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11-11-2008, 02:37
this is what my upcoming WOC army should look like, comments are welcome

Chaos Lord (Mark of Khorne,Juggernaut,Shield,100 points of items yet undecided)=385

Exalted Hero (Shield,Daemonic mount,Sword of Might,Collar of Khorne)=210

Chaos Sorcerer (extra level,Dispel scrollx2 )=175

Marauder Horsemen x5 (Shields,Spears,Throwing Axes,Musician)=91

Marauder Horsemen x5 (Shields,Spears,Throwing Axes,Musician)=91

Chaos Warriors x14 (Shields,Musician,Rapturous Standard,mark of Khorne)=292

Knights of Chaosx5 (Mark of Khorne,Lances,Musician,Warbanner)=310

Knights of chaos x5 (Musician,Banner of Rage)=265

Chaos Warhounds x10=60

chaos Warhounds x10 =60

Chaos Spawn =55

the army is cavalry heavy with a Khorne lord and his clan, it also has a Unit of knights with their Exalted hero trying to win Khorne's Favor and a Captured sorcerer looked after by some warriors to make sure he does his job.