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01-11-2008, 14:14
Got the book this morning and this is my first go so please be kind. I tried to fit in everything i like and it failed badly. Please highlight what (if anything) ive chosen thats on the right track and what ive chosen thats just useless. Thanks for any advice.

Daemon prince
Mark of tzeentch
level 4 wizard
tendrils of tzeentch
diabolic splendour

mark of tzeentch
level 2
2 dispel magic scrolls

Exhalted hero
Battle stadard
Doom totem

12 chaos warriors
full command
additional hand weapon
mark of khorne

18 warriors

5 chaos warhounds

5 chaos warhounds

5 marauder horsemen
light armour

5 Knights
full command
mark of nurgle
banner of rage

Total: 1997 points

01-11-2008, 15:38
I would be tempted to drop the Lightarmour from the Marauder Horsemen in favour of a Musician for them. Furthermore, I would replace your large unit of 18 warriors with A unit of 25 Marauders with Lightarmour, Shields, Full Command and the Mark of Slaanesh. Appart from that, I would use the extra points granted to get some more cannonfodder into the list.

Your list looks very scarce, I'm familliar enough with Chaos to say that, however, with the new book, I feel there is something you have forgotten to put into that list that would be of great help but I can't put my finger on it.