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07-11-2008, 19:19
Greetings from Omaha, Nebraska! OK guys, interesting scenario we have going on here. I'm in an ongoing campaign slash tourney called the Golden Gobbo. It starts off by dividing the players into groups of 4. After a couple of 4 player free for alls we play a round robin within out group. The winner of that by total victory points then plays another round robin between the
winners of the other groups. In the event of a tie, a final match will be played. Good times.

The interesting thing about the round robin parts is that the game size is determined randomly, and there are a variety of scenarios involved. Games will be 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, or 2500, based on a dice roll of 1-5. On a 6 the rolling player gets to choose the size based on the available options. All the lists must be preset, so no tooling up lists against people. However, being a strategically minded person, I'm very much a firm believer in the metagame, and will be optimizing my lists appropriately.

I have a fairly intimate knowledge of most of the players, psychologically, tactically, and their favorite army compositions. Degrees of skill are extremely varied.

My group consists of the following besides myself:

Dark Elves: This player is very young, a freshman in high school, I think. However, he is extremely intelligent, quickly picking up the game and mastering several techniques. Dark elves are actually his third army, I believe. He is my biggest threat in this first stage of the competition. His biggest strength is a very good understanding of the rules and taking advantage of them, while his biggest weakness is his tendency rely on pre-made strategies, though he does use them well.

Brettonia: Another youngster, he's been with us for quite awhile. His general tactics are generally straight forward and efficient, though he enjoys switching up his characters and elite choices subtly, making him somewhat unpredictable. His biggest strength is his protecting his metagame, as he's very secretive and creative with his character builds, able to match them to his enemy quite effectively. His biggest weakness is his overconfidence in his large lance formations, which can sometimes be disappointing against certain troops.

Empire: This player has been with us for some time. He's collected a wide range of armies, and honestly seems to be in the hobby for the modeling aspect rather than the gaming part.

The next group follows:

Vampire Counts: This player is a very good personal friend of mine. Over the past 12 years of playing the game together, we've unraveled the ins and outs quite thoroughly. Unfortunately for him, he's brand new to vampire counts, having played a whopping two games with them. His biggest strength is his solid understanding of tactics and unit
match ups. His biggest weakness is that when things don't go the way he expects them too, especially against his favor, he tends to become
frustrated and make mistakes.

Warriors of Chaos: This player has been off and on, but is very intelligent and loves talking about the game. He's a power gamer if I've ever met one, and is constantly looking for the best tricks to help him dominate the game. He almost always plays warriors or daemons since he has a huge collection of 5th and 6th edition models for them. His biggest strength is his ability to pick out very durable and powerful units, while his weakness is his tendency towards eggs-in-one-basket strategies.

Daemons of Chaos: This player is the younger brother of the dark elf player mentioned. He is also very intelligent, learning the rules as quickly as his brother. His biggest strength is his confidence and understanding of general game concepts, while his biggest weakness is he tends to get excited and ahead of himself, though this usually isn't too bad a thing, since he favors powerful khorne armies. I would expect to see either this player or the Warriors player to rise out of this group.

Beasts of Chaos: This player is the long time vet of the group, as well as the organizer and planner of events and day to day things. He has collected every army under the sun, and is very fun to play with. His biggest strength is that he has long ago reached gamer enlightenment, and has a firm understanding of the system. His biggest weakness is that he has long ago reached gamer enlightenment, and no longer really cares about winning or losing, so long as it's fun.

Third group:
This group will be kind of interesting, since it’ll be placed on chance. People may or may not be showing up, but we have four people that will most likely be able to make it.

Unknown army 1: This player is an off and on player due to his busy work schedule. He’s a decent player, but his tactics can suffer from MPD sometimes. He will either be playing dwarves or goblins, with an off chance of playing wood elves (very unlikely).

High Elves: Another player that shows up only sometimes. He is fairly new to the game, and plays more for the company than anything else.

