View Full Version : First attempt on the new WoC (1250 pts)

31-10-2008, 17:05
So this is my first list using the WoC new book. I'll be playing against magic heavy vampires, magic heavy HE and magic heavy demons :D. And I like magic too! So lets see the list... (BTW i just understood the list has 1 unit from each god)

Nurgle sorcerer (lvl2, rod of torment, conjoined homonculus)
205 pts.

Tzeentch sorcerer (lvl2, power familiar, the book of secrets)
190 pts.

So these guys put the hurt on with their magic. The rod of torment is there to drain the enemy's DD and, if gone off, it's gonna kill some swordmasters.

14 slaaneshi warriors with shields (musi, banner, banner of wrath)
297 pts.

The general goes here.This unit will hold almost any enemy attack. The banner is here for the same reason as the rod. (curse the new WoC for BAD bound items)

12 warriors with shields (musi, banner)
210 pts.

A pretty decent combat unit.

12 khornate marauders (GWs, banner)
98 pts

Some flanking goodness...

5 hounds
30 pts

Didn't have the points for more.

5 knights (banner)
220 pts

The heavy hitters

Total: 1250 pts.

Comments or criticism?

31-10-2008, 17:13
Not sure about khornate marauders as a flanking unit... Generally for flanking you want a unit thats going to do what you want it to, not go running around at the first whiff of fast cav! Also, since theyre just standard marauders, theyre not that quick either.

Banner of Wrath is a bit pricey imo given what its capable of, and if i had to invest in a magic banner for the warriors id either go for a warbanner for a bit more static CR, or the banner that gives a 5+ ward vs shooting.

Personally id drop the marauders altogether, and get some more marks going. Either a few nurgle ones for your characters to go in (i dont think you need to anymore per-se, but i like the idea of a nurgle character in a nurgle unit personally) and if you want to be really nasty, take nurgle knights, and then give them the banner of rage. Now they have 3 attacks each, and never lose frenzy. You also need some more dogs at that point though to help negate the frenzy so they don't then go running off when you dont want them to of course...

31-10-2008, 23:13
Yeah, for a flanking unit I'd opt for 5 or 6 Marauder horsemen with flails and light armour, plus a musician (throwing axes if you can afford them). They can get to where you need them to be.