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03-11-2008, 06:28
OK, with the new WOC book out, i thought "how a bout khorne", so being an undivided hordes player, i know the dynamics and stuff for units, but sadly, my gaming club and nearly everyone i play, has gone to tournament style armies; which are cheesy:cries:.:cheese:

So i have decided to make a khorne tournament list for an upcoming tournament, and when it comes to writing competitive army lists, I SUCK:cheese: so i did an army list to base my army around but in practical it blows, heres the list

2250 pts


Lord of khorne 360 pts
axe of khorne
crown of ever-lasting conquest
favour of the gods
diabolic splendour


exalted champion 175 pts

exalted champion 158 pts
great weapon
blood curdling roar


15 warriors of khorne 300 pts
2x hand weapons

20 marauders 150 pts

5 warhounds 30 pts

5 warhounds 30 pts

5 marauder horsemen 111 pts


10 chosen 280 pts
halberd and shield

5 chaos knights 280 pts


2 chaos spawn 150 pts

giant 225 pts

2249 pts

i know i know it sucks but i really need help, any advice for a seriously competitive khorne list would be great thanks:D

03-11-2008, 07:14
List looks fine to me. If you might want to add more models, just make the lord less cheesy. But he's rock hard, so he'll be having the Eye of the Gods on him soon enough if you keep hem like this. I was just thinking: would you not rather have him on a Juggernaut? On the other hand, that unit is hard enough already. Maybe make your second Exalted Hero BSB: very usefull for Khorne, since they can be lured into charges you did not originally plan to make. Once you hold your line, your sheer amount of (High strength) attacks will swarm the enemy!

03-11-2008, 19:33
I would mount the Lord on a Juggernaut. Furthermore, the Exalted you have mounted should go with the Blood Good gift, since he doesn't have any magic items, otherwise, I would consider the Golden Eye of Tzeentch.

Furthermore, remember that a lot of these units are frenzied, I would advice you not to seek to gain a rankbonus from the Warriors and instead field them 7 wide. Also, the Warriors need shields, with those it'd be a lot easier for them to survive shooting, remember, treat these as the Chosen from the old book, but cheaper, for that is what they are.

You need more Warhounds in this list, simple as that, with this many frenzied units (even your fast cavalry is frenzied, something I would reconsider), you will need the Warhounds for redirection of charges, for screening Line of Sight and for controlled flankers and warmachine hunters.

03-11-2008, 19:50
So most of this list frenzies right? Where is the anti magic Dos MOK grant MR? If not then you don't have enough anti magic. Aslo frenzy is so easy to lead around by the nose, wood elves for instance, will slaughter you.

03-11-2008, 20:28
I don't think your warriors need shields. warhounds, knights, juggers, spawn, giant... unless facing a gunline, they can't shoot everything. And i don't think frenzy is too big a drawback, since you have warhounds and horsmen to screen the advance, and spawn on one flank, and the giant hopefully on the other. This leads me to my first point, I'd firstly take the MoK off the marauder horsemen. Useful in theory, not in practice. Slaanesh or nurgle would be better, but your going mono-god. I'd still make them undivided. That's 30 points saved.

Lord on Jugger in that Knight unit is going to be deadly. Keep it protected, but let that lose and it'll take everything on. Your exalted is probably better off being a BSB and either in the chosen or warriors unit, the Gw armed one in the other. That armoured core should just keep advancing, straight down the middle. I too would run the warriors ranks slightly wider, I run my unit of 12 in ranks of 6, allowing them to get all the optimum amount of attacks in. Against, 20mm bases, 7 might be too wide, and I mean 19 S4 attacks is quite enough lol

*Majick* is your weak point. MoK does not generate dispel dice any more, but bare in mind, both the chosen champion, and your other exalted can take MR items. Perhaps the collar of the champion, and the gift on the exalted. That probably takes you points costs over now, but you could drop a warriors or two and still be OK. IMO, it's a nice list. I don't rate spawn, but it works ok here I think. Remember the MoK's frenzy limits psychology too!