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Lord General Laumnem
09-11-2008, 13:41
Ok, the Basic idea around the expansion is a world War, War only on the Earth (or terra), the Moon, and Mars.

There would be mostly modern day countries but a few places (such as asia and africa) have been destroyed by war and there are only warbands left there struggling to capture resources (Oil, Food, Water), which the entire War willbe about, Mars for Iron, and the moon for more space for Space Programmes.

Mostly The "sides" will be divided into Continents (which eventually change into each of the different houses that the emporer - who eventually comes into the game with geneticaly engineered warriors) so there will be 5 main sides:

USA and South America.
The USA invaded Mexico in an attempt to get more food for it's over grown population, then when it had used up most of Mexico's resources, it invaded south America, capturing banana plantations.
Mexico (vassal)
South America (vassal)

Europe and Canada
The EU evolved into much more than a trade union, and eventually Europe was almost completely united, going to war together, allying together, and sharing resources. America Attempted to Invade Canada, which made allies with Europe to protect itself, The invading American forces where pushed back to the original border.
UEE (United Eastern Europe)
Norway and Denmark.

Australia and New zealand allied together when their resources began to run short, quickly realising that they would have to be clever to survive, After the fall of China they invaded south eastern Asia, conquering many countries including india.
New Zealand
Siam (Vassal)
India (vassal)

The Main countries in Asia where Russia, China, and Japan. The middle east united but where dfeated in a great war over the Oil there. China and Japan both tried to expand in the same areas, and quickly tension grew between them. A massive hurracaine and tsunami hit China in the late 83 hundreds, and seeing an opportunity, many countries attacke dit, including Japan. Russia decided to stay neutral during this war as it's borders were being threaten by America and Europe. China no longer controlled any more of the original China, and instead controlled Mongolia instead, fighting bitter wars against Oceana in the south. China eventualy surrndered most of it's land to Japan, and became their vassals.
China (vassal)
Middle East (vassal)

Africa is still in trouble, it no longer has thousands of warring tribes, but has been invaded so much by europe and America that it is fighting for it's own survival. All the Countries have Formed into one simply called: Africa. These fighters still occasionaly use horses, and are fast hit and run fighters.
African Rebels.

These are the Basic ideas for the 5 "sides" or alliances, if it is possible it would be quite cool (if this is popular) to have a permananent onlien campaign - so every game you play can count!

The Armies will use imperial Guard rules with doctrines for each country that the Player can pick 3 from a list of around 7. There will also be special rules for fighting on mars and the Moon.

I am in the procsess of writing some fluff based on a British lad, who joins up with an idea of Glory and the like, and gets tranfered from the "Lunar Corps" to the "Mars Corps" down to the "Terra Corps" and so experiences alot of combat and learns alot about the world he lives in.

The Idea isn't just to collect an Army of where you live, I my self am going to Toy with the Idea of Australian Troops base don catachans, or maybe be boring and British ;)

I've tried to make it as unbias, realistic, and beleiveable as possible!