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06-11-2008, 13:56
First Game: Dark Elves

Ive played a couple games against this opponent and we always draw. They are always great games that seem to go one way decisively and then end up turning towards the end. This time I decided to make a bat rep out of our battle. We played 2000 points. It was interesting. He built an army designed to face my orcs, with lots of fast hard hitting stuff. I thought I would be facing his infantry heavy list but it turned out to be quite different.

The Lists

High Elves

-Barded horse, dragon armor, shield, star lance vambrance of defense
-Bsb, barded horse, dragon armor, lance, shield
Level 2 mage
Level 2 mage

10 archers with musician
20 spearmen with musician, banner

5 Dragon princes, full command, standard of balance
Lion Chariot
Lion Chariot
Tironac Chariot

Dark elves (approx)

Lord on Dragon
-lance, regeneration armor, item that halves bs when shooting at it
-BSB, reverse ward save
Level 2 mage on horse
+1 PD, dispell scroll

2x 10 crossbowmen, shields
2x 5 shades
5 fast cav with repeater crossbows
9 coldones with full command, warbanner
1 hydra


The terrian was placed by a third party. One side had a building in the center of the deployment zone with a hill to the right of it. The other had a hill on the right side and some ruins on the left just outside the deployment zone. I won the roll to pick sides, so I chose side with building.


06-11-2008, 14:06

Both guys took lore of beasts, I wanted to cower his dragon and or Hydra, but rolled the wolf hunts on both which ended up being a game breaker, and one got bears anger and the other Hunters Spear.

His Sorcerous rolled two magic missiles, one that does D6 strength 4 plus cant shoot next turn, the other D6 strength 5.


I set up first I deployed the archers in with the Hunter's Spear mage in the building. Then in front of that from left to right were the 3 chariots in front of the hill. The Dragon princes with the lord and bsb in front of the building, the phoenix guard with the Anger mage to the left of them and the spears holding the flank.


From left to right, he set up his fast cav with the sorceress 5 shades, 10 crossbows, the hydra, 9 cold ones with bsb, 10 crossbows, 5 shades scouted into the ruins and the dragon behind the ruins.


We rolled for First turn, he had plus one, I rolled a one auto fail and he rolled a six auto win. He chose to go first.

DE turn 1

His fast cav moved up 9 inches on the right flank, all his archers moved up an inch to make sure they were in range, the cold ones moved up an inch and the hydra moved up about 4. His dragon moved up on the left flank and stayed out of charge range (or so he thought, insert sinister laugh).


His Magic worked pretty well the whole game. In first turn he did one wound on the tironac chariot. His shooting was devastating, he finished of the tironac chariot (Damn it could have charges his fast cav next turn) I loose 6 spearmen from shooting and another from the dragons breath. I pass my panic test.

HE turn 1

I have no charges to declare. Both lion chariots move 8 inches towards his lines. The dragon princes wheel 6 inches and move another 10 towards the dragon. The phoenix guard move up 5 inches and the spearmen shuffle right 2 inches.


This magic phase would determine whether I had a shot at staying in the game, I cast hunters spear on the dragon and cause a wound. I try to cast the wolf hunts on the dragon princes but its dispell scrolled. I cast it again with irresistible force. I measure to see how far I need to go to add to the suspense, 8 inches gets me into contact, that only a 40 % chance. I rolled a 9 and get the charge in, If I had not have made it I would have lost the game right there with my DP's out of position. It was high risk and high reward. In the shooting phase my archers kill 2 of his crossbows.

In combat phase he challenges and I accept with my lord. I allocate one attack on the lord (to see if he has the reverse ward save, turns out his bsb had it and the lord had regeneration). I do one wound on the lord and one on the dragon, he does none in return. I win combat by 6 and he runs of the board and I follow. That was huge for me.


DE turn 2

No charges declared. He moves his fast cav to flank my lion chariot. His shades move back a bit from the lion chariot. His hydra moves up 9 inches to flank the other chariot. His cold one wheel and move up 14 to charge my DP's when the come back onto the board next turn.


His magic and shooting is once again devastating. The hydra fails to flame the chariot but his combined shooting and magic kill one lion chariot and do three wounds on the other, ouch. I also loose two more spearmen from shooting.

HE turn 2

No charges declared. My chariot wheels and faces the fast cav (planing on moving them in on the magic phase) The phoenix guard move up 4 inches and the spearmen move along side them. The DP's come in of the board 8 inches (march blocked).


In the magic phase I cast hunters spear but it fails to do anything. I cast the wolf hunts on the DP's and they charge into the cold one's with a glorious 12 inch move, I needed a five, six to be beyond doubt. I realize that ive only left myself 2 dice to cast the wolf hunts on the lion chariot, I fail to cast (crap). My shooting kills one of his fast cav.

