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05-11-2008, 04:41
The Elf forces of the forests awaited the arrival of an intruder. What they didn't realize was that it was their Cousins from Ulthuan that have arrived in their land. The Waywatcher noble scouted ahead, noticing that it was Korhil the Captain of the White Lions leading a force of elves through the forests, surprisingly with no White Lions at his command. The noble ran back to his general and notified them of the trespassing of their cousins. The Spellsinger spread the word of the trespassing. A warning shot from a scout alerted the High Elf force. Korhil set up his forces and awaited for the oncoming Wood Elf Force.

"My breteren! Today, we fight for survival! Today we fight for ULTHUAN!"

The sounds of rising yells of morale filled the forest. The phoenix guard, led by Korhil, stood silent, halberds at the ready. The Bolt Throwers loaded their bolts and the Dragon Princes lowered their lances. The swordmaster squad joined the force and readied their blades. The High Elves began their rush towards the enemy, trying to avoid the controlled trees of the Wood Elves.
Arrows came towards the High Elves. The Dryads and Treeman came out of the forests and prepared to join the fight.

My force was.....

Mage: seerstaff, scroll, level 2
Noble:lance, heavy armor, shield, great eagle, reaver bow

Archers: 10
Phoenix guard: 20, full command
Dragon princes:5, full command
2 bolt throwers

His army:
Wild riders: 5
x3 Glade riders
x2 glade guard
Spell singer
Waywatcher noble

Turn 1:High Elves went first.
I positioned my dragon princes on a the top of a hill. I rushed down and moved forward. Wood elf scouts march blocked me so I only went 9". The phoenix guard and swordmasters moved up a bit. The noble on eagle went to other side of table edge, getting towards the enemy line. Forests were in the way.
Mage attempted to cast Flames of the Phoenix on Scouts in forest. Didn't go off. Shooting went okay. Bolt Throwers killed 4 glade riders, neither panicked. Noble on eagle killed 2 glade riders and didn't panic them either. This ended my turn with no combat yet.

Wood Elves:
The cavalry went a few inches forward, not harassing me yet. The dryads stayed in the trees so the spellsinger could treesing them a few inches before they come out. The archers stayed in their formation. Magic went well for the wood elves, with tree singing going off twice, once from a spell and the other through a bound spell from the treeman. The wood elves didn't manage to kill anything but the waywatcher noble killed 6 archers from scouting behind them and using Hail of Doom Arrow. They held and stood on the hill. Once again, no combat in sight.

Turn 2:

HIGH ELVES: Korhil and the phoenix guard went an inch away from the woods and prepared for the treeman. The dragon princes moved forward and were close to the Wood Elf bowline. The Noble flew towards the bowline and got ready to shoot the reaver bow. Magic phase went and the mage attempted to get the flames of the phoenix off again but it didn't go off. He then got Shield of Saphery off but the Wood Elves dispelled it. The noble took down 3 archers, not panicking them yet. The bolt throwers shot at the wild riders, taking out two. The second bolt thrower shot another round at the glade riders and they went pop. Now it was time for the wood elves to retaliate.

The glade guard turned around, aiming their bows at the flying noble. The wild riders went around to get closer to the phoenix guard. The dryads popped out of the woods and revealed themselves. The last glade rider unit went through a narrow section between two trees. Then with the power of treesinging, the two trees went into a narrower line. They screwed up my plan of getting my swordmasters closer to the treeman and dryads. The shooting phase ended easily with no casualties in the turn.

Turn 3:
High Elves:
No charges this turn. The Great Eagle character did a Guerrilla Warfare tactic and ran away back to a hilltop. The phoenix guard moved up a bit to see a way through and the Dragon Princes wheeled around and waited to get nearer to the Wild Riders. The rest of the army held their position. The mage did nothing that turn with a dissapointing roll on flames of the phoenix and shield of saphery. The shooting phase was for my bolt throwers to take out the archers on the other side of the board, taking out 5 with a lot of misses. This ended the turn with a very confusing movement with the trees creating a "wall" because of stupid treesinging...

