View Full Version : Calling all Imperial fist players

31-10-2008, 15:37
Well ok, poor choice of title. rename: Story based 40k armies.

Hello warseer. long time no thread making on my part, anyway.

I am currently working on Sons of Orar Space Marines but am planning to put a crusading patrol of Imperial Fists into the force, this will add a nice little variety and some decent story i hope. anyway my main questions are as follows....

1. what do you all think of story based forces and have you done one yourself before


2. if any imperial fist players (or people who have painted said colour scheme) could post any pictures of their attempts at some imperial fists in this thread along with their answer to the above question it would be greatly appreicated.

thanks again, Reddster. <---- (my new nickname, cool huh ^^)