Another decisive combat, I challenge with my lord and he accepts with his BSB. I thought this was a bit foolish, until I learned he had the reverse ward save ie 2+ ward against my star lance. I do three wounds in the combat and he rolls one 6 on his reverse ward save and I score one wound. My knights kill 2 more of his. And he kills nothing. I had the standard of balance, so he didnt have hatred probably made a huge difference. We add up combat res. He has rank, outnumber, Banner, Warbanner, BSB. I have 3 kills and banner and bsb. Its a tie. After I forget that I hadnt attacked with my mounts, oh well...


06-11-2008, 14:20
DE turn 3

He declares a charge with his 8 crossbows on my knights but fails since they dont fit inbetween the combat and the ruins. His shades also declare a charge and they make it and flank me. His hyrda wheels and runs towards my Phoenix guard 12 inches. His fast cav reform and run up my flank aswell. His shades on the right flank also move up 5 inches.


In the magic phase he finishes off my lion chariot, as expected. His right crossbows, shades and hydra breath weapon kill only 4 phoenix guard in the shooting phase. Not bad considering he hit 17 guys with his breath weapon.

We do the horse combat first. My lord finishes off his BSB in the challenge, I do three wounds at strength 4, He doesnt get armor cause of the star lance and only has 3+ ward save, he fails one and dies. My knights kill one more of his knights and my bsb takes a wound in turn. His shades dont do anything, (he regretted not giving them great weapons at this point). I win combat by one but both units stay.

HE turn 3

My Phoenix guard charge his hydra. And my spearmen charge his shades. There is no subsequent movement.


In the magic phase the hunters spear is dispelled, and the bear mage does cast bears anger. I kill one more of his fast cav.

We do the Hydra combat first. I do two wounds on the hydra, and at this point I realized that I didnt bother to optimize properly, my mage was in contact with the hydra, if I had been paying attention I could have avoided this. The hydra and handlers kill the mage and kill another 5 phoenix guard. Its a tie but I have a musician and win, he rolls an 11 for his break test and runs 5 inches, I give chase a might four inches. Crap. In the horse combat my spearmen do nothing and neither do his shades. Lord and hid knights and bsb kill all but two of his knights. He allocates all his attacks on my BSB and kills it, crud. I win combat but both his units once again hold.


DE turn 4

His hydra rallies and turns around. His fast cav reform and move up to the side of my phoenix guard. The shades and both crossbows stay where they are. The left crossbows reform into 5 frontage.


In the magic phase hes kills two of my archers in the tower and they are unable to shoot next turn. His archers do 5 wounds on my phoenix guard and I loose 4 of them, I made only one ward save.

I combat my spearmen kill one shade, hazza! But one spearmen dies in return. And my lord whiffles all of his attacks and fails to wound, my knights dont hurt anything either. The good news is his coldones dont do anything either. I win combat by 3 and his shades run a mighty 12 inches very close to the edge of the board but my spears only chase 4 inches. But his knights hold and the cavalry battle continues.


HE turn 4

Knowing that I cant charge the hydra and win I stay back. The spears reform to face the crossbows on the left flank and the two units stand on either side of the ruins yelling insults at each other, unable to bring themselves to combat.

My magic phase is shutdown. And Im unable to shoot this turn do to his spell.

In combat, the lord finally finishes of the coldones champion and banner bearer. I stay put, as I cant overun.


DE turn 5

His Hydra declares a charge on my phoenix guard and I hold. The left shades rally. His fast cav are march blocked and unable to get behind my phoenix guard but move up to their flank. His crossbows wheel to see my DP's and his right shades do the same.


In the magic and shooting phase all his efforts go into killing the DP's and he kills 3 of them, im down to the lord and 2 knights. I pass my panic test.

In combat I do no wounds to the hydra and I loose 5 phoenix guard in the process, leaving me with only two I break and flee 7 inches, and he pursues only 3, capturing my banner.


HE turn 5

I charge his left crossbows with my DP's and lord. The phoenix guard rally.

I discover in the magic phase that he has left his fast cavs flank exposed. Perfect for a Hunters spear. I roll to cast, ten, slightly below average. He rolls a nine much to my relief. The spear kills the first rider, then the second, the third and does a wound on the mage, Awesome. This leaves me with 8 archers to shoot a lone mage on horse right in front of them. I roll 7 hits, great start, three wounds, should be enough, he rolls to save and gets two sixes! But fails the last throw and dies. That was my best offensive magic phase.


The knights and lord easily run down the 8 crossbowmen. I killed only three or four but also had banner and outnumber.

DE turn 6

He declares a charge on the PG with the hydra, I choose to flee (hoping to get away and rally in my last turn to get me 175VPs.) I barely get away rolling a nine and he fails his charge. His left shades move around the ruins to get line of sight to the spearmen. The other crossbows and shades stay in position to do the same thing.


