View Full Version : Tactica - UK School League

Black Antelope
10-11-2008, 16:11
At my school club we have just started build up for this, and for the first time feel confident enough to run a fantasy team (only done WH40K & LotR before).

I wonder who else is doing it out there?

And has anyone got any thoughts on type of army list we are likly to see. (I cna predict the WH40K ones quite well - its always mainly SM and the new army cheesed out)

We are: Empire, Skaven (me), High Elves and Horde of Chaos
(I can post lists if you want)

Rules for those who dont know

500 points
0 Lords
1-2 Hero
1+ Core
0-2 Special
0 Rare
Must have some ranked infantry
No more than 2 lvls of Magic
No special chars