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08-11-2008, 12:42
Daemon prince
Mark of tzeentch
level 4 wizard
tendrils of tzeentch
diabolic splendour

mark of tzeentch
level 2
2 dispel magic scrolls

Exhalted hero
Battle standard
Doom totem

12 chaos warriors
full command
additional hand weapon
mark of khorne

19 warriors

5 chaos warhounds

5 chaos warhounds

5 marauder horsemen
light armour

5 Knights
full command
mark of nurgle
banner of rage

total 2002

Quickly put this list together, any tips/advice on changes would be greatly excepted, thanks.

08-11-2008, 16:01
Does the lack of responses mean its rubbish or good?

08-11-2008, 16:33
Yep !
Rubbish, sorry.

08-11-2008, 17:39
K thanks, rather know. Will start again

08-11-2008, 20:19
Yes I am afraid it is too slow and has far to few models/wounds.

Dead Man Walking
08-11-2008, 20:24
My suggestion is to mount your mages, even if its just a barded steed. Barded steed =24 points but takes up 2 spaces in ranks so thats equivalent to 32 points of chaos warriors, gives your sorceror a 2+ save and adds another str 4 attack to the front rank.

If you go for a larger base mount which typically cost 50 points you take up 4 spaces of warriors that would typically cost 68 points, adds mounted armor bonus and adds other bonuses counting on the mount (palaquin gives 6 poison attacks!).

With a large mount base you can turn a unit of 16 warriors into the same rank bonus as 20 warriors.

I would also not field the doombanner, take a cheaper banner, doom banner just costs to darn much for what it does. My suggestion would be to take a regular banner and add magic gear to help the bearer kick some serious butt.

08-11-2008, 20:48
K thanks for the tips, Tempted to go for a pure cavalry list in which case any tips?

08-11-2008, 21:45
K thanks for the tips, Tempted to go for a pure cavalry list in which case any tips?

Yeah, with a cav army, watch out for Grimgor or anything else that is ST7 or a monster.

Today I had two games with my cav army, one against Orcs, and the next against a similar chaos list to mine but with sun eater.

Against the Orcs I had to challenge Grimgor with my rune shield lord to stop him munching away at my knights, but with this I realised that the cav lists have very few models and is very susceptible to s7 attacks or anything alike.

I then played a sun eater list that was full of cav, needless to say I realised that a cav army is again ill equipped to deal with monsters that deal quite a bit of damage (Giants, Dragons, Dragon ogre shaggoths, etc.). I would suggest using something along with the cav, although a cav army is fast, it is also small and weak against some things.

Needless to say, I won the first game and lost the second, both massacres, so my advice is two fold:

1)Hell cannon, this should deal with large targets and monsters.
2)Rune shield, Your lord MUST challenge so this should make him survive longer against some characters (and even some units).

This is just my two pence, take from it what you will :)

09-11-2008, 11:20
Yep ! Rubbish, sorry.

Useless comment.

I think if you're planning on a cav list, you need to mix in some monsters too. Dragon Ogres are good!