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19-11-2005, 20:46
I apologise to everyone who played Xenos RPG, but I felt it was not what I wanted and well, it was boring for me to GM. Not the player's fault, but my own for not planning it well.

Oh well, from the flames rises a Phoenix.

This RPG is based on an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor. A Daemonhunter RPG and being honest, I have some very evil plans for this RPG. Intially this is meant to be a Chronicle, but that depends on players etc. So its three Episodes ok?

Now heres the requirements:


No Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, nothing in Terminator or Power Armour basically, No Sister Repentia either
No Psykers, Pariahs or Wyrds. Nothing psychic or anti-psychic
No Mutants, freaks or lunatic/unweildly characters
No Temple Assassins, Death Cultists, or Assassin-wannabes (excludes Snipers and Acrobats)
No Tech Adepts, Servitors or anything Adeptus Mechanicus

A note to these restrictions, I will be judging characters and removing them if I don't agree with them.

Possiable Characters:

Bounty Hunters, Gunslingers, Assorted Underhivers Gangs (No Spyrers though)
Priests, Drill Abbots, Redemptionists
Storm Troopers, Imperial Guard Vetern, 'retired' Guardsmen (eg Trackers, Stalkers, etc)
Acrobatics, Circus folk, and Close Combat fighters
Pit Gladiators (only one bionic), Mercenary, Arbites

Remember these are a guideline, feel free to create characters I have not mentioned.

The Tretos Sector has become 'unstable' after the 13th Black Crusade and many chaos cults still lurk in the dark corners, hiding away. Inquisior Jonathan Ryker of the Ordo Mallues, after a fifteen hour session with a daemon, has learned of a possiable future. A future of the Tretos Sector becoming another Eye of Terror, an open sore allowing the warp to take over whole planets. Inquisitor Ryker has ordered a team to be assembled and has made alot of calls to gather his squad.

Their mission is to the Inquisitorial fotress on Asteriod #T03-54Ret78 in that sector. From there, the team is to investigate the sector's political center, the planet of Tretos Prime, an industrial world current to the 19th Century Terra.

Right now thats out, heres my character, who should aide you in choosing your character ;).

Name: Inquisitor Jonathan Ryker
Rank: Inquisitor
Ordo: Mallues
Belief: Puritan
Weapons: Twin bolt pistols, a bolter strapped to the back and a power mace.
Appearance: Ryker is a medium built person with hidden muscles and strength. His eyes are all black and he looks pale. On contrast, he is well spoken and overall, a pleasant man.
Background: Ryker was the son of a Adeptus Terra who worked in the accounts department on a long forgotten planet. It was soon taken over by a chaos uprising when Ryker was 15. His father was brutally murdered and Ryker, who had been apart of a local street gang, spurred his gang to fight against the Chaos lovers.

For two years, his gang fought guerilla tactics against the chaos cultists and it was then they were rescued by an Inquisitor after they aided the Imperial Guard regiment sent to capture the city. Ryker was then taken into the Inquisitor's fold as an Interrogator.

After his mentor's death at the hands of a Greater Daemon of Khorne, Ryker became an Inquisitor that same moment as he fired his mentor's bolter at the Daemon, yelling every known Litanty of Faith as the bolter fired. The Greater Daemon was killed by the Inquisitor and once his report and his findings proven, Ryker became an Inquisitor.

After that, Ryker has banished five Daemon Princes and six Greater Daemons, has used the Grey Knights many of times and has a considerable reputation amongst his peers of a Puritan who believes in the Emperor and has unshakable faith, thats strong he has overcome many of the greatest terrors that have threatened the Imperium.

Ryker excels at both the bolt pistols and the bolter in skill and excels in the power mace/bolt pistol combination in hand to hand. Ryker looks about 50, but in reality he is closer to 200.

Right, lets see what you come up with. I have many evil ideas :evilgrin:

19-11-2005, 20:53
Name: Ruben Quinn
age: 45
sex: male
Rank: imperial guard veteran sergeant
regiment: malphesteron XXI guard
Belief: Puritan
Weapons: bolter, plasma pistol, powersword , frag grenades, smoke grenades
Appearance: tall, well bult, close shaven head and clean shaven
Background: Ruben is well known inthe malphesteron guard especialy ammong the men. He has refused promotion to offficer 3 times and has been awarded teh medalion crimson and the malphesteron cross. He often values his mens life above his own and has a leave no man behind policy.

sterotypical seargeant :)

20-11-2005, 01:03
((Yeah, I'm coming back to Warseer for this RP :D . I'll post a character later, most likely he's going to be a pit fighter. Quick question though, are ALL mutations banned? Are little minor defects, such as slighly pointed ears or small fangs and so on, alright or are all deviations not allowed?))

