View Full Version : Tooled out Bretonnian Character, how effective?

05-11-2008, 16:19
Bretonnian Lord 110
Virtue of confidence 25
Silver Lance of the Blessed 65
Gauntlet of the Duel 10
Hippogryph 200
Grail Vow 28

= 438pts.

I would really like to hear from both Bretonnian Players and other fantasy gamers on how I could make an exceptionally powerful Bretonnian Lord,

P.S There is no points limit for how much I need spend, however 100pts restriction on Magic Items and virtues still remains.

05-11-2008, 20:31
Well first off what is this for? If it's not a character tournament then it does matter as the more points you spend on him the less you have for the army. Always look at the cost of your lord and see if it is worth its equal point value in knights. Most times it won't.

The setup I think is this:

Silver lance (just like you)
virtue of the ideal
barded steed
(234 points)

Now you are pushing out 5 str 6 hits that automatically hit and will most likely wound, which should keep up with a lance costing the same amount.

You could put it on a hippogryph, but then you have to worry about getting shot down and having to run around on foot. On a horse he's nice and protected in a unit.

To be honest I think the gauntlet is fairly useless. Since you don't get to pick which character you are challenging you are just going to be fighting the champ anyway which is what your opponent wants to do (to maintain numbers). If it's a protracted combat you can kill the champ and then kill the mage (or whatever you're after) but brets don't like protracted combats anyway ;)

If this is a character tournament, or you get a free unlimited character in a game for some reason, then I would go with:

grail vow
virtue of the ideal