Unknown army 2: This player is actually from our sister store has opened up some time to join the tournament. His first question was “What armies are legal?” due to his liking for the Dwarf Slayer list from Storm of Chaos. He is quite skilled, and I don’t have a lot of experience playing him, which makes me somewhat nervous.

Skaven: This player has been around for awhile but has played very few games. What games he has played, however, he’s won as a rule of thumb. He mostly enjoys watching, soaking up information. I have no doubt in his skill, though he doesn’t seem very motivated. I would expect either him or the 2nd unknown army player to rise out of this group.

First scenario: 500pts, 4 player free for all!
Second scenario: 1000 pts, “”

We each deployed in corners, the only terrain being 4 hills placed between each of the deployment zones, blocking line of site from out neighbors for the most part. It was fairly self explanatory, except that there was no victory condition. The goal was to kill and cause the flight of as many enemy troops as possible, counting models individually. There was no comparison of points; you simply receive points based on what you kill.

The restrictions on army composition in the first game was that no model could have an armor save better than 5+, and that you could only have one hero, who could have only 25 points in magic items. Alternatively, you could simply have a champion lead the army. You were also limited to all core, besides (0-1) special choice. My army consisted of 10 chameleon skinks with a champion, and the rest skinks with blowpipes. I think the other players must have given up on attacking me once my army was done being deployed since they ignored my for the most part. A couple of shots were fired in my direction, but in the end NONE of my skinks died and I walked away with 8 victory points. The dark elf player snagged 5, while the others took 2 each.

The second was the same scenario, except 1000 pts and we were allowed 2 heroes and regular army comp besides. I shook things up this time around with salamanders and a 10 man block of saurus cav with a scar vet. Initially they decided to all gang up on my, though their plan quickly fell apart when my chameleon skinks caused a unit of handgunners to flee right down the empires yet unmoved battle line, causing all but 300 points to flee off the table. After a couple turns, the brettonians turned on their dark elf allies, though failed to make an impact due to enemy magic and quick thinking retreats. That game ended with me getting 6 points, dark elves getting 3, and the others getting 2 again.

Stay tunes for updates. If anyone likes and I analyze my own tactics if people want to predict how I’ll match up. We can take bets!

07-11-2008, 20:07
This sounds really cool. I look forward to seeing how this turns out. I have a question though. For the first game, the rules said that no armor save better than 5+ is allowed. How did the Bretonnian player do this? Basically he can have no knights, and unless his mandatory paladin only had heavy armor I can't see how he could compete.

07-11-2008, 20:17
This sounds really cool. I look forward to seeing how this turns out. I have a question though. For the first game, the rules said that no armor save better than 5+ is allowed. How did the Bretonnian player do this? Basically he can have no knights, and unless his mandatory paladin only had heavy armor I can't see how he could compete.

We just took away his mandatory paladin and knights rule. He used all peasants.

He did manage to get a charge off of 7 peasant cavarly on the dark elf RxBs, though rolled like total garbage and bounced. A little funny, a little sad.

12-11-2008, 12:42
I'm bummed that I had to miss the Golden Gobbo this year (curse traveling!), but it sounds like another round of fun gaming. My money is on JT to take it this year.


12-11-2008, 13:16
Yeah, man. That stinks that you can't make it. Thanks for the confidence, though! I'm a little worried about Mike with his chaos warriors.

Looks like the WoW expansion release may be disrupting some play. We'll see what happens. Might have to kick some people around.

vinny t
13-11-2008, 00:20
The daemons player can't make the next round, but this Dark elf player is ready to go on thursday. I figure if you can't catch it, you can't kill it... This could be a hint at my list for the next round, but it could also be a trap for anyone reading this to model their list for this only to face something different (20 CoKs and 2 cauldrons). Such is the Druchii way. BWAHAHAHA!

13-11-2008, 04:56

Chameleon and normal blowpipe skinks, in a low point, low armour, mainly
core game... That would be almost impossible to beat.

vinny t
13-11-2008, 11:49
Are you gonnna be posting the other 4-game rounds? The huge unit of chaos knignts combat was pretty funny and the Blood Knights were awesome too. If not then maybe I can post it. Keep em comin!!!