20-11-2005, 05:45
Name:Jonas Roland
age: 17
sex: male
Belief: doesn't care

Equipment: two stubber pistols 16 mag capcaity, made with auto and semi auto fire. one large Macchette.

Jonas is a way ward spirt movieng form plaent to plaent makeing a liveing anyway he can just recently he has worked as a theif and Hit man. which He has taken a amazeing skill and talent at. though he had never seen a real battle he has more then enough stories to cause a grown man to break to his knees. He does not talk much but when he does he says whats on his mind.

slaz is it okay if its extermly skilled with his pistols?

20-11-2005, 09:50
erm, this probably isn't too kosher, but seeing as you are radical and it could provide an interesting hook, I couldn't resist offering to be an Eldar Outcast/Ranger... (it's worth a shot asking at least) PS I've never played on the net before, so I'm not too sure on the comings and goings of it all...

If not, then how about:

Pelthalos Nostrus
Age 27
Imperial Navy Chirurgeon acolyte and sometime Naval Armsmen
Beleif; Utilitarian: pays respect to the Emperor, but not fanatical. He does however believe that the Emperor has saved the life of his crew and himself on many occasions - you can't travel the warp as an Imperial Navy chirurgeon without seeing a few things...

Weapon - Hotshot Laspistol (the ornate gift of a dying Naval comrade), Imperial Navy Officer regulation Sabre - gifted with honourary officership after the battle of Demios V
Equipment - medical auspex bionic ocular enhancement with playback, magnification, polyspectral analysis and recording facility, 3rd finger of Right hand Laser scalpel implant
Basic first aid tools, blessed oils and unuguents, chemical analysis unit on shoulder implant with blessed scroll readout.

Lanky, 6 foot 3, Pelthalos wears his deep maroon hooded cloak around his shoulders, his bionic eye constantly scanning the air in front of him with a crisscross of green laser light. The folds of his robe sweep past his shoulders, revealing the dully gleaming breastplate of an Imperial Navy armsmen, punctuated by an Imperial Eagle hanging around his neck.
His one biological eye has a scar running over the browline, which enhances his wary appearance, yet the hue of his olive tinted orb is deep, intent with the deadly kiss of Curiousity, that subtle sin for which many of his superiors have critisized him so fervently.
His sidearm stays at his side, save to take the lives of those he cannot save. He rarely carries his sabre, which rests above his cot in his quarters. He is an officer in theory and in hierarchy, yet only under the direst circumstances has he had to unsheath it...

Thane McHammer
20-11-2005, 15:07
You know I want in on this one...for the sake of what's allowed, I'm going to slot this character under "Acrobat", but if you want to think gaming terms, he's a Rogue.

Name: Caleb Fox, a.k.a The Golden Fox
Age: Reports guess somewhere between 19 and 25
Occupation: Master thief, spymaster, high class courtesan/escort, duelist.
Ordo: Currently in the employment of the Ordo Mallus
Belief: N/A

Weapons: Multiple digiweapons, power rapiers, daggers, nano-wire, poisons.
Equipment: Thief tools (Includes lock picks, scanner disruptors, security scramblers), fighting leathers, various knick-knacks.

Appearance: Caleb seems very unusual, given his line of work. He would appear more at home in a dancing bar or harem than in the field. With drop-dead gorgeous looks, which include (but aren’t limited too): High cheekbones, bright blue eyes, shoulder-length blond hair, killer smiles, and white teeth, he's the poster boy for high-class beauty. His body frame is on the slight side, but muscled, and he stands an impressive 6'4". All of his actions flow together, and this gives him the appearance that he's floating.

