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01-11-2008, 09:31
Hey all,

After playing Vampire Counts and demolishing over 2000pts (including a Special Character and surviving a charge on both flanks and rear and still winning) with a unit of Blood Knights, Vampire and Drakenhof Banner I decided that I wanted something that was a little more challenging. After all, I play to enjoy, and trouncing on people isn't enjoyable.

So this. Dwarfs. They look ok on paper. So having not played a game and whilst painting 104 Dwarf Warriors/Longbeards I have formed an 'on paper' list. My main opponents will be the new Warriors of Chaos and Dark Elves. My idea was simple. Why run my little feeties off when I can just stand and shoot whilst they run to me. Whilst my list leaves me with few CC units, apart from hammerers I can't see anything else that'll help me negate that pesky Chaos armour.

Constructive criticism needed. Fill your boots.


Dwarf Lord
- Rune of Fury, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Stone, Master Rune of Challenge, Shield, Oath Stone

- 3x Rune of Spellbreaking, Shield

Master Engineer
- Handgun, Rune of Luck

- Battle Standard Bearer, Rune of Stone


20 Dwarf Warriors
- Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer

20 Longbeards
- Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer, Veteran, Rune of Courage
*Runesmith Unit*

10 Thunderers

10 Thunderers


- Engineer, Rune of Reloading

Bolt Thrower
- Engineer

Bolt Thrower
*Master Engineer Unit*

20 Ironbreakers
- Full Command
*Dwarf Lord + BSB Unit*


Organ Gun

Total 2000pts

01-11-2008, 23:22
Nice list. I know a dwarf lord that will never, ever die ( although I cannot remember it's points. Here it is.

best armour save he can get
shield bearers
the rune that allows a re-rollable armour save
the rune that only allows the enemy to be strength 5 maximum against u
the 4+ ward save rune
A great weapon.
I can't remember the names of the stuff, but what u do is u put him in a hard hitting unit and declare a challenge every turn.
If the enmy has 4 attacks ( and they R lord choice) Then they will be hitting u on let's say 3's so about 3 hits, causing two wounds ( max strength 5) then you get a 1+ armour save at -2 ( so 3+) with a re-roll and then, if u fail, a 4+ ward. Hard as nails! Hope this helps

02-11-2008, 00:23
i think your dwarf is to costly. have you just thought about making him as cheap as chips. ie. rune of stone, master rune of spite, rune of (i cant remeber the name but you are immue to killing blow and posion) and a GW. if you really want you could put him a shield bearer for extra attacks and bonus to the armour save.

another thing I dont think cannons are that useful. really. another organ gun is much better.

I prefer hammerers everytime to iron breaker. I just think they are much better. I am not too sure on long beards. saying that though I have never used them instead them have become a core choice.

I do like bolt thowers. have you though about an engineers for them to give them a bit more punchh in the combats, when they do get charged, by those flanking units.
the cannon with both reloading and an engineers. seems a little expensive to me.

I think your army is very small as well.

when I play dwarfs. I general have a rune lord on anvil, 2 thanes, 2 units of clansmen, 2 missle units. 2 boltthowers. organ guns, miners and a unit of hammerers.