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06-11-2008, 03:14
I have a plan tyo have at least one Titan for for every army I play. With the Necron I got a little stumped. They really don't have any titans. Sure, they have some super heavy things in Epic scale, but all of that seems a bit boring and has no titan-like appeal to me.
Then I started looking at another race that is not known for superheavies, the Tau. What if the Necron have something similar to the Manta? I could just make it look like one of their BFG ships on a slightly smaller scale ( and use BFG as an inspiration for weapons).

2,500 points
9 structure points
Living Metal
Armor 14 all around
Three Guass Anihilators (like the Necron Pylon)
Special Rules: Teleport Hub. After moving this ship may teleport up to three Necron units from reserve anywhere within 12 inches of the ship. These troops count as deepstriking but do not scatter on the turn they arrive.

06-11-2008, 06:55
Mhhh, cool idea

A couple of alternatives could be a large scale monolith or a really large scale tomb spyder like construct.

06-11-2008, 07:07
14 armour all round?

06-11-2008, 07:53
Going with the theme of ancient tombs and temples, back when the Vehicle Design rules came out I ran up rules for a pair of Necron special vehicles. This was well before the monolith and new army book and one of the vehicles was
a large floating pyramid of death which is now monolith territory but the other was a Necron Sphinx.

It was basically made from a broken robotic dog toy and as well as being a close combat monster that chewed up tanks it had the best weapons of the time (heavy gauss cannons and gauss blasters).

Anyway, now it would probably go something like this

Necron Sphinx

Super Heavy Walker
Structure Points: 2
3 4 D 14 14 14 3 6

2 Titan Close Combat Weapons (Bonus attacks included in profile)
2 Heavy Gauss Cannons
6 Gauss Blasters

Special Rules:
Living Metal (As Necron Codex)
Phase Shift Generator: The Sphinx has a 5+ Invunderable save against any hit.
Agile: If it does not fire its weapons in the shooting phase the Sphinx may move an additional 2D6" as per the fleet of foot rule.

Thats my idea. As far as official titans go there was something a while ago, I think it was during the Eye of Terror campaign about a necron spider construct that took a titan legion to destroy.

06-11-2008, 07:55

I always figured it's easy for the Necrons to grab superheavies from other races. (which in Apocalypse is fine anyways).

Grab a warhound titan, convert it a bit, glue scarabs crawling all over it who have hacked into the titan's machine spirit and taken it over, and voila... instant Necron titan :)


06-11-2008, 08:08
On the first one its cool but you can take a warlord for the same price and it definately has more than nine structure points maybe lower the points a bit otherwise its great

06-11-2008, 08:17

I always figured it's easy for the Necrons to grab superheavies from other races. (which in Apocalypse is fine anyways).

Grab a warhound titan, convert it a bit, glue scarabs crawling all over it who have hacked into the titan's machine spirit and taken it over, and voila... instant Necron titan :)

In a single game that might be fun, but think how the Necron player might feel if all he has in the long run is a looted Titan. Necrons ain't Orks, you know? ;)

I think anything big, with necronish characteristics is fine. That includes sphinxes, giant tomb spiders, and supersized floating pyramids. I always found the ships from "Stargate" to be a nice source of ideas - a pyramid with added structures around? Why not, most other races just scale there normal stuff up too, so Necrons can do it with a Monolith-like concept.

06-11-2008, 09:59
A Manta isn't playable in games due to its size. So I would just take any Necron-like Titan "counting as" an Imperial or Eldar Titan. McFarlane produces some nice Titans ... or you can build them from Bionicles!

06-11-2008, 10:15
Lower the Points a bit? Seriously? It's an A14 Superheavy Flyer (4+ cover save) with Living Metal and 9 structure points.

The only weapon that stands a chance of doing it any damage is a lascannon, and those hit on 6's.

06-11-2008, 10:33
McFarlane produces some nice Titans ...

Any specific links at hand? I know you do. ;)

06-11-2008, 13:25
Lower the Points a bit? Seriously? It's an A14 Superheavy Flyer (4+ cover save) with Living Metal and 9 structure points.

The only weapon that stands a chance of doing it any damage is a lascannon, and those hit on 6's.

I can write from some exprerience on this topic...

during the last christmas vacation I participated in a 6K per player apoc game (24K total) that took us 2 days to play.

one of the players was a necron with a titan loosely based on Reaver stats. It had 14 armour all around 6 void sheilds and 4 structure points, 2 CC weapons, and 2 main weapons. it was a hovering spyder thing.

we (myself as the inquisition and the other ally - a marine) shot at this montser with about 20 serious shots (autocannons until the voids were down, and lascannons thereafter) for each of the first 2 turns. We did 1 structure point. 1. ONE. (and disabled 1 main weapon...)


the 14 armour was a killer.

andit did not have living metal. That was in the inital proposal but I told the teenager that I would club his spyder monstrosity to death with a coffee pot if he even tried to include that.

It would have won the game single handed for the opposition if not for the Necron player own Vortex grenade - In turn 3 it scattered back onto his titan. He rolled a 5 for structure points lost and poof instant Raid!

good thing - my heavy armour was gone and my forces were not going to be able to do much more than 1 structure point per turn. The allies were going down and we knew it.

14 armour is really tough.
living armour just adds to the difficulty.

you need permission for a necron titan.

Yours would not get permission from me.

just Take a warlord stat line straight up.
Do you really need to be over-powered?

and keep the vortex grenade far away...

