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the blind knight
01-11-2008, 21:10
Ogres have always been my fascination.Until now I used them as krootox in my Tau 40k army,but now that I returned to fantasy,and rebuilt my wreck of an Empire army,I decided to use them here also.

I am going to risk my neck here,and probably state the obvious,but Ogres are awesome.To further prove my fanboyish statement here is the proof.The empire has always been considered "jack of all trades, master of none" while this is generally true Empire lack in one field:blunt force trauma.

Blunt force trauma,as I like to call it is basically a unit capable of riping apart anything and anyone,while not costing that much.Now sure the Empire can field 10 inner circle knights,stank or welter but those things cost.3 Ironguts with champion are around 180 points and WILL destroy anything on the charge.

With that out of they way here is my list with a general theme idea.

First,as you can see from the title,these army hails from Hockland and as such employs blackpowder units or small armored units,at least this is how is see the province of Hockland.

Secondly,also seen from the title,is that the army employs Ogres.Since I only have 3 Ogre Models and 800 points of Empire models I can only employ only one unit of Ogres,either Bulls or Irounguts,as a rare choice Dogs of war.

On the fluff side,the Ogres employed by the army are a small marauding mercenaries band that somehow traveled the whole width of the Old world to the province of Hockland.On their journey the learned all kinds of weapons and armor handling and as such the models will have heavy armor,ironfits,cathayan longswords and guns modelled on them or carried by them so they can represent diffrent units game by game.

Finally here is the list:

Captain of the empire
dragon bow
barded warhorse
full plate armour

Warrior priest
Armor of meteoric iron
great weapon

10x handgunners
repetitive handgun

5x knights

19x greatswords
standard bearer
counts champion
10 swordsmen

5x pistolliers
repetitive pistol


Now as you can see from the list I have left the ogre unit out so I can further explain my plans.As I have 3 Ogre models modeled as described above here are my 3 options

Option 1:
3x ironguts

Option 2:
3x Bulls
additional hand weapons

Option 3:
2x maneaters
brace of handguns

As you can seen all of the above options get the list around the 1000 points mark(+/- 5 points) and offer me flexibility depending on how I fell that day.

Finally we come to the tactics.Now before I start talking I want to say that I have only recently started playing fantasy again and played only dwarfs and skaven but so far have had(largely thanks to dice)a perfect record.The tactics are simple:park the handgunners on a hill,pistoliers on one flank,greatswords in center as close as to the opponent as possible and knight and Ogres on the other flank.

Some details explaining the above tactic.I found out that when I say to people that I collect an Hockland army they all expect an defensive list,which this list definitely isn't,so that provides with a small but existent element of suprise.Second I always screen the Ogres with the knights but in a way both units can charge in the same turn.Lastly my battle plan is simple:CHARGEEEE!!!!

P.s:expect pictures of the army soon.

02-11-2008, 07:54
;)Go for the ManEaters with two armed with Cathay Long Swords and one with Brace of Handguns.

On the Hockland Theme....you need at least 2 Hocland LongRifles in your Army to prevent others mumbling and bad mouthing you

Maybe a comedy ManEater with a Hockland LongRifle in each hand taking aim....each Rifle held up by a Halfling suported firing Tripod? LION

03-11-2008, 03:50
The problem with maneaters is that, at this point value, you only have 1 rare slot and they take up 2.

I agree with LION that for fluff purposes hochland long rifles seem mandatory.

Frankly, I like ogres in an empire list. But I'm ALWAYS disappointed at their performance. They have marginal WS, little better than average S, are as tough as dwarfs with better move, more wounds and worse Ld. If you are dead set on taking the ogres (which your title would suggest) I'd have to suggest you go with ironguts. The S6 makes them shine. People who play OK will tell you not to take the crushers as the cost of the upgrade simply isn't worth the single extra attack. I'll agree.