13-11-2008, 13:18

Chameleon and normal blowpipe skinks, in a low point, low armour, mainly
core game... That would be almost impossible to beat.

Yep. Good point. I guess I should assume my opponents are fools, and wouldnt try to problem solve in order to win a scenario. Oh wait, that would demean them.


Yeah, I'll try to keep up with all the games. I'll update his evening.

vinny t
13-11-2008, 13:26
All you need to beat Cham skinks are 3 harpies. Remember that? Granted, the first game was kind of a screw up, as the Bret Player decided to deviate from the plan, but the second game was a little closer, despite you owning the whole empire army on turn one.

14-11-2008, 03:41
Ok, guys, some of the players have played round 1.

I'll start with mine. With a lucky roll, I was allowed to pick the game size. It took a moment, but I decided on 1750 for a couple of reasons. Compared to my 1500 list, the 1750 has a much more solid base. The second and most important reason being that I know the player has a preference for his dragon sorceress.

My list was something similar to the following:
Scar-veteran, gw, la, shield, jaguar charm, +1 attack sword, tepok, sotek
Scar-veteran, halberd, la, Mirror Shield, Venom, Tepok, Itzl, Cold One
Priest, 2 scrolls
10 skinks w/ blowpipes x2
10 skinks w/ blowpipes, scouts x2
10 chameleon skinks
9 Cold One Riders, FC, Huanchi banner
18 Saurus w/ FC, Huanchi
3 Sallies

His was something like this:
3 L.2 sorcerii w/ a variety of items, including a scroll, stone, sacrificial dagger
10 RxBs x2
25 spear elves, FC
6 shades
5 riders x2
6 harpies x3

The scenario was interesting, kind of take on a hold objective game. We had to assign victory points to different pieces of terrain in secret. I placed 300 points on a large forest, and 150 on a marsh and a hill. I think he did something similar.

The game was looking good at first when I rolled first turn. I advanced, readying myself for second turn charges from the Riders and the Jag Scar Vet. I made a key mistake, however, in forgetting how Harpies have 2 attacks, which tend to grind through skinks. They chewed through one unit, smashing into my sallies, while another unit hit the skinks with the jag vet. They jag stayed on a lucky roll, along with 2 skinks remaining and the priest (oops). Next turn my vet finished off the unit, causing a panic check to the shades hiding in the near by forest, who fled into some lurking skinks to their death.

I knew I was screwed when on his turn he blasted the skinks screening my riders, as well as some of the riders themselves, and when he charged his dark riders into my weakened vets units, wiping them out. To make matters worse, the harpies on my sallies won combat, and even though I stayed he was still march blocking my riders, leaving them wide open next turn for a choice blasting from magic, crossbows, and bolt throwers, leaving the banner and my character left.

I knew I might win when I my turn after the slaughter when my newly free sallies and pair of riders slammed into the front and flank of the two RxB units with sorcerii, respectively. I won both by one, both of which he failed the test for, destroying both and panicking the spear elves.

At this point it was simply clean up and picking up a couple spare points. Without any nearby big units for him, he no longer held any objective, while my mostly innactive (but still fresh) sauri sat in my 300 point forest.

Lizard VPs: 1449
Dark Elf VPs: 953.5 ish

Two other games were played. In my group, the brettonian and empire players faced off. From how it sounded, their were some extremely poor dice roles on the empire players part, costing him the game.

In the other group, the Vampire and Warrior players faced off. The vampires were able to easily manipulate the frenzied block of knights by raising zombies and setting up flank charges.

All in all an interesting start. More tomorrow.

vinny t
14-11-2008, 12:47
Oh, well, I learned that I really need a Master in their for his leadership 9, and I should probably get some more Harpies! I love those guys so freaking much. They were my MVPs this game, while my crossbows really sucked. Oh, well, nothing I could do about those leadership tests.