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01-11-2008, 14:18
Ok, so, I've been gone from Fantasy for a bit, mostly due to the changes in Chaos actually, and due to relatively low finances, I haven't been able to pick up the new book untill yesterday. However, picked it up I did, and after reading it through, I must say, I'm positively suprised.

The big unfortunate thing about this new book is the lack of demons, of course, that is another issue to be overcome, and I'll instead be having three small armies, however, mortals WERE my main army before, and so they shall stay.

This is my first take on the list, infantry focused, and don't worry, I am well aware the bestiality between Slaanesh and Khorne, however, I think the hordes of fleshly followers of the Slaaneshi champion allong with the handful of brazen monsters of the Khornate leader makes for a nice contrast between them. Furthermore, should anyone complain further, the Tzeentch sorcerers organised this ;)

Anywho, here it is, 2250 points of Neknoh Chaos... and I'm still undecided whether or not I like the loss of "undivided leader for multi-god armies".

Exalted Champion
- Favour of the Gods, Axe of Khorne, Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut of Khorne, Shield... 230 points

This guy is the main hitter allong with the Knights and the chosen, he's built to hit more than a tonne of bricks armed with sledgehammers, especially in the inevitable challenges he will be issuing.

Exalted Champion
- Mark of Slaanesh, Steed of Slaanesh, Blasphemous Amulet, Shield, Hallberd... 174 points
This guy will be used to hunt down and destroy fast cavalry, able to out-charge them with several inches, furthermore, he can also swoop in for de-ranking enemy units (yes, he might not break ranks, but upwards 4 kills from the amulet will probably remove a rank or two).

Chaos Sorceror
- Level 2, Mark of Tzeentch, Conjoined Homunculus, Blood of Tzeentch, Talisman of Protection... 205 points
The main caster, will be used for, well, casting :p The Homunculus and Blood is there to cause as many successful casts as possible from his side.

Chaos Sorceror
- Level 2, Mark of Tzeentch, Power Familiar, Book of Seecrets... 190 points
An extra Spell, two extra dice, this guy will be the Magic Missile battery hopefully, otherwise, there are always useful spells in the various Lores of Death, Fire and Shadow should I keep the spell generated rather than discard it.

25 Marauders
- Mark of Slaanesh, Lightarmour, Shields, Full Command... 180 points

25 Marauders
- Mark of Slaanesh, Lightarmour, Shields, Full Command... 180 points
What can I say, cannonfodder as well as rank and file static combat resolution, now with immunity to annoyance.

5 Marauder Horsemen
- Flails, Musician... 81 points
Cheap throwaway, sacrificial, baiting, flanking unit that still hit quite hard.

6 Chaos Warhounds
- ... 36 points
It's warhounds, need I say more?

12 Chosen
- Mark of Khorne, Shields, Greatweapons, Full Command, Helm of Many Eyes, Blasted Standard... 367 points
Took long before I decided on Greatweapons over Additional Handweapons, however, I realised I might need the extra strength should the occasion arrise. The unit size will be for the Warriors to deploy 6 wide whilst still being able to deploy 7 wide against 25mm based opponents. There will also be enough Warriors to actually survive the hail of shooting they will go through. Yes, I know they're not Nurgle and I know they're frenzied, however, there are ways around this. Furthermore, Nurgle Warriors does NOT reduce the WS of the enemy when the Warriors themselves hit back.

5 Knights of Chaos
- Full Command, Banner of Rage... 285 points
Able to go by themselves OR to go with the Khornate champion that is the leader of thier small warband. I chose not to upgrade their weapons to lances due to the fact that Magical weapons might come into use more times than the one point of extra strength that is strength 6 over 5.

Chaos Warshrine
- Mark of Tzeentch ... 160 points
The Warshrine is an awesome unit, period. At least in an army where it can keep up with the infantry advance, which it can in this one.

2 Chaos Spawn
- Each with Mark of Khorne... 150 points (2x75)
Strength 5 Spawns are a lot better than strength 4, and seeing as we no longer have the lovely 3D6 movement on Slaaneshi ones, Khornate spawn just became the cream of the pudding. Furthermore, some actual unbreakable models in the army is always nice, random movement or not.

There we go, the army comes to 2339 points, the remaining 10 points can be used either to mark the Marauder Horsemen with Slaanesh or to swap the Spawns for a second Warshrine of Tzeentch, once I get my models back into shape (multiple accidents with cats and random kids, I say no more :cries: ), I will first try the Horsemen and then the Warshrine.

Anyhow, I do appreciate peoples opinnions and views on this, but please, do not go "Oh that unit sucks because it's overcosted" or "this list wont work because it's not cookie cutter", if you feel like changing the list, I'm open to discussion and serious suggestions, not mere naysayers.

01-11-2008, 22:22
Done some hammering on a 1000 points list as well, however, it was slightly rushed due to my sister demanding the computer on which I was working and I rather wanted it finished than forgotten.

Exalted Champion of Chaos
- Battle Standard, Shield, Blasphemous Amulet, Greatweapon... 198 points
Figured this a good place to test out this nifty rule, he can be quite shiny I'd imagine, and he's not overtly tooled up, hopefuly, the Blasphemous Amulet will help diminish the ammount of unit champions he will be forced to challenge.

