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09-11-2008, 05:43
Hey folks,

I was wondering if you could help me out with a list I have been toying with. I'm not a fantasy player, but I have some friends who play fantasy and would like to create a fun, yet fairly competitive army. Most likely I won't be taking it to tournies so I don't have to worry about demon lists and such.

Anyways, I really like the whole concept of the Eye of the Gods as well as some of the conversions I have planned and wanted to see if I could make a list.

The following units seem like they would have some synergy:

Valkia the bloody- Eye of the Gods rolls gain a reroll
Chosen- I was thinking of the following loadout

12 Chosen with shields, MoT, Champion with collar of khorne, std- Blasted Standard
Unit has a 4+ ward vs shooting attacks (5+ plus the +1 for Tzeentch), and MR 2. Combine that with a 2+ save in close combat and a roll on the Eye of the Gods table (with a reroll from Valkia) and that unit seems rock hard.

Chaos Warshrine with MOS (I have a cool model planned)

Scyla (again a nice conversion planned)

Those 4 units/models would be the backbone of the army (again, I'm not claiming it would be a good army).

I also have some mounted marauders planned with MOS.

What other units can I take to benefit from the Warshrine and the Eye of Gods table? I was thinking I could use a unit or two of marauders on foot as their champions would benefit from the warshrine depending on the ability rolled. I would also need some spellcasters. Would taking Wulfrik help the army since it seems most of it would be on foot and having him come in on a flank would be nice as well as his Gift of Tongues ability to call out challenges and gain from the table.

Is the Eye of the Gods concept a lost cause? I am a bit reserved because at best in most games my opponent would only have 4 characters and thus I wouldn't get that many rolls on the table (unless it also includes unit champions but I am assuming when they say enemy characters they aren't including champions).

Anyways, any help in forming a list would be much appreciated.

09-11-2008, 06:38
Killing enemy characters and large units is the worst way to roll on the table. Trolls rolling due to mutant regeneration, chosen with their free roll, anything rolling due to the warshrine, and Valkia allowing rerolls is the best plan. Trouble is, fitting in Valkia, chosen, warshrines, trolls, and Throgg (he is a necessity, especially with Valkia as your general) is not easy at 2K or even 2250K. For bigger games, I think it could work, but in regular-sized games there is just too much stuff that you need to make it work and not enough points to go around.