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07-11-2008, 14:02
This is my take on a tomb kings list that I think could be fairly effective, it's got the dual tomb guard to give an opponent something to think about. I know it's not a world beater, but I think it's fairly balanced and should be able to beat most armies out there. I've tried to have enough chariots without the list focusing on them that much, commentry on each choice in red.

Tomb King, Flail of Skulls, Cloak of the Dunes, Collar of Shapesh=260pts
After reading a few reports I've decided that the cloak/flail is the way to go, he's just to slow otherwise, only other choice is on chariot, but I don't think that's worthwhile.

Liche Priest, Hieratic Jar, Steed=148pts
Liche Priest, Dispel Scroll, Steed=148pts
Liche Priest, Dispel Scroll=140pts
1 with the scroll on steed is hierophant, others are support liches. I really didn't want to take the high liche, but I think that 3 liches are needed if you don't.

13 Bowmen, Champion=114pts
10 Bowmen, Champion=90pts
Main bunker and semi bunker, these are there to protect the liches and take pot shots really.

5 Light Horse=70pts
Will be used in any way they can, will become a mobile bunker against armies with no shooting.

3 Chariots=120pts
3 Chariots=120pts
4 Chariots, Banner, War Banner=205pts
The 2 flanking units and the hitty unit, the 3 man units will be used to clear chaff out the way, while the 4 man will run over small knight units and the like.

Tomb Scorpion=85pts
Tomb Scorpion=85pts
The Scorpions, possibly the best special choice in the game.

20 Tomb Guard, Full Command, Undying Legion=295pts
20 Tomb Guard, Full Command, Icon of Rakaph=310pts
2 blocks, might make an opponent worry as to where the icon is, I would take normal skellies in place of the 2nd unit, but for 65pts I couldn't refuse.

Screaming Skull Catapult=90pts
The main insurance against stanks, trees etc. The only chance the armies got if I play the great wall of nurgle.

Bone Giant=220pts
Haven't tried him out yet, and although he could fluff, he could also demolish most units if he's lucky.


Well there it is, I think it's fairly well rounded, it's got no weaknesses other than the innate army ones. The double tomb guard combined with the 2 little chariot units should be fairly solid against most armies out there.

3 Things I wanted people's help with:
1) How do you think the army looks at 2500pts
2) How would you drop it down to 2300/2250pts?
3) This is the main one, does the army need a unit of 5 carrion, I've seen armies use them to great effect, it's just against some armies there a next to useless.

So that's about it, comments please.

08-11-2008, 10:05
I think the light horse are a waste of points at their current stated purpose. If anything, I'd bump them to eight strong and use them to provide a "look out, sir" to the heiro. Or drop them and get more regular archers. If you take 15-20 per regiment, you can actually reform them into a semblance of a useful block of cheap troops if/when the enemy closes, since they do have those hand weapons.

What I'm most concerned about is the weak to worthlessly small blocks of archers, both on foot and mounted. They can't actually do anything as they are.

I'd also kick the giant to the curb and take the casket instead. It's not a no-brainer choice, but it does add pressure to the enemy to save disspell dice for the end of your magic phase, greatly increasing the chances of getting your liches' incantations through.

I don't have a problem with the king being on a chariot, that's the way I have mine, with the spear, so his attacks regenerate wounds for the unit he joins.

What I'd do with this list:

1. Put the king on a chariot (with the item that gives it a ward save and prevents S7 weapons from breaking it) so you can give the cloak to the heiro so you don't need a unit of light horse to protect him so you can dump them in favor of more dismounted archers. Whew, that was a mouthful!

2. trade the giant for a casket to beef up your magic phase. I'm running two liches and a casket, and it's barely "enough" magic. Three liches is stronger defense than my setup, but weaker offense, IMHO. Three liches and a casket sounds ideal, I may even dump my prince for a third liche.

Other than that, enjoy the tomb guard, I play mine with the icon, and it's awesome! Nobody seems to anticipate how...nimble...they are with that icon. Catches people with their pants down all the time!

08-11-2008, 11:35
I pretty much agree with the man above, but two catapults are more useful than one in my experience. I'd have carrion in favour of light horsemen if you can, undoubtedly. Much more threatening. Cloak of the dunes on your hierophant makes him far more mobile too.