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08-11-2008, 22:31
I have a friend who normally plays 40k but has recentley moved into WFB.

He has his heart set on Bretonnians so i have quickly written up a list for him, problem is i don't really play Bretonnians.

So is the list any good? what should and shouldn't be changed?


Paladin Virtue of the joust, Heart wood lance, Enchanted shield, Warhorse.
(this badass re rolls to hit and wound on the charge).

Paladin banner of the lady, virtue of discipline, warhorse.
(not only does he negate the enemies rank bonus, but he removes the outnumbering benefit too).

Paladin, Grail Vow, Pegesus ,Virtue of the ideal, birth sword of Carcassone
(A mean monster killer and war machine hunter).

Damsel warhorse x2 scrolls
(Scroll caddy)


9 Knights of the realm full command, banner of chalons
(No stand and shoot against these guys)

9 Knights Errant full command, Errantry banner
(Crazy knights)

9 Knights of the realm full command
(average guys)

9 Knights of the realm full command
(average guys)



9 Grail knights full command, conquerors tapestry
(Double victory points for every standard they capture)


Not really sure the only defenite is the Paladin with the banner of the lady goes with the grail knights. Together they should basically auto break any unit they hit.

Lord Dan
08-11-2008, 22:48
Grail Knights aren't as effective as you might think. Against an 8 point Empire handgunner you're getting a 4+ save. If that unit gets into combat it will probably destroy anything it touches, but against most competent opponents you'll be chasing cheap things around the table. If I take grail knights I rarely take enough to form a lance formation. I usually take 4 or 5, and then only in 2500pt+ games. Their job is obviously then switched from "Heavy assault unit" to "heavy support unit", but it's far less of a point sink.

Your character setup isn't so great. The BSB is clearly a great combination, but he's highly succeptable to just about everything, and extremely expensive (100 point banners tend to do that). I would drop the uber-banner for the war banner or the valorous standard.

Scroll damsel is fine.

The paladin on the pegasus is illegal. You have 70 points in magic items/ virtues, while he can only have 50.

The paladin with the virtue of the joust is illegal for the same reason. If you really want a reroll hit/wound character give him the virtue of confidence, gauntlet of the duel, and the enchanted shield.

Take a Brettonian Lord for that Ld9.

Knights errant are really only effective in units of 5, with no lance formation and with no banner. I take two, which I use to either support or throw themselves into a ranked unit to do as much damage as possible. They usually drop the enemy by at least a rank bonus, and generally take out a unit champion. They then break, and allow my KoTR to rush in and finish the job.

Pegasus Knights are great.

Yeomen are par, but often thought necessary.

I love Men-at-Arms, but they're extremely difficult to use.

09-11-2008, 00:16
For the virtues and magic item allowance for characters
this is the quote

"May choose one Virtue from the virtues of the chivalric knight list and a mix of magic items from the common or Brettonian magic items list with a maximum total value of 50pts".

To me this implies that i can take a virtue and then magic items which add up to 50 points.

If this has been faqed or clarified in errata i am happy to change the list.

Lord Dan
09-11-2008, 00:56
I didn't say you can't take both. I said you're spending too much, as you're exceeding the maximum total allowance of 50 points.

09-11-2008, 01:05
but my point is you can have a virtue, and then have 50 points of magical
items with the virtue.

Lord Dan
09-11-2008, 01:16
"Total", to me, means "encompassing all previous statements". For instance, in the new Vampire book, it specifically states: "Magic Items, any up to----50 points Vampiric Powers, any up to-----50 points."

It would be cool (being a Brettonian player myself), however I sincerely doubt you're the first person to find some kind of loophole here, and I don't really see any other interpretation.