View Full Version : New Dwarf Player

02-11-2008, 13:08
Ok, so after dabbling in greenskins for a short time, I've decided to go with dwarves. So far all i have is the stuff from the battle for skull pass and dwarf battalion box. This is a 1000 point list and I'm also wondering what would be good to drop it to 800 points, and what i should buy to go up to 2000.

Thane w/ Oath stone, shield, rune of stone, rune of speed = 97

19 Warriors w/ shields, full command = 196

15 Longbeards w/ shields, full command = 205

10 Thunderers = 140

10 Thunderers = 140

Cannon w/ rune of reloading = 100

Organ Gun = 120

Total = 998

The point is to put the Thane with the warriors, and try to pick off any leaders in the group. In practice, i tend to try to get a table half with a hill and put at least the cannon up there. I typically set my guys back about 6 inches from the edge to buy myself some time from charges, while opening fire. I've only had 2 games against lizardmen right now, with decent results. The people that i would be playing for 800 points will most likely be high elves and dark elves. Advice will be greatly appreciated.