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19-11-2005, 18:47
Hi we are starting up a 2150 league and I am running a calvary army. I am trying to decide if I should go High Sorc or Highborn. Here are the two lists, please cretique both of them.

List 1
Highborn 242
Gauntlet of power, hvy, sh, coldone, sdc

Noble 211
Hydra Banner, hvy, sdc, coldone, banner

Noble 166
Dark Pegasus lance hvy shield sog

Sorceress 180
Lvl2 dispel scroll x2

Coldone knights x9 306
Full command

Coldone knights x9 356
Full command soul shadow

Dark riders x5 111
Standard musician
Dark riders x5 127
Rxb musician
Dark riders x5 127
Rxb musician
Dark riders x5 127
Rxb musician

Coldone chariot x 2 194

List 2

High Sorceress
lvl4, dark pegasus, soulstone, heartstone
Dark Pegasus, lance, hvy, shield, sdc
coldone, banner, hydra, hvy, sdc

Dark riders x5
standard, musician(cant do anything about this one has standard)
Dark rider x5x3
musician, rxb
Dark rider x5

Coldone knight x 9
full command

Coldone knight x 10
full command, soul standard

6x harpies

I still have 72 points to work with for this list

I feel that these are pretty solid, however any advice is appreciated

19-11-2005, 19:47
I prefer the first one, it just seems far more co-ordinated to me. Although I would drop the sorc to Lv1. Two rock hard units, lots of arguably the best fast cav in the game and chariots to back it up. The seond list doesn't have the magic potential to back up the High sorceress, and would require an extensive re-think of the list. Go with the first one, something in me says you prefer that one anyway. ;)

19-11-2005, 20:11
I would go with #2.

Mainly besides, imo, Dark Magic is very useful in a all-cav dark elf army. The uses of Dominion and Chill Wind are priceless. Allowing you to save many lives of those precious fragile dark riders...

19-11-2005, 23:23
Yea I am in the process of converting a highborn I kinda want to try it out before I spend 3 months in a league with a general i dont like. Any other critiques or do people think the lists are solid

Lord Anathir
20-11-2005, 01:35
I say go with the first one. i think the hydra banner is the one that allows you to flee and auto rally like fast cav?

20-11-2005, 03:16
THat is actually soul shadow which is on the second cold one unit that goes with the high born. The hydra banner adds one attack in the first round of combat to each model including mounts

Does anyone have a critique of mylists, anything you would change?

23-11-2005, 02:12
Ok from what i see a majority think the first list in the best, does anyone see anytthing they think I should change with it?