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06-11-2008, 23:54
This is just a [very expensive] thought. I'm not overly enthusiastic about my Warriors of Chaos, and I've had Dwarfs for a long, long time. I've always enjoyed the O&G miniature range and despite the 'apparent' weakness of the army book I hope to one day field an O&G army, even in its current incarnation.

Orc Warboss w/Horn of Urgok, Amulet of Protectyness, heavy armour, shield, and GW 200pts

Orc Shaman lvl2 w/scroll and Nibbla's Ring 145 pts.

Night Goblin Shaman lvl2 w/magic mushroom and Pipes of Doom 130pts.

Orc Big Boss BSB w/heavy armour and Spirit Totem 149pts

25x Boyz w/shields, SB, and mus. 165pts.
25x Boyz w/shields, SB, and mus. 165pts.
40x Night Gobbos w/SB, mus. and 2x Fanatics. 194pts.
3x Snotling Bases. 60pts.
3x Snotling Bases. 60pts.
5x Wolf Riders w/bows and spears. 70pts.

Boar Chariot. 80pts.
2x Spear Chukkas w/bullies 80pts.
Squig herders (2 teams) 60pts.
6x Big 'Un Boar Boys w/SB and mus. 201pts

Troll. 40pts.
Giant. 205pts.

I was hoping to use the snotlings as flankers to support the bigger units, but if regular O&G players or opponents can tell me they're useless I'll swap them out for more Boyz.

Two level 2s isn't OTT for a 2k game so my characters are kitted out w/bound items and the spirit totem for some extra magic offense and defense. I figured that to make up for some supposed shortcomings of the army I'll use stuff like the Horn and Pipes to my advantage.

I need criticism, since I'm used to staying put (Dwarfs) or rushing forward (cav. WoC).

07-11-2008, 00:03
theres a couple small problems with this...
boar chariots usually dont do well on there own, try adding another chariot...
a single troll is pretty useless, as are snotlings...
a unit of 40 night goblins is overly big for a 2k game...
and lastly, i think its better to make a unit of orcs big uns and give them the spirit totem instead of a bsb

07-11-2008, 00:39
I say give the BSB a boar for more armour save and turn him into a black orc for the great weapon. Also give them night goblins some nets, then put the BSB in the night goblins. He'll be very hard to wound, have a decent save and those NGs will give you plenty of Ddice and CR (which the BSB can also help provide).

I say a single troll isn't useless, they make fantastic redirectors and can REALLY get in the way (I regularly face an O&G player who uses single troll, used properly it is a pain in the bumbum).

The snotlings I'm not sure about, but I think you'd be able to drop each swarm to minimum size without sacrificing much of their efficiency.

Finally the wolf boys can do with a musician, one of the best ways to use them is for fleeing, and as such the musc will help them to rally and stay in control.