Caleb began life as a dancer in the court of the planetary governor of (Access Restricted). As a favourite, he would often be called to spend the nights with the lords and ladies of the court, draped on their arm, or in their bed. He used this to his advantage, becoming a skilled gatherer of information and an expert thief. It was in this manner that Inquisitor (Access Restricted) of the Ordo Hereticus came to learn that the Governor and his court were members of a Slaaneshi cult, one dedicated to opening a warp gate and bringing the Demon Prince (Access Restricted) into the material world. Realising that a full-on accusation would be catastrophic, the Inquisitor used Caleb to gather the information he needed, and to steal the security passes required to access the Governor’s inner sanctum. At the same time, Caleb delivered the Governor a poisoned pill, not on the order of the Inquisitor, but because he had forgone Caleb's payments for the month.
With one planetary rebellion averted and a planet saved, Caleb decided to skip the world he had known and make a name for himself. Since then, he’s been from planet to planet, conning, thieving, and seducing his way into people’s information, jewellery, and beds. Under the alias of the Golden Fox, he currently has death sentences in 4 different planetary systems, and has authorities looking for him on another 12.
He has served under 5 different Inquisitors since, each one making use of his uncanny thieving and cloak-and-dagger skills.

Commander X
20-11-2005, 16:24
Hmm, a Gladiator is a class I haven't used before, that will be it this time.

Character will be with you tomorrow...

General Samuel of the 101
20-11-2005, 18:59
Name:Samuel Karr Stern
Age:Around 50
Occupattion:Imperial Guard Commander
Ordo:Currently Malleus
Equipment:Carapace armour,Bolt. Pist,Power Sword,Bionic Eye,Power Armoured Fist
Appearence:Even trough he has 50 years he has the looks of a 20 old(trought juvenat) caucasian male with black hair and grey eyes,he seems to attract attention with his good looks
Background:Son of a noble of Cadia,his path started at the age of 10 when he was inducted in the Imperial guard at the age of 20 he was already the right hand of the General of his regiment thus when he was killed in a chaos raid ,Samuel was named General of the 101 regiment and come into attention of the ordo malleus...

20-11-2005, 20:20
Name: Kalendris Mave or "Kalen"
Previous Occupation: Pit Fighter on Telvanas VII
Current Occupation: Currently Employed by the Inquisition
Ordo: Malleus
Belief: N/A
Age: The specfics are unkown but he appeasrs to be about 28-33 years old.
Sex: Male

Weapons: Stubber, Chainsword, Bionic Arm (see below).
Equipment: Long Flak jacket that covers his arms, his upper and lower body and his neck. Kalen's left arm is bionic, that instead of fingers, ends with wicked looking claws however it still posses the shape of a hand (i.e. thumb and four fingers).

Appeance: Kalen is a well built man standing at about 5'11". He has pale purple eyes and his complexion is normal. He keeps his black hair short and his face is unmarred save for a single scar that runs from the top of his left eyebrow down to the middle of his cheek, a scar he obtained by very nearly dodging a blow that would have claimed his left eye. The rest of his body is a mix-match of assorted scars he has collected over the years.

Background: Not much is known about Kalen before he first entered the fighting pit on Telvanas VII, a reatively backwater planet tat is on the very fringe of the Imperium's control. Kalen's first match was one of his most memorable. He stood, silent and resolute, against a Kroot warrior who had claimed at least 15 other fighters that day. The battle was short, but sweet. In the end Kalen stood victorious, but not after the Kroot had severed his left arm. A observing noble, impressed with Kalen's impressive fighting skills, fitted him with a bionic arm and took Kalen in as his own, personal fighter. Kalen fought for the noble for many years, both in and out of the pit. Kalen soon became obsessed with testing his own limits, constantly seeking bigger and tougher opponents. One day when an inquisitorial warband showed up, accusing the nobleman of being corrupted by chaos. Before the warband could eliminate the noble, he had sumoned numerous demons to his aid and managed to flee the planet. Kalen, who had not grown any particular affinity to the noble, stayed behind on the planet, wanting to test his skills against the creatures of the warp. He fought hard along side the warband, who did not question his help and in the end the Inqusitor asked him to join his retinue, promising opponents of otherworldy power. Kalen eagerly accepted and fought alonside the Inquisitor until his death. Kalen now hops from warband to warband, lending his skills where they are needed, constantly testing himself against the horrors of chaos.

20-11-2005, 21:42
Name: Cpl. Turi Maatsadd
Previous Occupations: Hunter/Herder, Imperial guard Corpral,
Current Occupation: Inquisitorial Agent (orders to keep eyes and ears open for his master,). Freelance Mercenary, often hired for fearal world expeditions.
Ordo: His master is Xenos
Belief: Member of the Brotherhood of Cahan (http://www.angelfire.com/empire2/adlan/The_BrotherHood.html), both a cult and an inquisitorial organisation, he venerates the emperor as the Great Huntsman, a God who's hunting partys rule the galaxy.
Age:aprox 28
Sex: Male

Weapons: A Large Axe, carried at all times (just you try and seperate it from him), a selection of knives and an advanced powder rifle, firing heavy, large slugs, designed to take down large game.

