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31-10-2008, 14:36
I started collecting a daemon army a while back when I found out that my normal chaos army that consisted of 1/3 daemons, beasts and mortals was illegal. I set in mind that I wanted an army with a BT, herald of tzeentch in a chariot, 3*10 horrors, 2 units of furies, 2 units of fleshhounds, flamers and a unit of fiends.

It was only later that I realized that this is pretty much a standard setup for daemons and is viewed by many as owerpowered.

So my question is this. Could it work if I removed horrors and the herald and replaced them with more melee stuff like some Bloodletters, daemonettes and maybe a herald to go in one of these units? I have actually never been a huge fan of magic unless I am playing with undead or ogres so the horrors are mostly just there for the added magic protection. The herald in the chariot has definitely proven to be powerful, but he wouldn't do much as the only caster and he does take up a lot of points.

So what do you say? Could it work with just 2 dd and maybe a spellbreaker on the thirster or would I get trampled by magic heavy lists?

Even though I have played Warhammer for quite some time I have never attended a lot of tournaments so I am still pretty much a noob and I have a question about something in the rule book that I could never quite grasp.

On page 21. in the top right about wheeling during a charge it says "Note that the unit does not have to complete its wheel if this would mean that it could not reach the enemy at all"

Does this mean that if the unit could only barely reach the other unit with some corner then it is only those 2 corners fighting? Or would you result to some clipping? (I am also a litte unclear as to how clipping exactly works)

31-10-2008, 14:52
Yes, if you can only reach with a corner then thats how you reach the enemy. Clipping like that is perfectly legal so can and will happen in tournaments.

As for the list...
Your core is 480pts+
Your special is 350pts+
Your rare is 215pts+
Your character's are 625pts +
Leaving you with 330points left to spend on unit upgrades and items (of which you can spend upto 585 without special characters and spending the max on character and unit upgrades.

You have enough to play around with.

It's your army so you decide what you want to field.
Tool everything how you want it to be tooled, and then have a look at the final points cost and what you will have to drop to make the list legal.

Tiny horror units arent scary.
On mass they arent that scary either, 2 get to use 2 dice to cast, the rest get 1 dice.
Tiny flamer units arent overly worrying either, 3.5 shots each, so 10.5 shots on average, but hitting on a 4+, so 5 hits at st4, or hitting on a 5+ so 2-3 hits at st4...terrifying!
Flesh hounds and the bloodthirster are the scary things in your list.

If you want to go low magic, dameons can handle it, just be wary of spells like beast cowers that can potentially stop a bloodthirster getting to do anything, although with 2 dispel dice he'll get to roll 3 dice at 2 spells each turn for dispel purposes(assuming the spells are aimed at him due to magic resistance) could be 4 dice twice and 3 dice every other time if he has the collar of khorne.
Lack of magic can be ignored if you need it to be.

04-11-2008, 03:46
"Tiny flamer units arent overly worrying either, 3.5 shots each, so 10.5 shots on average, but hitting on a 4+, so 5 hits at st4, or hitting on a 5+ so 2-3 hits at st4...terrifying!"

That's a little unclear to me, can you explain?

04-11-2008, 16:23
5 flammers
17-18 shots.

6 hits at st4 usually.

there goes your fast cav unit.

07-11-2008, 00:48
massive flamer units are really scary. being skirmishers, and have that ridiculous S5 flaming in both CC and shooting they are a hassle for most.

as theunwantedbeing is speaking of crazy khorne stuff, how bout that 0+/5++ S7 flaming khorne herald on a juggernaut eh? oh yeah, and hes hatred. . .