me with the heros in the middle of the pikes for leadership and a extra punch, the cannons and crossbows raining death on the enemy, and the duelists doing what they do best.

31-10-2008, 03:54
I think, sadly, that your compatriots laughter will be justified.

You have essentially no magic defense and 40% of the tourney armies are going to be stupidly magic-heavy (VC/Deamons).

Chances are high you'll fight at least one of those armies. Not to mention both HE and DE can also magic the bejeezus out of you.

Your list seems to be missing one key element beyond magic defense and that is troops for re/miss-directing your opponents. 3 units of pikes with 2 skirmishing combat units to try to protect their flanks are going to struggle against a moderately fast, moderately cavalry based army (empire with 2 units of knights, a balanced bret list, DE, HE, etc.)

I'd like to see some variety and some more mobile units in there. Some light cav would make great march blockers, war machine hunters and redirectors. More shooting would be helpful (another x-bow unit).

I'd like to see you do well, but I think the intrinsic limits of the very dated DoW list combined with an all infantry approach with no magic defense is not likely to serve you in terribly good stead.

31-10-2008, 08:46
All of the above AND gunline armies will decimate your pike blocks before mass charging to finish you off. Your cannons and unit of Xbows will not stand against a big gunline army. Anything with big templates (mortars, stone throwers etc) will laugh at your T3 5+save.

31-10-2008, 11:34
NO REAL MAGIC DEFENCE. what more do i have to say.