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09-11-2008, 15:43
Vampire Lord @ 455 Pts
General; Magic Level 3
The Arkayne: Forbidden Lore
The Master: Lord of the Dead
The Martialle: Red Fury
Flayed Hauberk
Sword of Striking
Book of Arkhan
Dispel Scroll

Wight King @ 145 Pts
Battle Standard Bearer; Barding; Heavy armour; Shield
Sword of Kings
Skeletal steed

Vampire 1@ 190 Pts
The Arkayne: Dark Acolyte
The Master: Lord of the Dead
Talisman of Protection
Enchanted Shield
Sword of Battle

Vampire 2@ 183 Pts
The Arkayne: Dark Acolyte
The Martialle: Avatar of Death -> Heavy armour; Shield
Black Periapt
Balefire Spike


5 Dire Wolves @ 40 Pts

5 Dire Wolves @ 40 Pts

5 Black Knights @ 136 Pts
Standard Bearer


20 Zombies @ 80 Pts

13 Skeleton Warriors @ 120 Pts
HW+Shield. Standard, Champion.

13 Skeleton Warriors @ 120 Pts
HW+Shield. Standard, Champion.

19 Grave Guard @ 316 Pts
Great Weapon; Standard; Champion
Banner of the Barrows


1 Varghulf @ 175 Pts

Casting Pool: 9

Dispel Pool: 6

Models in Army: 84

Total Army Cost: 2000

General Overview

The Wight King goes with the Wights
Vamp 1 goes in a skellie unit
The General goes in another skellie unit. He can potentially have 5 PD to use with whatever lore he chooses, and can wreak havoc in CC. He's neither a pure caster nor a pure combat vampire. I don't know how it'll work.
Vamp 2 can go either with the Black Knights or with Vamp 1 in the same unit. Normaly he'll go with the Black Knights
Or I might try another setup: putting the Wight King with the Black Knights and Vamp 2 in the Wight unit.

What do you recommend me? Thoughts? Opinions?

Thanks in advance.

12-11-2008, 20:58
No answers? Nothing?

John Wayne II
12-11-2008, 21:18
It strikes me as a "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" kind of army. It's a little low on power dice, specially since it's supposed to be a VC tournament army; you should have at least 10 power dice IMHO.

Having said that, what stands out to me as being the most glaring error in your army is the way you use Skellies; they are not a combat unit because they don't have spears or proper support i.e. Corpse carts and the Helmet of what-sis-name (you know the one), and they are not an anvil because they are too few in number and don't put out much CR. And they'll get ploughed over by a combat dedicated unit, even with all the Vampire support you are giving them.

You should split up the Grave Guard into two units of 10-12, or else give them shields, arm them with that nifty Regeneration banner you broken VC have and turn them into a proper bunker.

Oh, and you should never buy Zombies. Zombies are there to be raised, not bought. ;)

VC Doke
13-11-2008, 02:22
@ John Wayne
He needs the cheap core choice. He needs the zombies.

I think the list is too character heavy. Not character slot heavy, just too many point on characters and not the rest of your army.

If you pick a lore and use your PD to cast those your army will fail because you don't have a high enough unit strength, (that is if you keep the hero listing). If you're going raise undead, you have to raise undead! You're going to want to put your dice into making more skellies and not casting fireballs. Winning combat will autobreak units not ITP if you have enough.

It is too expensive to cover both themes with that many vampires. Offensive magic or raise undead, but not both.

13-11-2008, 09:01
Thanks for the advice guys :)

John, I don't want to take the Drakenhof Banner, it goes against my principles. Yeah, it may sound silly concerning this is a tournament list, but I wanted a different yet effective Vampire Counts army list. It seems these days that there are only 2 kinds of VC lists: raise-magic heavy and Wight King/Drakenhof. I wanted to differentiate from that.

What I'll do with my dice, Doke, is in the 1st/2nd turn use as many as I can to raise units (note that due to the Black Periapt I'll have 10 PD instead of 9 from the 2nd turn) and if I see some chance of casting a potentially game-braking spell in the later turns, this at least will draw dispels scrolls / dispel dice from the enemy.

Also, Forbidden Lore gives me a flexibility Dark Acolyte doesn't; even if I don't know the lore to choose, I'd always choose Necromancy and have a guaranteed VanHel's.

However, I'm working in a new list that fills your advice.