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05-11-2008, 18:09
This is my second attempt at writing my "all" Nurgle list, however, iHave decided that, if I have to my second favourite chaos god Slaanesh. well here it goes (Also, does anyone know how many points marauder horsemen are and if they are fast cavalry:)
Chaos lord
barded steed
Enchated shield
Favoured of the gods
MoN 349

2 dispel scrolls
MoN 155

15 chosen
Full Command
15 shields
15 GW
MoN 395

5 Knights
Full command
Blasted standard
MoN 320

15 warriors
Full command
15 shields 300

15 warriors
Full command
15 shields 300 1819 points... at the moment!!!

Now, of course I realise this list is not legal, BUT that is why I want to know how many points marauder horsemen are ( Are marauder horsemen CORE)and hopefully get two units, if they fit, either with no marks or preferably, with mark of slaanesh, so they don't run away but can still be used to bait units:)Tnx for any comments.

06-11-2008, 09:18
:rolleyes: Marauder HorseMen are both Core & Fast Cav...Buy the book or look at the Sample Lists on GW website if your after need to cost em up! LION

Dead Man Walking
06-11-2008, 22:51
Ditch the Daemon sword, anything that costs that much and can kill itself trying to kill snotlings is not exactly cost efficient.

When I field an army I draw little boxes on a paper to represent the units as if they were on the table in front of me, that gives me a physical representation of what I have to work with and I am afraid that you may have too few units to get the job done.

That Knight unit is far too expensive. They are either going to get shot up or they will race out there and eventually get neutralized, horsemen however are designed to harass, block charges, bait, pepper (javelins)and with flails they can bring the pain too. That and if they target the maruaders you only loosing 70 pnts, not 350.

Chaos has quality, it lacks quantity, work on the quantity.