There is no magic phase. And all three of his archer units shoot at my spearmen, killing 7, leaving me with only 3, crap no longer scoring for table quarters. They pass their panic test. No combats and his turn ends.

HE turn 6

My phoenix guard rally giving me much needed vps. My spearmen stay as is. The lord and his knights wheel and move to flank the right crossbowmen, hoping to be wolfs hunter into them. I move the mage up 10 inches to make sure the spell is in range.


I try to cast the wolf hunts but roll a 5 on three dice, thats the lowest number you can roll on three dice without getting a miscast, oh well. But to my pleasant surprise the archers shoot his right shades killing two and they fail their panic test and are no longer scoring.

There is no combat and we count up points. I win by 571 vps, a minor victory.

Post Game thoughts

What a game, it swung both ways a couple times during the battle. I killed the dragon early on but he destroyed my chariots with ease. I failed to run down the hydra and it just ate through my PG. The battle of the knights which lasted through 5 rounds of combat, kind of ironic when both units are designed to break the enemy on the charge.

Spearmen are next to useless against DE, they just get shot up, same can be said of the chariots though, next time im gonna stick with two units of archers and loose two chariots and put in some whitelions or bolthrowers to kill the hydra or any other hard units.

06-11-2008, 14:30
Fantastic batrep, thanks!

06-11-2008, 15:11
We do the horse combat first. My lord finishes off his BSB in the challenge, I do three wounds at strength 4, He doesnt get armor cause of the star lance and only has 3+ ward save, he fails one and dies.

The Star Lance only works when the bearer charges: this includes both the +3 Strength and the 'No Armour Saves'.
So the DE BSB should have got an armour save here.


06-11-2008, 15:55
I just looked it up, your right, that makes the star lance a lot less effective for its points.

06-11-2008, 16:48
Killing that dragon early was huge.

Love the pictures and the rainbow knights ; )

Keep them coming.

06-11-2008, 18:17
I just looked it up, your right, that makes the star lance a lot less effective for its points.

Actually I'd say the Star Lance is well worth it's points. It makes the user's charge utterly devastating. But, like any lance, you need to break them on the charge.


06-11-2008, 18:57
Awesome game, loved the pics. The new elf books are really well balanced against one another.

06-11-2008, 21:58
:cries:Well played you G*D D*M Dragon Killing High Elf Semi Eternal Scum

:DGreat report GreenSpeed! I look forward to the next LION

09-11-2008, 02:34
WAAAAA my dragon, it was a great game, hats off to greenspeed. I never field a dragon and I'm not really used to it, I had no idea what I was going to do with it that game. I was just going to go around from behind and burn away. So he did a great job to neutarlize it on turn 1!!! I honestly thought I was doomed from that point to pull off a win since 1/4 of my army points just fled off the table. But my war hydra and my shooting managed to get me back in the game. Watch this space cause this is an ongoing rivarly between greenspeed and myself and so far we have always tied......until now. REVENGE shall be mine!

09-11-2008, 03:33
I enjoyed your battle report and the photos certainly were helpful.

A housekeeping issue though...your phoenix guard could not rally because they were below 25% of their starting number. They would have continued fleeing unless you had a spell (beast spell #2 oxen stands, light spell #5 guardian light, truthsayer spell #5 boon of courage) or item to make them stop. Since they were also below US 5 and therefore unable to cause panic checks in friendlies it's often best to just take them off the table at that point (assuming, again, that you can't rally them with magic).

09-11-2008, 19:50
Great battle report, the writing was clear and the photos help a lot to understand what was going on.

Judging from the photos, did you play this battle in a smaller table than 6'x4'? It seems to me that the battlefield is around 4'x4'. (could be wrong)

On the game itself, I realy like it when battles are that close-fought. Had the phoenix guard not rallied (which is the way you should have played it, like RavenBloodwind said), Svarog would have gotten away with a Draw!

Keep them coming guys! Always a pleasure to read another gamer's efforts in the Warhammer universe, especially when they include nice lists such yours!

P.S. Are you using the new Cold Ones as Dragon Princes? If yes, I find it oddly suitable...


09-11-2008, 23:23
Yeah we played on a 4x4, we play at our local GW and they only have 4x4s, its very rare that they put the tables together, and there was another game on the table next to us.

Yeah i made two rules mistakes. Im comfortable calling it a draw as a result. itll make the next game more interesting.

Im gonna be gone for the next few weeks, so itll be a while before the next report but i will forsure post it here.

and yeah im using new cold ones as dragon princes, the models are really nice and its kind of fluffy, their drake riders.

I appreciate all the feedback aswell, thanks