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04-11-2008, 05:43
You all can laugh/poke/sneer at this post, as I realized the heavy, deadly potential of a DoC army. I know it's there. I just haven't been able to crack it. I would like some suggestions, as I have just recently started playing WH again after a 10 year absence. I just cannot seem to get the full potential out of the army. I'm shooting for 2250 points. Anyone with great suggestions/combos would be greatly appreciated. What works for you, what doesn't, and strategies. I think it's more not understanding the roles of my troops, and somewhat limited cash flow atm.

Here's what I have, based upon what I own

Mucus - 655

Epidemius - 135

Herald Nurgle
Level 1
Staff of Nurg
BSB, Sundering - 290

Herald of Tzeentch
Spell B - 185

15 Plague B
FC, Virulence - 235

10 'Nets
FC - 150

10 Blood L
FC - 150

1 Beast o Nurg - 100

4 Flamers - 140

6 Flesh Hounds -210

I molded this army off of the one in "The Watchman". I haven't had huge successes, and I would love some guidance. I own more, but no Pinks. Where/what do I need to invest in? What directions should I head? Points frustrate me because of the low units of 'Nets and BL, and any bad combat res and they're toast. I see the Epi unit being the main anvil, while Hounds and flamers and Tz Herald luring the enemy into attack, with the BL and 'Nets then flanking, as well as Beast to flank/support flanks.

Please help, I need a lot of guidance. Any suggestions will be most appreciated.


05-11-2008, 05:03
Really? No one has anything to add?

05-11-2008, 05:46
if u r going with a GUO, dont go for the 4 heros its just sucking too much points, i'd drop epidemus cause he isnt a caster and he just isnt that good.

i would give the nurgle herald a palanquin, and take 1 lvl from the GUO, its not worth it past lvl 3 from what i've tested, the more he casts the more risk for miscast.

if u do wanna take units of 10 dont give em full command they r probably there to support ur main plaguebearer unit and that one already has a standard on it, also i dont think the musician is really necesary.

finaly the beast of nurgle is just slow and doesnt hit hard enough, for those 100 points u could take a fiend of slaanesh and maybe more flamers.

plaguebeares with the herald --- great unit

flesh hounds --- great unit (i'd take em in 5s though)

options for core, remmember u also have horrors for cores.

05-11-2008, 06:01
I'd say drop the GUO entirely, he's by far the weakest thing in the daemon list (actually got worse in 7th edition). Take either another greater daemon (Thirster of LoC) or another Herald.

Epidemius is bent, keep him if you want the list to be super hard.

I'd switch the daemonettes to horrors and drop command. Drop the bloodletters and 1 flesh hound in order to add another unit of Plaguebearers.

Drop the beast and get either another unit of flesh hounds or more flamers.

05-11-2008, 09:04
if you are taking Epidermis max out on Nurgle!
He is one special character that if you are going to take

Take it to extremes!

05-11-2008, 14:23
Okay taking into consideration what you’ve said about using what you’ve got & being on a budget I’ve taken the liberty of optimising your list with only a couple of minor additions:

Great Unclean One: 635
Lvl.3, Trappings, Pestilent Mucus, Stream of Bile

HoN: 325
Bsb, Palanquin, Lvl.1, Vapours, Slime Trail, SoS

HoT: 185
Disc, Master of Sorcery, Flames of Tzeentch

15x PB’s: 235
Full command, standard of seeping decay

10x Nettes: 120

10x BL’s: 120

2x Beast of Nurgle: 200 (one of the additions to the list. Ignore what people say about them being slow they’re movement 6 and a pair can negate ranks etc, also they’re just nails!)

6x Flesh Hounds: 210

6xFlamers: 210 (Last addition is a couple more of these badasses)

This is 2240 points

Power: 8
Dispell: 6 + Standard of Sundering

If you need any advice on Daemons just PM me, I knows me Daemons :D

07-11-2008, 04:04
I really appreciate the input, but must debate a couple of issues...

I just don't see the use of Stream of Bile. Most everything is going to close in on the GUO very quickly and engage it...I see maybe one round of usefulness out of a breath weapon on such a low movement character.

Is flames of Tz really that effective on a single model? My flamers rock but only in groups, just don't see 1d6 being all that awesome...

07-11-2008, 08:08
The GUO isn't really that slow & with careful use you can get several turns out of that s4 breath weapon. Remember he's movement 6 so can move out the way of anything other than chaos knights or hounds & who cares about hounds, lol. Also use you beast unit as a bodyguard, keep them close people will think twice about charging.

Another good setup is the immovable caster, level 4, trappings & nurgling infestation (you’ll need a lot of nuglings for this guy). The main tactic with him is to stay out of combat generating masses of nurglings & putting the pressure on with magic then pick your fights carefully & flank with him.

Or the armour buster, level 3, balesword & noxious vapours. You’ll still need to pick your fights as you only have 4 attacks, but he’s a total can opener.

With regards to the flames on the tzeentch herald on his own the flames will do nothing, combine his fire with the flamer unit. Remember after his 20” move he’s still hitting on 4’s at short range, it’s just extra pressure.