Wood Elves:
Treeman comes out on the flank of the swordmasters. Scary. So Then a glade rider unit that i diminished came closer to the swordmasters. The dryads creeped behind them and waited for combat. The rest of his army stood still. The magic phase was just moving a tree block towards my swordmasters a bit. Shooting was no issue because my armor saves passed every time so no wounds for him.


high elf losses: 9 archers
Wood elf losses:7 archers, 6 cavalry

Turn 4.
High Elves: Now this is where we have to start something. My dragon princes go towards the nearest glade riders and charge them head on. Unfortunately and foresought, the glade riders flee. The flee back and clip the archers. The archers panic and they move back 6" and are 4" from the board edge. Two units to not worry about. My noble charges another unit of glade riders and they flee. They aren't off the board yet, but really close. The swordmasters charge a unit of glade riders and they flee, leaving the dryads and treeman open to charge me. The mage ditches the last archer to stand against the waywatcher noble. The swordmasters stand and the phoenix guard stand. Magic phase finally led to the flames of the phoenix. I cast it on the treeman, but it epically fails. The shield of saphery got casted upon himself to avoid being shot to death. Shooting phase was pretty decent. The bolt throwers took a toll on the treeman, knocking 3 wounds off of him. Combat never happened so now it was his turn.

Wood Elves: Dryads and Treeman team up on the swordmasters, now im a bit scared. The wild riders get behind the dragon princes, march blocking me. Their magic was getting the hunt casted on the dryads. I fail to dispel it so now i have 15 attacks coming at me from the front. The waywatcher noble attempts to snipe out the mage, he fails. The 5+ ward save helped my mage but the scouts take down 1 wound off of the mage, now hes vulnerable. The combat phase with the treeman and dryads making short work of the swordmasters. They overrun and the treeman gets within 6" of the phoenix guard. My turn now

Turn 5:

High Elves:

I charge the treeman with my phoenix guard, pass my fear check. I go on to the magic phase to cast shield of saphery again and it gets off again. I go on to shooting and I use my bolt throwers to shoot down the dryads. I nail all of them from the bolts. Noble shoots down 2 wild riders, leaving 1 to stand alone. I went on to combat, korhil attacking first. He causes 1 wound on the treeman. The phoenix guard don't get any wounds on him so now its on to the fighting. Treeman kills 3 phoenix guard so I win combat. He holds.

Wood Elves:Archers rally and the glade riders rally. Wild Rider charges the rear of the dragon princes. I pass the fear check so its all fun and games now. He goes on to combat and Korhil goes first. Korhil successfully kills the treeman and leaves the rest of the wood elves in disarray. Dragon princes kill the last wild rider. No surprise there.

Turn 6: Crunch Time

High Elves: My noble moves straight into the trees where the spellsinger was standing alone, waiting to shoot the reaver bow and take him out. The rest of the army stands alone. The mage tries one last time to cast the flames of the phoenix. It fails once again. Unfortunately. The shooting phase was the noble making quick work of the spellsinger, taking out the army general. I take out the 5 remaining archers and leave the rest of the game to my opponent.

Wood Elves: No charges. The wood elves get out of the forests and take aim at the mage. They take down the mage and the last archer.

Wood Elf remains:
8 archers, 10 scouts, 1 waywatcher noble

High Elf remains
noble on great eagle, korhil, phoenix guard, 2 bolt throwers, dragon princes.

Game ends with me winning. It was a learning experience for both of us and it was fun. Comment about the battle you guys!

Victory Fluff:

And so Korhil raises Chayal and releases a bellowing call, speaking the elven language. The remaining forces raise their weapons and cheer. korhil meets with the waywatcher and bows to him politely. They exchanged compliments and gathered the wounded and dead. The High Elf mage got up and was fatally wounded. He was tended to and spoke his name, Malakor the Seer. The spellsinger didn't survive the wound. 7 swordmasters survived and the archers were all dead. The trees returned to the forests and the high elves disembarked the Wood Elf territory and marched toward the Dark Elf campsite in the New World.

05-11-2008, 04:57
That's a big unit of pheonix guard for such a small game...

When I saw the lists I thought he would just out shoot you and then smash you with the treeman, but you caused a good amount of damage on your first turn.

It'll be interesting to see how it ends up once you finish it : )

The Red Scourge
05-11-2008, 07:44
From looking at the lists. I'd put my money on the woodies, but their losses on turn one tells a tale of either an unexperienced general or some very open ground.

05-11-2008, 14:41
It wasn't that it was open ground, it was just when we deployed terrain, I moved 2 trees to the back and he had 3 trees in the front and there were breaks in the terrain where I had clear shots at the enemy.

05-11-2008, 16:56
It's a bit strange that the Wood Elves did less in their shooting phase than you. I'm pretty convinced you've won, but with a decent tactic, your list isn't a very big threat.

07-11-2008, 05:51
The rest of the battle report is up you guys. Comment it!

The Red Scourge
07-11-2008, 07:46
Congrats on beating what seemed to be a better list :)

So what did you guys learn from this game?

07-11-2008, 16:08
I learned that dragon princes are very poor against fast cav. But I also learned about wood elves a bit more.