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07-11-2008, 18:43
Hi all.
Having been inspired by the old Mad Boy rules from RT,2nd ed days, I thought I would try to bring them into line with 5th ed.
These rules are just for fun games !
I they may be unballancing AND definatley NOT tourney legal!
(BUT if you laugh so hard your ribs hurt at the end of the game ,when playing these rules , I have succeded!:D)

Some say, Madboys have lost thier grip on reality completley.
This is NOT true. They have the strongest grip on reality possible, but its the reality they have just decided to belive in at that moment!:D

All orks generate a bit of Waagh energy.(If an ork belives a Mekboys gun will work his weak psychic waagh energy field MAKES it work.)

Madboys have such a strong unshakable belief (In whatever mood the mob is in,) it has the ability to alter the physical world (usualy the Madboys ) quite a bit!

Here are the stats.
Troops choice 0-1.
..4..2..4..4..1..2.2..X..5+. Pts 10.

Unit composition.
10 to 20 Madboys.

Unit type

Stikk bombs.
Very Odd Bits 'n' Bobs
(The Madboys ALWAYS turn up with lucky trinkets clothes pets etc.These lucky items increase thier basic save to 5+.And you have to model them so the Madboys stand out,The more outlandish-garish-daft the better!)

Special rules
Disturbed Behaviour.
Madboys are as stable as a jelly in a hurricane.Anything can trigger a mood change.

At the start of the game roll on the 'Behaviour chart' to see what mood the Mad boys are in .
The Madboys stay in a particular mood unitil they take casualties , or in a situation where they would normaly take a moral test.
When any of these situations occur , roll on the ' Behaviour chart.'
(If more than one mood changing event takes place in a turn , the last roll determines the mood for the next Madboys turn.)

Mad Boys Behaviour Chart.
2 D 6 roll/Mood

2 to 3. Fobik.
The Madboys become terrified of an 'ominous' shaped cloud-bush-tree puddle etc. Convinced 'Da Big Bad' is after them they MUST hide in the nearest friendly Ork unit.The Madboys must run towards the nearest freindly unit, using the shortest possible/permissable route.

The unit the Madboys decide to 'hide in' takes 2D6 str 4 hits if it is a non vehicle unit.(As the Madboys elbow and kick thier way to 'Da Middle' of the unit where its safe!)
Any vehivcle unit that is unfortunarte enough to encounter Jibbering Madboys climbing all over it counts as taking a 'Shaken' result.(After reaching the target unit, the madboys roll for a mood change and add 2 to the result.)

4- Moronik.
One Madboy has found 'da meanin of da ooniverse'.This may be in a small pebble or a snotgrub from up his nose.Da uvvers gather round to look at it.The Madboys count as being Slow And Purpousefull and they will not shoot but will fight in assaults normaly during this mood.

5 Melonkolik.
One Madboy convinces Da uvers, dey is all dead!
And they promply lay down and wait for Gork or Mork to 'take 'em to da Big Green.'
The Madboys remain stationary (lay down)and will NOT perform ANY actions at all.
They count as going to ground , and can not be targeted or attacked in any way.(They are that convincing!)
If the Madboys are Melonkolik at the end of the game they count as destroyed for KP(PV) purpouses.

6 Frantik.
The Madboys cannot decide what to do exactly, but they know they have to do something realy fast!
The Madboys move so quickly and randomly, they are difficult to target so get a 4+cover save.
However they only move D6 inches in a random direction in the movment phase, as they cannot decide where to go!(They may shoot and assault normaly during this mood)

7 to 8 Stowik.
The Madboys have a job to do, and 'dey aint gonna muck about.' (For a change!)
The unit gain Furious Charge, Fleet and Move Through Cover special rules during this mood.

9 Skitzo
All Madboys suffer from multiple personality disorder.At this time they decide to let more than one of them out at once.So if a controling personality of the Madboy misses , another personality gets a go!

The Madboys gain, Furious Charge , Fleet , Feel No Pain.
And may re roll any misses in Close combat or Shooting during this mood.

10. Sykotik.
The Madboys become convinced they have to destroy the nearest enemy unit!They are so determined they concetrate all thier energy on the task in hand.

The Madboys Gain, Furious Charge, Fleet,Rage,Feel No Pain.They also gain +1 strenght and 'Rending' on all close combat attacks during this mood.

11 or more. Maniak.
The Madboys unwittingly tap into a massive amount of Waaagh energy, and belive they are unstoppable and dead stompy! (Any wounded-killed , Madboys are 'just pretendin'.)

The Madboys count as Monstrous Creatures with a +1 to strenght and toughness stats , and 4 + invunerable save during this mood.

Rember ,just for fun games!

Happy gaming .

07-11-2008, 20:15
If they're Orks why do they have 4 wounds each and an Iniative of 4?

07-11-2008, 22:54
A typo has been fixed.

08-11-2008, 13:27
Looks fun, I'll try them out sometime. :)

A few suggestions:

1. There are a few attacks that target the Leadership characteristic (e.g. Neural Shredder). What happens then? Going by these rules they'd be unaffected, but I was thinking it may be fun to have them immediately roll on the Behaviour chart.

2. I'd reduce the Strength bonus for Sykotic to +1 or maybe even remove it. They already have S 4, and get Furious charge. So with your rules it would mean Strength 7 when charging!

10-11-2008, 16:11
I think 'Frantik' would be better represented as a 2d6" scatter move, but apart from that some nice rules.