View Full Version : Must get all these knights to the table... VC 2k

08-11-2008, 20:41
I finally got the last at least remotely playable unit from the VC book to my roster (I don't have bat swarms), but now I'll have to play with them at least once before putting them back to the shelf with the black coach and other failed units like the corpse cart. The unit in question? Blood knights! Now, I already have used a regenerating regiment of black knights for a while, so vc knights are not totally new, but I'd say blood knights are very different just by looking at the statline, so I might be way off with the list and its supporting elements here. So a little help needed, could this work and how, or what should be changed? Keep in mind, that blood knights are staying (kind of the point this time), and I'd like to have other hammer units too, anvils aren't necessary.

Lord: lvl3, forbidden lore (vampires), master of black arts, balefire spike, flayed hauberk, book of arkhan, power stone, nightmare=450 *vanheling like a man possessed that he is, to keep all the knights moving, thats the plan anyway*
Wight king BSB: barded steed, Drakenhof Banner=245 *goes with the lord to the black knight bunker*
Necromancer: invocation of nehek, 2 scrolls=105 *stays in the bunker*

20 zombies: musician=84 *the mainstay unit, necro raises these when not needed healing knights or something*
2x10 ghouls=2x80 *obligatory core choices*
3x5 dire wolves=3x40 *screen*

8 Black knights: barding, full command, banner of hellfire=274 *the bunker on rollerscates*

1 Varghulf=175
5 Blood knights: musician, standard, banner of blood keep=380 :eek::eek: *the egg basket that is just as expensive they think it is, shoot them, please*

=1993, could take one more zombie or something the remaining pts :D

Now, the plan is to first put down my "main units", ie those 3 regiments, then wolves and last the knights. First turn rush as fast forward as we can, hopefully overwhelming the enemy resistance with 3 high movement, high toughness, high armour save, 4+ ward save units that hit like a ton of bricks. Lord will sped his magic phase burning one scroll by casting winds of undeath. Second turn we either charge or try to spam our way in with vanhels. Or something.

I would normally take the lord as follows: lvl3, lore, walking death, dread knight, mastery of X, balefire, cadaverous cuirass (to make him nearly immune to the only thing he isn't already, high str flames and killing blow), skullstaff but decided I want more power dice. Afterall the lord now has 7 dice to cast with, 2x3 dice normal vanhel, once more on 3 dice with a power dice, and a bound spell...