Equipment: a walking survivalist he carries both high and low teh gear, all contained in a backroll. He wears thick walkignboots, plaid trousers, with many pockets and a simple home spun shirt. His Fur Jerkin is Cave Bear and was killed by him in an initiation ceremony.

Appearance: A rugged, fearl worlder, he still retains the look, a long flowing mustache on his face, a thick fur jerkin and plaid trousers all give him the look of a simple, if impressive, tribesman. However it is the tattoes that draw the eye. Intricate knot work and sprials, flowing celtic vine work cover his body. His Face is marked with a single twin spiral.

Turi was born on Tanorin, a planet of mountains inhabited by tribes men who farm mountain goats and sheep, hunt the wild beats that live in the hights and launch raids against each other and the lowlanders. It was into one of these tribes that Turi was born.

Turis grandfathers cousin had been adopted as accolyte to an inquisitor during the planets reunification with the imperium and it's liberation from the heretical lowlanders. He eventually became an Inquisitor and Founded a Cult, based on his tribes religion, to provide him with warriors, followers and anyother trade they could turn their hand to.

It was into this Cult that Turi was inducted, and the tattos he bears are marks of his service to the Brotherhood.

During his time in Tanorins regiment he Encounterd his Grand Cousin and came to his attention, serving in the liberation of Miskan. Once he was discharge he was granted a license to Interstellar travel by his Inquisitorial relative. On Condition he became part of the inner circle.

His role for the inquisitor is to keep an eye out for illegal xenos activity or trade. He does this by hiring himself out as a bodyguard and survival guide to exspeditions to worlds on the edge of imperial space. He has yet to find any illegal xenos activity or to encounter anything that might cause him to contact his leader. So he is content to keep his eyes open and get by, working his passage from system to system.

Captain Marius
21-11-2005, 00:29
Sergeant Anton Octavius, 29th Bellerephon Storm Troopers - attached to Ordo Malleus

Octavius was raised in the Schola Progenium on Bellerephon Prime. Initially earmarked to join the commissariat, he was passed over for a lack of conviction in his faith. Nonetheless, he proved himself a good soldier, taking part in several actions with the Bellerephon Imperial Guard before being allocated to the Ordo Malleus. In the service of the Inquisition he was quickly promoted to sergeant, and has recently been seconded to Inquisitor Ryker.

Octavius is a bull of a man, towering over his comrades, although this makes him something of an easy target. His hair is close-cut and steel grey despite him only being 30. He has a tattoo of the Imperial Eagle on his fore-head.

He wears standard issue Storm Trooper carapace armour in the dark green and black colours of his regiment. He has been decorated for valour on several occasions, but in battle he wears only the horizontal scar on his cheek, earned during the suppression of a riot on Ghalax IV.

He is armed with a hellpistol, standard issue combat sword and his belt holds three frag grenades, three krak grenades, three blind grenades and a melta-bomb.

He is trained to fire all basic laser and auto fire-arms, as well as hellguns and hellpistols. He is fully trained in hand to hand combat but has had little field experience with his combat sword. He is loyal to his regiment first and the Emperor second, but he will follow the orders of his designated superiors to the letter.


21-11-2005, 06:21
Name: Sophie

Rank/Position: Storm Trooper

Regiment: Takahashi Bloodhawks

Equipment: Twin Mars-Pattern Bolt Pistols, Power Sword (Katana), Carapace Armour, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Auspex, associated Imperial Guard standard equipment (survival kit, emergency field rations etc.)

Appearance: Raven haired with green eyes and a suggestive smile, Sophie's appearance is much like the Japanese of ancient Terra. Clad in blood red Carapace Armour and famed for her unconventional armament of twin pistols, she comes across as dangerous yet harmlessly so.

