View Full Version : Making a lord for Beastmen

10-11-2008, 13:55
I found a cool wolfman plastic toy that I would like to use in Beastmen army. It's roughly a size of an monster so Doombull is not really an option, but if the new beastmen book gives a new choise of an monster that suits the idea i could use the toy for that.

If not, i tought that i could get a deamon prince or blood-thirster with the idol upgrade to count as an big and nasty Beastlord. Sadly he won't have the ambush special rule. Any ideas for that? I could take a Wargor as an general, but i think the lord choise, even a daemon, would have a bigger Ld...


10-11-2008, 13:59
Shaggoth Lord?

Big, stompy monster, with Marks! Hoorah!

10-11-2008, 14:19
I didn't realize that at all...

As for marks, I tought of Tzeentch as the color theme would support it, or Khorne if i change the colors around for fur and skin. Khorne would bring more bitterness and dispel dices from units (acording the old book...). I just hope the new book let's Shaggoth Lord take magic items...

Edit: If i understand, the Shaggoth Lord doesn't have the Ambush rule... But, I could use the basic Shaggoth, tought the loss of both special and rare choise is pretty bad. Hope this will change in the next book...