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19-11-2005, 15:22
i was wondering if anyone had ideas on what a tau or eldar support vehicle would look like? if their occupying a city what are they using to move troop around? because i doubt their going to be shuttleing firewarriors or gaurdians around with waveserpents or devilfish all the time.

Puffin Magician
19-11-2005, 15:30
Okay, well... what do you mean by a Support Vehicle? Moving around in a city doesn't warrant a specialized Transport [look at all the soldiers in Iraq running around in M113s], and even if it did that is not what a "support" unit is.

When I think of "support" and "urban environment" I think of Tarantula Sentry Guns and Demolisher Siege Tanks, and I don't see a Tau or Eldar equivalents of those happening.

19-11-2005, 15:31
i mean like the tau equivalent to a transport truck or a hummer

19-11-2005, 15:33
No real official ones. Just best to make up your own for the Tau. I don't think the Eldar have campaigns that last long enough to warrant such vehicles tho.

19-11-2005, 15:43
I don't think it would be unfeasible to give the Tau some ground-based support vehicles. AG systems are probably expensive and difficult to maintain, and are used in combat vehicles to give them a distinct advantage, but a non-fighting vehicle simply doesnt need it. Of course if there's a number of them, you might have a couple of AG lifters escorting in case you need to move a ground vehicle somewhere it can't go by itself.

So, sleekly contoured, moderately armoured vehicle with a remote light weapon mount, and six huge tyres. Might well be a somewhat vintage vehicle from former eras of Tau military technology, continued in service as an auxiliary.

Puffin Magician
19-11-2005, 16:00
Light vehicles and Trucks, so... cargo, equipment & supply transports? Don't see what's wrong with just loading up some Fishes for that although I do agree with Sojo in that they're probably too fancy to be used for everything.

I rather like the look of TuT/GreyDeath's crab walkers, they seem rugged/low-tech enough for the Earth Caste to utilize them for heavy duty lifting, building, fixing, etc. Maybe a crab ARV or flatbed transport?

Something about conventional wheels and tyres don't seem "Tau" to me; what about using spheres as roadwheels, having some sort of magnetic coupling to connect them to the chassis? Can't remember where I saw the design, some anime... "Police Tank Cops" or somesuch. Anyway, looked good, and has a sleek, futuristic look to it. Would fit the bill nicely for the "lo-tech hauler", IMO.

Did a quick google and it was "Dominion Tank Police". Here is a tiny picture (http://www.animejump.com/modules/ProdReviews/images2/dominiondvd1.jpg).

Khaine's Messenger
19-11-2005, 20:45
i was wondering if anyone had ideas on what a tau or eldar support vehicle would look like?

Look like? I suppose for the Tau it would look something like a scaled-down Orca on <your option of antigrav, treads, wheels, etc.>. Something that's basically shaped like a brick with an armored crew cab--the Earth Caste, while ingenious, is not exactly going to go for overly elaborate. Heavy lifting assistance is likely to be some form of walker or tracked/wheeled vehicle, as maintaining leverage is going to be paramount when dealing with weighty matters, and friction is the easiest way to maintain that...although antigrav vehicles with landing gear (as the Tau have shown themselves to be capable of building) could serve much the same purpose. It's also possible that many infrastructural sorts of vehicles are automated.

For the Eldar, things get a little difficult, as even while they have vehicles in theory (like the ones on the battlefield), the aesthetics of Eldar vehicles in general are hard to muster to the fore of one's thoughts, as long-hauling seems the realm of webway gates. Surely they have something to haul support weapon platforms around at the very least, though (even though they are on their own antigrav support). One imagines something like a longer, fatter Vyper, but such a menial thing seems odd for the Eldar to not have some elaborate plan to avoid. In general, they don't seem to be much for occupying places, and their logistics trails are often overtaxed or right behind--one might assume that Dawn of War could be used as an example of Eldar infrastructure, but even if you can teleport things everywhere you still need something to do heavy lifting...and it's not like DoW is how many people envisage Eldar infrastructure anyway, because the ability to forge new webway gates is not something that shows up often in the background. And there's always going to be situations where they just couldn't do that, so you'd think they'd have something....

As for Eldar heavy lifting, there's always constructs they could engineer to accomplish such feats. Eldar automatons (not wraithguard per se) are, I imagine, not suffering much disuse, and their antigrav tech is probably easier to mold to any convenient surfaces and subsequently discard (in a desperate situation, I imagine a seer could use psionic levitation, although maintining the concentration for it would be hard).

20-11-2005, 00:12
also isnt the pirana supposed to be a converted staff car, or have they changed that since the taros book came out?

20-11-2005, 01:15
Well the eldar don't really need long haul equipment because they have webway gates.

In fact their largest ships have their own webway gate, and there is a super heavy tank called the storm serpent that has its own wraithgate inside it, allowing it to 'transport' many more units than it could for its size.

Here is a link to the miniature:
I would imagine that the storm serpent/wraithgates would be how the eldar move their materiel around.


20-11-2005, 10:56
AG systems are probably expensive and difficult to maintain, and are used in combat vehicles to give them a distinct advantage, but a non-fighting vehicle simply doesnt need it.

Acutally, I think you'll find that the description of a Tau city in "Kill Team" has *everything* on anti-grav. Indeed, at the end of the Tau codex there's a story involving a grav train. The Tau don't seem to have any wheeled/tracked vehicles.

20-11-2005, 12:53
so maybe the tau anti grav isnt that expensive or complicated, like on the devilfish it just looks like its a couple hyper-efficient ducted fans in the front of teh vehicle and then the turbojets in the rear.

20-11-2005, 15:47
So for a tau heavy-lifting machine I'm thinking of something like a large drone that can project an extended anti-grav field below it. It could even have a few mechanical arms on its skirting for battlefield repairs and whatnot.