Background: Sophie was born on the Hive world of Takahashi Prime. Being born of relative nobility, she was inducted to the Takahashi Bloodhawks regiment, famed for their daring lightning raids and making extensive use of both Grav-chute drops and Valkyrie deployment. Sophie quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant and with that status adopted her twin-pistol style, preferring the increased finesse over a bulky Hellgun. In keeping with her homeworld's traditions, she also prefers the Katana as her close combat weapon of choice and carries hers around as sole link to her family. After a falling out of sorts, Sophie dropped her name and took on her current alias, severing all ties with her family (aside from the aforementioned Katana). Since then Sophie has concentrated solely on her duties to the Imperium, managing in doing so to have come to the attention of certain authorities on more than one occasion.

Hopefully this time life doesn't get in the way of what looks to be a good RPG.

21-11-2005, 10:24
Just waiting on a few more sign-ups and possiably a character from Commander if he remembers.

So far all submitted characters are fine and to answer the question about the Eldar, the answer is no. It might happen later on though.

Commander X
21-11-2005, 16:20
Now I'm insulted...:skull:

Just because I am, I'll take a bit longer than my usual short time to edit this post with a Character...

Shur -The Mantis- Tharg

Shur is a Gladiator, has been one for as long as he can remember, and will become one again if he survives this. For longer than anybody in the area can - or more likely, wants to - remember, he has been fighting in the Pits, most of the time making a bloody mess of his opponents. So far he has only lost badly, and that costed him his right arm from half way the lower arm and below

By lack of any income or other ways to get himself a decent amount of money fast, he couldn't afford to have the missing parts replaced by the high-tech Bionics some have. Instead, he had it replaced by a simple though effective talon. It goes on a bit from the arm stump, and has a single 2-way joint where the wrist used to be. Although simple and relatively crude, the talon is quite a potent weapon because of its reach and the power it can have.

Ever since, he has been getting skilled at the usage of this talon together with a spiked gauntlet which doubles as buckler. On rare occasions, he uses Psychon to become more powerful, although he doesn't like to do so. Shur only wears a light type of Flak Armour on him, partly because that doesn't hamper movement, partly because he isn't allowed to have better.

The last thing worth noting is his lack of caring about almost everything and anything, including himself. Although this can prove useful at times, it will usually lead to bad relations with others...

21-11-2005, 17:18
this should be cool MARIUS, your joining :D.

Captain Marius
21-11-2005, 18:22
Old Slazzy ran the first rpg I took part in on Portent, I figured it's about time I gave a Warseer gig a try :D

21-11-2005, 18:36
:D, nice one, dindt know you were into 40k :D, so slaz when will this start?

General Samuel of the 101
21-11-2005, 21:38
yeah when this will get started?

Hate Train
21-11-2005, 21:52
I'll be watching with interest, but I won't be joining. Partially because most of my characters fall under the category of insane, partially because I'm not entirely sure of the workings here in the Warseer forum. Unless of course you really want me to join, then I'll see what I can do. If I were to join maybe I'd be an Ork pit fighter destined for a clash in the pits with Commander's character, though I can be anything if you request it.

Once again, I'll be watching. I hope all goes well.

Regards, T. Province

22-11-2005, 01:24
Looking forward to this getting started - I'm itching to get going :D

22-11-2005, 09:43
Nice to have built interest lol. Okay lets give it today and possiably tomorrow as I have a hectic work schedule this week (who in their right mind invented a 4-8?), so I am not promising anything completely.

Warlordgrubnuts, you'ld be surprised how many people have played in my first RPG and who they were ;). Ah there are some legends missing, and some not.

Oh well.

Hate Train, the RPG plays with me as its overall leader and GM. I create a plotline (as done) and I then draw you into the world using a meeting point and then usually I just go from there. I will be attempting some new things in this RPG and to spectators, please watch and enjoy as you can possiably join later on or if it gets that successful, its next Episode.

So fingers crossed, tonight ok?

22-11-2005, 17:33
:D, well I know marius is a godd roleplayer, WH3 IS BRILLIANT. Hopefully we can get this started tomorow :D

22-11-2005, 19:18
You ask and I deliver.

The Path of the Radical (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=333450#post333450)

Welcome everyone :D

22-11-2005, 20:23
Name: "The Mannequin", real name unknown.
Job: Anything as long as it pays.
Ordo: None [hired by Malleus].
Belief: Anti-chaos, pro-xenos.
Weapons: 1 large power sword, twin plasma pistols, assorted grenades and explosives.
Appearance: http://photobucket.com/albums/b60/TheSonOfTheEmperor/?action=view&current=Mannequin.jpg

Background: Nothing is known about The Mannequin's far past. And very little is known about his near past. He has the ability to blend in, get a job done, and get out easily.

