View Full Version : Minions of Anhur-Septu, 2000 pts, Megabattle

08-11-2008, 21:44
I'm planning an army list for a Megabattle we're going to play in a month or so. Odds are, I'll be allied with Orcs and Chaos Warriors, versus Empire, Lizardmen and Wood Elves. Consequently, I've figured I'll try a rather frail and soft-hitting, but mobile, list, relying on the orcs and chaos guys to draw fire and deal with hard targets while I'll support them by holding up units and going after war machines, skinks, pesky Wood Elves, and the like.

(Btw, the Chaos Player's list are here: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=169618 )

I'm open to all kinds of suggestions for improvement. (Just don't dismiss the Icon Bearer outright, I really would like to try how he performs in a chariot unit).

Thus, here they are:


Anhur-Septu, The Puppet Lord, The Tiny Horror of Grinnsburg, High Priest of Khemri
+ Golden Ankhra
+ Cloak of the Dunes
+ Neferra's Plaques of Mighty Incantations
= 340 pts

Menetnashte the Not-So-Victorious, Lord of Karnak, Tomb Prince w. great weapon
+ Collar of Shapesh
= 131 pts

Khnumhotep, Champion of the Puppet Lord, Icon Bearer in Chariot
+ War Banner
= 135 pts

Haleb-Heru and his steed, Pepi, mounted Liche Priest
+ Hieratic Jar
+ Brooch of the Great desert
= 148 pts

Banner of Karnak:
24 skeleton infantry + light armour + standard, 226 pts

Banner of the Eastern Deserts:
24 skeleton infantry + light armour + standard, 226 pts

Banner of Naqa:
21 skeleton archers, 168 pts

2 Tomb Swarm bases, 90 pts

Banner of Ashmun:
3 chariots + standard
+ Banner of the undying legion
= 165 pts

Banner of Lybaras:
3 chariots + standard
+ Icon of the Sacred Eye
= 190 pts

1 tomb scorpion, 85 pts

4 carrion, 96 pts

= 2000 pts