View Full Version : warhammer noob with a warriors of chaos list

01-11-2008, 23:40
well I got an unexpected tax rebate check in the mail for $130 and I said to myself " why not blow it on yet another army " im mostly a 40k guy and have only dabbled in warhammer. I really like the new warriors of chaos range so I wanted to go with them. I allready have 2 modells from the chaos range to use as hero's and i was going to get the battalion box and of course the army book

this is the army as i see it

champion of nurgle

sorcerer of tzeentch

the battalion box is as follows
12 Chaos Warriors
20 Chaos Marauders
10 Chaos Warhounds
5 Chaos Knights

as far as i can tell the above list comes out to about 1250 pts

what is a common point range for the typical warhammer game?
I was thinking i would like to shoot for 1500 points

and lastly how dows the above list look? and what would you suggest to get to round the army out to 1500


01-11-2008, 23:42
Well it depends on marks, Magic equip etc., But aim for 2k, most games get interesting at 2k

01-11-2008, 23:48
Split the Warhounds into two units, try to get ahold of either a unit filler or 5 more Marauders and I'd say you're golden once you sort equippment and stuff. 1500 points should be doable, don't go too fancy on marks etc but I think it'll work out fine.

02-11-2008, 05:56
the battalion is what i based my army around which you can check out in my post. basiacally it should work out depending on what you give to them all. laso i'd add another marouder unit or some marauder horsemen to make your army a bit better.

05-11-2008, 18:55
starting with a CC hero, Mage and battalion is an excellent way to learn and army. I recommend dropping the knights and learning at 1000 pts.