It has often been thought that The Mannequin has slight telepathic powers, but this has been shown to be untrue and it is put up to The Mannequin's extensive knowledge of psychology.

The Mannequin has been believed to be in league with Xenos, but the Inquisition know of his battle prowess and deep hate of chaos, so they occasionally hire him to help stop chaos uprisings.

It is thought that The Mannequin's hate of chaos is because various battles against them resulted in his current bionic condition. Others say it is because of the fact that chaos is destructive and regressive, two things The Mannequin hates. Some have said it is because chaos is heresey against the Emperor, but The Mannequin has been known to be anti-Imperial on occasion, but mostly on their policy of "Kill everything that's not human and loves the Emperor!"

23-11-2005, 00:24
Hmm thats an assassin stlye character, but I'll let it slip for now as he seems quite intruiging. Feel free to post if you haven't already done so.

23-11-2005, 00:30
Just a couple of things - could people try and leave OOC comments out of the IC thread? And could we try and keep a certain standard of posting? It can kinda kill the mood and make it really hard when you're having to catch up on 3 pages of posts (which have popped up within 12 hours of my last visit :eek: ) and then post your own actions if people aren't posting in a clear, concise and grammatically correct manner.

23-11-2005, 00:43
Kittah has a point. Unless the OoC is actually worthwhile, eg, making a small comment, is okay, but long OoC or grammar and spelling issues please keep to this thread.

Also I would like to note that power posting is welcomed to a degree, but 48 odd posts later after I released this thread four hours ago is astronamical. Nice to know, but please keep it to 3-4 posts a day unless I post something GM related ok?


Hate Train
23-11-2005, 01:04
Ahhhh... my poor heart can't take all the horrible writing!! Please, for the sake of your fellow posters be sure to keep your posts clean. General Samuel of 101's posts in particular are atrocious. Is English a second language to you? And to a lesser degree Bmaxwell, watch capitals and for some reason you always have a ";" where there should be an apostraphe, though that might be your keyboard.

No insult is intended to either of you, I only hope to enrich your RPing experience.

23-11-2005, 01:11
The way I like to think of things, a good RPG should read like a good book. Sure, all the writers' styles will be different, but I compare it to reading a book that has no sense of how ot write properly - like Hate Train, I mean no insult or disrespect, but I think it'll make all our RPG experiences better if we try and at least use correct punctuation, grammar and spelling.

23-11-2005, 02:51
its my key borad just got a new laptop so still getting used to it sorry!

I kknow my spellings bad but man you should have seen me on these fourms a few years ago you couldn't read anything i posted.

23-11-2005, 03:16
I don't want to sound like a jerk but your problem isn't really spelling, it's mostly punctuation. Split things up into sentences, use commas and don't try to cram so much of what you type into a long, continuous, never-ending sentence.

Instead of saying (As an example):

"I went to the beach sat down and had a drink sipping the cool liquid between my lips savouring it as it ran down my dry parched throat."

You'd say:

"I went to the beach, sat down and had a drink. Sipping the cool liquid between my lips, I savoured it as it ran down my dry, parched throat."

Again, I apologise if I sound like an anal retentive grammar nazi, I'm really trying to help :p

Hate Train
23-11-2005, 05:38
Aye. Once there is good grammer and punctuation all around, let us rejoice and drink many beers! Huzzah!

Oh, and I'm just wondering... do posts in the RP section not add to your post count? It seems as though I've been at 5 posts for a suspiciously long time. : \

23-11-2005, 05:57
Oh, and I'm just wondering... do posts in the RP section not add to your post count? It seems as though I've been at 5 posts for a suspiciously long time. : \

That would be correct :p

Hate Train
23-11-2005, 06:24
Thanks for answering my question.

23-11-2005, 07:41
I'm sorry I'm gonna have to pull out of this rp, would have been fun, but i can't commit. Sorry.

Thane McHammer
23-11-2005, 08:32
For those with bad spelling and grammar:
Use Word, or any other writing processer with a checker. I find that if I'm making long posts, I'll type it up in Word first, as it can check for the occasional mistake and missed period. Once done, you can cut and past it into your reply box.

Simple, easy, and it saves us all from becoming cryptologists.

23-11-2005, 13:15
Hmm thats an assassin stlye character, but I'll let it slip for now as he seems quite intruiging. Feel free to post if you haven't already done so.