12 Warriors of Chaos
- Shields, Full Command, Additional Handweapons, Hallberds... 246 points
Also a good place to try out this idea, multi-purpose Warriors, not only do they have Hallberds, they also wield additional handweapons, this might make or break this unit in relatively low-point games, but I think there might be a point to having them multi-task in lower points.

25 Marauders of Chaos
- Mark of Slaanesh, Full Command, Lightarmour, Shields... 180 points
My new "standard" rank and file unit, suggesting everyone and their dog should try this unit out, it sports full ranks, an additional rank for shooting damage AND immunity to badstuffs.

25 Marauders of Chaos
- Mark of Slaanesh, Full Command, Lightarmour, Shields... 180 points
Told you it was standard :p

5 Marauder Horsemen
- Flails, Musician... 81 points
Unfortunately, the list did not sport enough points to mark these, will probably change as I decide on additional handweapons or hallberds for the Warriors, since that will free up enough points for the Mark of Slaanesh.

5 Warhounds
It's Warhounds... of Chaos :p

2 Chaos Spawns... 110 points
Chaos Spawns are always gold, especially in lower point games

01-11-2008, 22:47
alright dude, one thing I have notice straight away is the fact in your 1000pts list you only have 1 hero choice. Who has been upgraded to BSB, which makes your army illegal. Simply because you have no general to lead your army.

and you have over costed the points of war shrine. with an MoT they are only 150pts.

another thing why not reduced the size of units to take the characters in them. ie the marauders to either 24 to 23.

and why not put your sorcerers on steed. 16pts +2 to their sv, also give you another str4 attack in those challanges, and they can still join the infantry units. without being picked out.

i'm not to sure wether chosen are worthy it (in my opion, cost to much, take a special choice and only get a roll on the eye of the god table (which for me has alway been magic resistance 3) and an extra point of WS). Why for their points takes unit of chaos warriors instead. you should be able to fit in extra 6 warriors.

also one last point, i have found with only 1 war shrine that you dont get the always get the effect you need. maybe think about taking a second one

01-11-2008, 22:58
Are you sure on the Battle Standard part? Because in my book, he is merely upgraded to carrying the battle standard, no other hindrances. I guess this might be from me not owning a 7th edition book and leeching off of trusted friends, but there at least used to be specific mentions that a Battle Standard Bearer could not be the general in their respective armybooks. Of course, if this is wrong, it is a simple matter of removing it. New wording on the BSB in the WoC book confused me some, simple as that.

And yes, overcosting indeed, you are correct, this time, I blame fever :p

Steed is something I considered, they are useful, I do not disagree, but I usually make my lists by picking what I want and then adapting to that, Steeds went out in favour of other shinies. I am also a strong believer of NOT adapting units to characters to be put in them, against an army specialised on killing R&F, I will not happily put important characters into said R&F cannonfodder, and if I have specialised, this means, the unit will lack models.

I take Chosen not only for the immensely shiny modelling opportunities presented to me (as said, my army needs revisiting, might as well go the whole way and upgrade them during revisiting), furthermore, extra weaponskill as well as Eye of the Gods, magic standard and the Helmet on a 4 attack Unit Champion is something I find to be rather nice. I do see your point though, and since I'm not buying actual Chosen models, rather upgrading existing models I have, I can easely downgrade to normal Warriors. Any suggestions what to do with the extra points gotten should I downgrade Chosen to normal Warriors? Warhounds are good of course goodies and quite obvious. I was considering two Warshrines, and with the, now altered, points for the Warshrine, it's easy to replace the spawns with a second one should I find a second shrine to be needed.

EDIT: Quick look into the Fantasy Rules section found me a thread about Skaven that has had the same problem, answer to that was it has been "errata-ed", High Elves came up, mention of which I could not fully understand whether or not Skaven and/or HE have been fixed in their own right OR if it is the BRB that's been fixed in this regard.

01-11-2008, 23:39
errr...um.... another unit of knights. with another unit of hounds to screen/flank . also having another unit of knights. give your oppents 2 fast hitting, heavy hitting units.


Chaos orges. remember that the orges champion will get a roll of the eye of the gods table with the warshrine on the table.

I am not bothering with chaos trolls though. I dont think they will be able to keep up with the your general and will be cripple with stupidy.

01-11-2008, 23:44
Ogres is an interesting choise actually, hadn't put much thought into it, more Knights are always shiny and I've got enough of the old ones not having to buy the new ones (although I might for the bitz). Just wanted to see if you would give some advice on what to take rather than "I don't like that unit, dump it... get some... errr... dogs" without having a look at what would benefit the list. It was a test if you will ;)

In all seriousnes, I am currently fiddling with creating a suitably ogry list of Marauders, Trolls and Forsaken led by a Chaos Lord of appropriate stature. I had not given thought to the shiny roll on the Eye of the Gods table for the Ogre Champion though, might well be a good idea. Keep discussion going people, Slayer has allready proven to be a good source of "might actually try" ideas should my chosen go belly up ^^