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Grey Mage
07-11-2008, 01:26
My local group of folk is doing a three month league if you will. Armies are to be submitted once a month and cant be changed tell the next month. 1000 points, standard rules. Heres my ladys Wood Elf List:

Wood Elf Noble- Hunters Talon, Arcane Bodkins, Lightarmor, Sheild- 129 pts.
Wood Elf Noble- Scout Kindred, Hail of Doom Arrow- 120pts.

12 Dryads- 144pts.
24 Glade Gaurd- Standard- Banner of Zenith- 325pts.

5 Glade Riders- Standard- 138 pts.

6 Waywatchers- 144pts.


The general plan being to deploy the gladegaurd fairly forward with the first Noble and slowly move backwards as needed. The Dryads to be deployed on the flank, with the glade riders on the other flank. The waywatchers will infiltrate with the noble of the scout kindred. Noble A is tasked with picking off enemy characters and champions and other such high priority annoyances while the waywatchers and scout noble are to cause as much havoc as possible in the enemy backfield.... Baring that try for a few early panic tests.


07-11-2008, 05:11
I don't think you should be using that big a squad of glade guard. At that point, it looks like you're trying to use them for rank bonus, and while glade guard do have WS4 they're T3 with no save and most of them won't be able to shoot ranked up like that, so I really, really doubt if this is a good idea. The dryad squad is also quite big.

I would cut down to two squads of 10 glade guard, nix the standard, and use the spare points to turn your unit of 12 dryads into two units of 8. It's probably a good idea to add a musician to the glade riders; maybe get rid of the standard there, as well.

I also don't think the waywatchers need that much help. I'd take the scout noble, remove the kindred, and throw him on a horse with a spear or maybe some cheap magic weapon. He gets a lot more utility that way - if you throw him with the glade guard, you can suddenly use your glade riders as a solid combat unit. If not, the mobility the noble will have will more than make up for losing the scout kindred. Turning him into an alter noble (GW, shield/armor, Helm of the Hunt, Hail of Doom Arrow) is another possibility.

One thought on strategy is your glade riders might be less expendable than usual, as they are the only unit in your entire army that can remove rank bonuses. I'd normally recommend just picking up another unit, but at 1000 points it'd be difficult to do without seriously reorganizing your army. Still, it's something to think about.

Good luck!

sing Sang a song
07-11-2008, 08:21
As an old WE player here is some advice
1. use one row of 10 glade guard with musicien as one unit
2. dont ever give FC to glade guards and riders, always include musicien.
3. dont go into combat with riders
And now for your list, since i dont have WE anymore i will just recall it by memory.
first of all drop a waywatcher and give scout kindred a alter kindred instead. Which gives noble whopping M9! which will help you use that sweet hail of doom at right moment while keeping him out of trouble.
And since i need to go to sleep i will just suggest few stuff realy quick.

10 glade guards with musicien 126pts
10 glade guards with musicien 126pts
8 dryads 96pts
8 dryads 96pts
5 glade riders with musicien 129pts
5way watchers 120pts
with list above you can kit your heroes with 300pts so enjoy.