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03-11-2008, 07:34
This list is based upon an important mage, Auralion, on a mission from the phoenix king to lustria with a detachment of his personal white lion body guard. With the spearmen and the bolt throwers representing the crew of the hawkship.

Lord. (Auralion).
Archmage, level 4, seer staff of saphery, ring of fury = 330.
(spells - drain magic, curse of arrow attraction, courage of aenarion, fury of khaine, vauls unmaking).

Core Units.
2*20 spearmen, *2 standard bearers = 380.

Special Units.
*19 white lions, standard bearer, guardian, skeinsliver, banner of sorcery = 384.

2*20 white lions = 600.

Rare Units.
*3 bolt throwers = 300.

= 1994.

What do you think?

03-11-2008, 21:29
:) I realy like the idea behind the list. What about an Apprentice for Auralion The ArchMage & a Banner of Sorcery in the Large White Lion Unit? LION

03-11-2008, 22:05
Well, one mage will not be casting a whole lot. Auralion needs a couple of apprentices and the banner of sorcery.

Maybe taking some swordmasters or phoenix guard or dragon princes or silverhelms over some of the white lions? You really do not need 3 units of them.

05-11-2008, 13:00
I think the number of white lions is appropriate because it is supposed to represent a small force looking for the last pieces of the fabled star crown (hence the skeinsliver). The numbers are representative (and forgive me for this lol) of a real force of elves - 1 mage, 60 bodyguard, 40+ ship crew. Having auralion is fine by himself with the banner of sorcery to add to the extra power dice,hes still a level 4 mage poping off at least 2 0r 3 spells a turn he also has the ring of fury :)

Desert Rain
05-11-2008, 15:40
Looks like an interesting army to me, But maybe you should skip some WL to ad some cavalry for manouverability?

05-11-2008, 16:54
Very nice list. I play regularly against my friend's HEs and have found white lions to be brutal against a wide variety of units. Even my Empire knights with their 1+ save pose no problem to the lions and their great weapons. Greatswords are next to useless against them.

I'd try to squeeze a great eagle in there: you could use some march blocking while Auralion and the bolters pepper the enemy. :)

11-11-2008, 15:40
blurred mentionned something really good about taking en eagle.