06-11-2008, 13:30
try using a borg cube ship as a titan :D

06-11-2008, 13:34
Another reason that I like the Necron Ship idea is that it looks like a realatively simple build for something of that size. And they just look so incredibly cool.


06-11-2008, 13:38
Just glue three monoliths on top of each other and call it the obelisk of doom. ;)

06-11-2008, 13:43
Recap: Lascannons are highest strength weapon that can hit fliers, ordnance automatically misses. There are no AA mounted lascannons in the game.

Hits on 6+, penetrates on 6, saves on 4+, does structure point on 4+/chain reaction on 5+.

That's a 1 in 144 chance of causing a structure point damage or chain reaction. Note that the Manta has armour 13/12/11, and special rules that units may shoot at it normally as if it weren't a flyer.

06-11-2008, 14:02
I was actually trying for something that would be the equal to a Warlord titan or a Tau Manta.
Offensively it is slightly less than the warlord. It has more D-strenth than the manta, but less anti-infantry. It must also choose to do either anti-infantry OR anti vehicle.
As far as squad transport goes, it is FAR inferior to the Manta. The Necron can't assault after disembarking, and can only have three units come out per turn, none of which can match the firepower of battlesuits or a hammerhead tank.
Defensively it is probably the toughest. Being a flyer it is hard to hit, and has the cover save. However, it has no void shields. Perhaps I should give it the same rules as the Manta. It is a flyer, but you still hit it with yoru normal balistic skill because it is so big.
Living metal is really not that big of deal. All it alters it lance weapons, melta weapons, monsterous creature attacks, and tank hunter skills. A few D-strenth shots should bring this bad boy down.
I would only pull this out for times when I knew there was going to be A LOT of points on the feild, kind of like my Warlord titan. THe Warlord isn't fare either unless the opponent is prepared for it. Probably only use it in games of over 10,000 points per side.

06-11-2008, 15:51
3 gauss annihilators, and 9 structure points at armor 14? 2,500 points is WAY too cheap for what this thing can do. It would certainly be an overwhelming advantage in a game of only 10,000 points.

The 'less anti-infantry' comment is just a joke. It can fire d6 s6/ap3 shots at every unit within 18"... 3 times. Not to mention that being a flyer makes it incredibly mobile, and never has to deal with terrain. That also allows it to ignore all intervening terrain fir targeting, which will be a big factor when employing the D-strength, 120" firing mode.

The estimation that 'A few d-strength shots should also put this badboy down.' is generous. Any penetrating hit will have a about a 1/2 chance of taking off a structure point (3/5 for D weapons), which isn't so bad, save for the fact that even with hitting at normal BS, D Strength weapons are going to be your only reliable way of damaging it. S8-10 are going to have a tough time of it, and at 10K points, how hard is it going to be to allocate that many shots just to it, and how many other targets will be on your side that also need that level of firepower to deal with?

06-11-2008, 16:27
Any specific links at hand? I know you do. ;)
For Necrons e.g. :

Jus browse here:

For Bionicle have a look at the latest flyers, e.g.
or http://bionicle.lego.com/de-de/Products/vehicles/8954_Mazeka.aspx

06-11-2008, 16:31
IIRC the Medusa Campaign mentioned some kind of Arachnid superheavy (Scorpion or Spider) for the Necrons, this might be a good place to start, kinda like A hybrid of a Destroyer and a Tomb Spyder on Steroids.
I think that Necron craft (of any size) should be AV14 all round and have living metal, if they can manage it for the 'Lith they can manage it for other stuff.
Also they should be pants in CC.

The newer Necron fluff has the Necron Lords upgrading themselves, could be a good basis for a Necron SH, Necron lord with a HUGE body upgrade.

06-11-2008, 16:58
But three Pylons would give the same firepower, they actually have anti-aircraft mounts, and would only cost 1250ish points. Sure, you only wind up with 6 structure points.

As hard as it is to damage, it's no harder to kill than Warlord titan, which is also 2,500 points. Also, D-strength weapons woiuld ignore it's save while not ignoring the warlord's shields.

Yes, it has longer range that can't be blocked. However, the Warlord has MORE weapons and tons of weapon options.

Now let's compare that to the Manta. The manta has lower armor, sure. But it also has an INVULNERABLE save of 4+, and more structure points. When it comes to anti-infantry, no I am NOT joking. At best this thing will be throwing out (on average) 7 strength 6 hits to every sqaud within 12 inches. That sacrifices all its strength D shots. Let's see what the Manta has to offer:
Networked markerlight to increase its own chance to hit with any of the following weapons
Submuntions, a HUGE blast that hardly misses and will shred MEQ
Three twin linked ion cannons
twin linked missile pods
a crap load of seeker missiles
16, count them, 16 burst cannons.

It looks like this Necron ship will only come out ahead if it lands on a Horde of MEQ. against anything else the Manta wins.

06-11-2008, 17:23
Bad Idea for a Flyer, i'd go with the Spyder idea

06-11-2008, 19:02
i think thats a brill idea and i think that the weapons should be as if it was an orbital bombardment (ordanence s:10 ap:1) sort of thing so necrons have more of a chance of beating a baneblade. yes monlith fleats sound good but they get aniallated in apocalypse. the second weapon could be like a heavy gause cannon that can fire 6 times per turn. from your freindly neighbourhood durkeyboy