He's actually more of a close combat brawler than an assassin. Although he is tactical and intelligent, this rarely extends further than "If I cut off his arms first he won't be able to hit me while I decapitate his friends."

He's dexterous, but not that agile. Meaning he can bend, but he can't jump. His bionics weigh him down so he can only run about 15mph at the most and he can only jump about 5 metres if he has a good run up.

23-11-2005, 14:14
Enough with the spelling and grammar issues. I think everyone has the point and please lets also drop it as it may cause tempers to flare up.

Also please do not threaten Ryker. He does not take lightly to threats ;)

23-11-2005, 16:43
sorry for all the posts, me and GS101 were having a conversation, then bmaxcame on and...

25-11-2005, 07:44
you guys got a slot open?

25-11-2005, 13:38
Yeah, you can join, but do it now because I doubt anyone will have an easy time joining after the Inquisitor sets us out on a mission.

Hate Train
25-11-2005, 19:27
sorry for all the posts, me and GS101 were having a conversation, then bmaxcame on and...

If you can indeed have a conversation without punctuation.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. :)

Yes, it may be difficult to join after the mission is in progress, to do so would have to involve you communicating with Slazton. I may join later, if Slazton will give me his graces.

27-11-2005, 00:24
Ok I will have a C posted by tomarrow morning

27-11-2005, 03:00
heres another one

Name - Torson Blackwell
Age - 38
Equipment - Carapace armor, Power Axe, Laspistol, Combat Knife.
Implants and special abilities - Lower face Gas mask, Nasal and Lung enhancement, capable of extracting 300% more oxygen from the air and smelling capacity increased by 700%.
Origin - Terra
Affiliations - Hive Gangs
Alignment - Lawful Neutral

Small Bio - Torson Blackwell stands well at 5"11 and weighs 196. Born on Terra, where he chose not to walk a close path with the emperor. Lure of Hive Gang personal advancement was more appealing to him. He fought many times and has taken less injuries due to his carapace armor he looted off the body of a guardmen, and incorporated defense into his fighting style. During one bloody war in the depths of a foundry, he was hit by a heavy stubber bullet in the chest and knocked over a railing. He fell knocking a pipe loose that sprayed toxic acidic fumes into his face, that over the next hours kept burning away at his internal organs, namely his lungs. He recieved medical treatment by imperial doctors and was recruited to join a division of security on terra for one of the bureaus. This was two years ago. He has been working namely for imperial interests since, and was presumed dead by his hive hang superiors.

General Samuel of the 101
27-11-2005, 18:41
so when Slazton will reply in the Rpg? he has taked too much i think

Commander X
27-11-2005, 19:06
As Xhalax stated in another of his RPG's, his internet is down, so untill that is fixed he will not reply.

28-11-2005, 07:21
Name: Salic DarkStar
Age: 30
OCC: StormTrooper Captain

Gear: Master Craft Powersword, Bolt Pistol, HellGun, Carapace Armor, 4 Frag Grenades, 2 krak grenades, Dragon tooth dagger, black dragonscale cloak.

Apper: Salic has black hair and almost glowing ice blue eyes(think dune),He is 6'3" tall and is about 200 lbs and is very well built

Salic was born and raised on a planet called Draconis. It was made the home planet of the Divine dragons space marine chapter and later became a major imperial colony. Salic's mother and father both served in he royal guard(stormtroopers) Salic learned quickly from his parents and was accepted into the trainig programs. Salic graduated at the top of his class and rose through the ranks after many hard fought battles he had helped earn.

(his eyes glow because of a mineral in the drinking water of his homeplanet it allows him to see just alittle bit better in the dark.)

28-11-2005, 07:46
I don't mean to offend if I do, but I don't know if a whole bunch of extras coming in is such a good idea, with Slazton's internet down and all. I think maybe noone new should post characters at least until he gets back. The way things are with half of you saying "Sure, come on in!" while Slazton can't comment will make it hard for him to say no if he foresees it as being a whole lot more work as GM.

Hate Train
28-11-2005, 08:47
Aye, I agree. Some people don't enjoy difficult GMing. I myself am not bad at it, as it's going to be something of a challenge with the Cthulhu RP. Which could always do with more members. :cough cough wink wink:

28-11-2005, 12:25
I do apologise Laudren, but not at this present moment. However, if SonofAbaddon keeps up this free range GMing within my own RPG, there may be a slot opening up.

