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03-11-2008, 05:40
Much like the VC list I posted a tad earlier, I don't know a ton about this army or really much about fantasy... particularily wargear and such. I am aiming for 1000pts, using the Battallion again plus extra stuff. I really dig the marauder models, hence perhaps going a bit heavy on them. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Exalted Hero
-Great Weapon
-Chaos Steed
-Death's Head
-Sword of Battle

Chaos Sorcerer
-Lvl 2
-Dispel Scroll
-Power Familiar
-Mark of Tzeentch

Chaos Marauders x25
-Full Command

Chaos Marauders x20

Chaos Warriors x15
-Full Command
-Rapturous Standard

Chaos Warhounds x5
-Scaly Skin

Chaos Warhounds x5
-Scaly Skin

Chaos Knights x5

03-11-2008, 06:14
its a good list in m opinion, being a long time hordes player.

in 1000 point games dont bother with taking a 25 unit of marauders too, a unit of 20 will do just fine, with the left over 25 points, buy the standard bearer for your knights, as this +1 combat res will be pivotal between a win or a loss and losing a unit worth 200pts+ which, in smaller games, can be ><.

Everything else is fine really:D

PS take out lances, they are not much use as enscrolled weapons are all rounds of combat, not just when you charge, so if you get charged u wont be dragged down by small units with high toughness

PPS take the sword of might for your champion, as a great only allows you to strike last

03-11-2008, 08:12
And quit the scaly skin to the hounds; they won't be more resistent with AS6+.

03-11-2008, 08:51

After looking over your list these are the alterations i would make:

1, I'm not sure if your Exalted Hero can have the Sword of Battle and a Great Weapon and imo you would be best going with a HW/S combo, for the same points you could try something like a Biting Blade and Enchanted Shied which would also give him an awesome armour save,

2, Your Chaos Sorcerer is fine imo so i would just leave him as he is,

3, Like mentioned before you could look to reduce the group of 25 marauders to 20 and it wouldnt impact the unit much but would free up a few points that you can spend elsewhere,

4, With the points you have saved by reducing your 25 group of marauders to 20 i would make the other group of 20 marauders also have a full command, trust me its worth it,

5, Your Chaos Warriors are fine imo so just leave them alone,

6, Again as mentioned, drop the scaily skin as its isnt worth the extra points for the benefits it gives (6+ Save)

7, So far you have saved 25pts in the marauder group, spent an additional 16 for the command group in the other marauder regiment, and then saved another 10 on the Warhounds which gives you 19pts to spend, so firstly drop the musician in your knights because if they do their job they wont be drawing in combat resolution, and then add a Standard to the group as it will be much more useful, Now personally i have only battled with the new WoC book a few times so im still getting use to the way to set things up but i think taking Lances is an awesome idea, the extra strength on the charge is awesome and personally so far because of it my Chaos Knights havent needed that second round of combat that everyone keeps saying they will,

03-11-2008, 10:56
I would drop the entire setup on your Exalted Champion to be honest, a Hallberd and a Shield is all you really need for him to whoop most enemies, greatweapons on steeds = bad, especially when you have an expensive magic weapon you need to use instead of it. Furthermore, the Death's Head wont see much use, this character will be in combat way too often to find that one place where he can fire it off.

With the points freed up, I would actually advice the opposite, BUMP the second group of Marauders to 25.

Drop Lances from the Knights.

Drop one Warrior and use his points to buy the rest of them Additional Handweapons or Hallberds to go when you aren't using the Shields (for instance, when smashing empire swordmen)

03-11-2008, 23:06
Interesting advice from both of you. I totally screwed up taking both weapons for the Hero. Originally my idea was to have him on foot but then I added a horse for some reason. I think my idea was to put him with the knights. Me dumb.