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31-10-2008, 14:31
here's my attempt at adding back the flavor to the Chaos codex. I wasn't really trying to "fix" anything, just add back some of the variety. I know people have complained about Chaos having too many choices, but Chaos is really 5 armies (one for each god and undivided). Anyway, I tried to highlight the changes I prosope in yellow, but I may have missed a few things. About the Renegades in the Troops choice, that was meant to represent new converts, sort of like what GW said it was doing with 4th ed. Anyway, let me know what you think of my rule writing skills, too: balance, clarity. Or if I left out something essential from a previous 'dex that people really missed. Thanks.

Untitled Document (http://storeforecore.150m.com/index1.html)

click on link that says LINK TO REVAMPED CODEX:CHAOS. no hotlinking with my junkie free host.

oh yeah, and of course there were a few places where I was just making up stuff for the sake of consistency between the gods. anyone with more fluffy ideas please speak up.

I added a pdf version for those who prefer it.

31-10-2008, 14:55
It's more than 5 armies.

Why do several Imperial Astartes get a book each? I'm not going to cry unfair because traditionally we've not had more than a couple different Chaos armies since the days of Rogue Trader. However, this is a idea/wish list, so here goes:

Most Legions should be given some love. Imperial Astartes Chapters are approx 1000 marines each. Chaos Legions are potentially far larger since legions were 40,000+ strong when they rebelled. Even after 10,000 years of warfare there's good reason for more than 1,000 of some legions to remain.

Black Legion, arguably the biggest and best legion (Luna Wolves) ever. Lead by the biggest current Chaos Space Marine threat - Abaddon. This legion has been the mirror of Ultramarines in the sense of being the cookie cutter CSM force. Abaddon gave us Defilers too.

Iron Warriors. They were given love once upon a time. Vindicators have now become mainstream, Basilisks lost and 4 heavy slots was perhaps OTT, but there's a lot that could be given back to this Legion. Starting with forgemasters and techmarines.

Other major players: Alpha Legion, Nightlords, Word Bearers. Give them back unique characteristics and units!

Beyond the uniform legions we have defiled Cultist Legions: World Eaters, Thousand Sons, Death Guard and Emperors Children. Their identities have been diluted somewhat with labels such as Khorne Berserkers, Plague Marines and Noise Marines. They are all heavily symbiotic with the 4 chaos gods and as such could and should have their unique identities back! Give them daemons, cults, possessed goodness!

Renegades, Cultists, Lost and the Damned would also be up there.

So, give us 10 books. Please?


I like where you are heading with the document, but it seems to be merging the old with the new? It's simply too much for 1 book in my opinion.

burning crome
31-10-2008, 15:36
I'd like to read this but you got it in work can you put it in PDF thanks

01-11-2008, 12:50
I agree with a lot of what you're saying Taerij, but I also feel like having a seperate book makes things a little dull, too. I'm not sure if anyone else feels this way or not, but I think Codex:daemons is like that. It sounded really good at first, but then if you go to make a god specific army, you're stuck with one type of elite, troop, and fast attack. And equiping them is pretty dull. And the heavy supports are thin to boot.

So as interesting as it would have been to make an Emperor's Children dex (which is actually how I started out), I really feel like having one 'dex with a lot of choices makes army building more interesting.

Besides, I think there are several other people who've gone down that road already and made some interesting stuff. Go check them out on this forum.

burning crome
10-11-2008, 17:22
Sorry mate i've only just spotted you message. From what i've read/seen it look very well put together i'll give it a going over.