I do apologise for my difficulties, but please this is my RPG and I have my own ways of doing things and do not appreciate upstart players trying to Co-GM. Its the quickest way for me to close a thread and leave it.

I am not saying you cannot have free-thought, but I would prefer if most GM things such as numbers, random 'baddies' and such are left to me. You control your character, I control the universe got it?

As a note I hate being firm as it ruins the RPG for everyone, but well some rules need to be set in place.

Thank you

28-11-2005, 12:41
As a note I hate being firm as it ruins the RPG for everyone, but well some rules need to be set in place.

I'd just like to agree and say I have the same feeling - we're all in here to have fun, so I'm sorry if I sounded anal in any way before.

29-11-2005, 00:40
Whatever happened to Imperial Guard companies being wiped out after involvement with the Grey Knights?

Of course, Sophie's no more than a Storm Trooper Vet Sergeant, so what does she know? ;)

General Samuel of the 101
29-11-2005, 00:46
Well the Companies are basically Wiped Out but the 101th is a Special Case
the ordo Malleus thinked that such devotion in a Regiment was too much and let them go :D

30-11-2005, 07:31
Its all good Slaz :)

Thane McHammer
30-11-2005, 12:56
Unfortunetly, I'm going to have to pull out of this one. The character (Fox) and the general atmosphere doesn't sit well with me.


Grand Warlord
02-12-2005, 05:39
Well if you need another player please let me know ... wish i hadnt missed it :(

03-12-2005, 05:48
Darn Thane looked like he would fit totally well. I thought the fox would be an ideal character for this.

Anyway, if some1 gets hurt in the following melee, I'll fix them, otherwise, I'm behind the barricade shooting... Which doesn't deserve a post...

07-12-2005, 11:34
Permission to secure a set of hellpistols, Slazton? Basically my character's concern is for ammunition - bolt weapons aren't entirely uncommon, though they're not terrible common either, at least outside of the military/adeptus astartes. So basically she's worried about not being able to find much in the way of bolter shells and wants a backup Hellpistol, seeing as las cells can be recharged in the sun or sat near a fire overnight to recharge... (hence I assume hellguns/pistols can operate on a similar type of ammunition)

Captain Marius
07-12-2005, 11:42
Just a note to say I'm enjoying this RPG so far folks, keep up the good work :)

Hate Train
09-12-2005, 03:43
Out of curiosity, is there any chance that I might join the RP at this time? I was pondering a tech acolyte aboard the ship... naturally not part of the standard Inquisitorial retinue, as we all know that the appearance of such a person would hardly make sense. ;) Perhaps you'll need him for something in the future...?

Of course this is only a request, and you are fully within your right to refuse.

Signed, W. Slocumb

10-12-2005, 15:16
If I were sober, and if I hadn't just walked in on my ex girlfriend lying on top of some guy I'd post - rest assured I'll do so as soon as I can. Just gotta sober up and then get work out of the way :D

Hate Train
13-12-2005, 22:48
What a healthy relationship. :rolleyes:

So, in regards to my request...?

14-12-2005, 02:36
What a healthy relationship. :rolleyes:

Heh, I was set up by the others at her party. I went into the city after I got bored at her party then went back on my way home from the city. The few who were still awake/conscious told me to go find one of the guys around back crashed out on the grass. He wasn't alone and I ended up running back and telling everyone they were "macking it". Funny night, really :D

14-12-2005, 07:42
Slaz, did you have this idea before I pmed you? Because I swear this is what I wanted without knowing this thread was here.

Still recruiting?

Hate Train
14-12-2005, 09:05
Heh, I was set up by the others at her party. I went into the city after I got bored at her party then went back on my way home from the city. The few who were still awake/conscious told me to go find one of the guys around back crashed out on the grass. He wasn't alone and I ended up running back and telling everyone they were "macking it". Funny night, really :D

Funny indeed. I love being intoxicated. Rids me of my various paranoias. Like today I drew some pictures, then had the sudden (and quite rediculous, in hind sight) notion that they were going to come alive and kill me. So I tore them up and burned them out in the backyard.

"Macking it"... I'm going to have to remember that one. Ehehe...

16-12-2005, 11:37
hey slaz mind if i join or is it to late?

16-12-2005, 14:52
Its a bit late. So no more recruiting, I do apologise.

16-12-2005, 17:05
We could have it so that he was at the Asteroid Base and it was more convienient if he waited there while the rest of us arrived?