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Lord Dan
03-11-2008, 01:55
Goblins from the Grey Mountains who emulate Brettonian society. Brettonian rules, crazy and converted goblin models:

Mounted Yeoman

Questing Knight

Anyway, enough of that. On to the list:

Brettonian Lord---------------------------------------------------219
Barded Warhorse, Shield, Virtue of Confidence, Lance of Artois, Armor of Agilulf, Gauntlet of the Duel
This guy is nasty. In challenges he re-rolls to hit and wound with WS10. He has killing blow, and enemy can't refuse his challenges.

Morning Star, Virtue of Empathy, Ruby Goblet, shield
So he goes in one of the units of 30 men-at-arms. A men-at-arm will inevitably die. Then the whole unit can't be wounded on better than a 3+. Not a bad deal for 104 points.

Virtue of Heroism, Grail Vow, barded warhorse, shield
He'll either be off by himself or start out in a unit of KoTR. He then proceeds to throw himself into the nearest monster and hope for the best. A related question, however, is if his Immune to Psychology is transferred to any unit he joins?

BSB, Valorous Standard, Shield, barded warhorse, virtue of duty, questing vow
So if the general is alive, he's bringing +2 to any combat he joins. In addition, all Ld checks he makes on on 3d6, choosing the best result. In the case of a break test, this is rerolled! HAH.

8 Goblins of the Realm-----------------------------------------------141
Full command, twilight banner
This is probably one of my favorite banners in the whole game, for obvious reasons. It basically enables you to put a whole unit in a place where your opponent wasn't expecting it to be. For 25 points!

8 Goblins of the Realm-----------------------------------------------116
Full command

29 Goblins-at-Arms--------------------------------------------------173
Full command, spears
So these goblins provide me with some infantry, which I feel is fluffy and effective in many cases. The empathetic paladin will go in one of the two units.

29 Goblins-at-Arms--------------------------------------------------173
Full command, spears

10 Goblins-at-Arms--------------------------------------------------55
Musician, spears

10 Goblins-at-Arms--------------------------------------------------55
Musician, spears

10 Goblins-at-Arms--------------------------------------------------55
Musician, spears
10-man units at 55 points have just a few purposes in life. Harass, get in the way, die, and add deployments. How goblin-esque.

10 Bowmen---------------------------------------------------------60

10 Bowmen---------------------------------------------------------60
Not much out of the ordinary here. 120 points spent to keep my options open.

5 Mounted Yeomen--------------------------------------------------82

5 Mounted Yeomen--------------------------------------------------82

8 Questing Goblins--------------------------------------------------276
Full command, war banner
I love questing knights. Sure they're less effective than they were in 6th ed., but they're still awesome for only a few points more than a regular knight. With the BSB in this unit, I'm bringing a static CR of 6 to the table. They have 3D6 for all leadership based tests, which they reroll (due to the questing knight's special rule in the case of psychology, and the BSB's special rule in the case of break tests).

4 Pegasus Goblins---------------------------------------------------220


Total: 2250

Now I know, I know. I have no magic defense. I'll stand by the fact that I can get by without having to automatically give up 140 points for a scroll caddy. Apart from this fact, I'm open to all advice. ;)

03-11-2008, 04:43
goblin knights....heretic

also no men at arms its a useless unit all cav.

03-11-2008, 04:58
Men at arms are T3. It takes S5 or higher for the goblet to do anything. Unfortunately, S4 troops and shooting will see your men at arms off just fine. The block just isn't worth that kind of investment.

Cut the emphatic pally and some men at arms for another unit of knights of the realm or questing knights, whichever you prefer. Trade the 10-man spear units for more bowmen.

Lord Dan
03-11-2008, 22:38
Alright, I agree with the comment about the Ruby Goblet. I wasn't too sure about the item to begin with. I'll also agree that 30-man units of Men-at-arms might be excessive, but I cannot concede that Men-at-arms are "useless".

I have 5 deployments before my opponent has any idea where my heavy hitters are going.

I have two units that give a static +5 to combat resolution, and can have a 4+ armor save. With the paladin they have leadership 8 (higher if the general is near) and stand a good chance of holding up enemy units in combat. At 5 points a model, I'd say this is a worthwhile investment.

The only reason I'm tenative with swapping the 10-man units of spearmen for bowmen is the fact that bowmen don't have a 4+ armor save, nor would a unit of fast cav. have any hesitation charging them (which they would a unit of spearmen, which is their primary purpose in their sad, sad existance).

So now I need help with my empathetic paladin. What should I take in exchange for the ruby goblet? I'd be willing to drop the men-at-arms down to 25, as well.