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11-11-2008, 22:36
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The temple of Grimnir had been restored, the day of the festivities was approaching and word was sent to nearby holds. As the days passed, delegations from all the clans started arriving, including the much-awaited ambassador of Karak Kadrin's Slayer King.
On the day, praise was given to Grimnir and a feast ensued, so great that it reminded Karak-Dran's Longbeards of the days Karak-Norn was a flourishing city.
With a sudden thump, everyone was reminded of the downfall of the Dwarven Empire, as the ambassador's dead body hit the ground. Snorri, startled but ever-vigilant, noticed a tall shadow leaving the room in haste. The poisoned star stuck in the dead dwarf's neck bore runes tha he had seen before, runes that reeked of conspiracy, betrayal and an otherwordly cruelness.
"Sound the Horns of War! The Dark Elves are upon us and we have a Grudge to settle!"
Then, turning to the rest of the Karak Kadrin delegation, he spoke in a cool and determined tone: "Go back to your King and report that I shall pursue Malekith's spawn until I find the one responsible for this heinous act. And by Grimnir's axe, we'll make him and his kin pay!"

Welcome to yet another installment of Look Snorri! Reports, filled with hopeless last stands, deadly accurate shooting, dwarven stubbornness and typical elven pansy-ness!

Last week Snorri and his lads faced the evil, sadistic and ever-scheming Dark Elves of my LGS’ owner. He is a very experienced general and typically the games we play are tight ones and really fun! Being the resident Bretonnian and Orcs n’ Goblins player means that even though he hasn’t gotten many games with his Dark Elves (who has?) he is still not to be underestimated.

I used my usual list:

Dwarven Defenders (2250 points)

Runelord, MR of Gromril, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Preservation, rune of Might, rune of Fire, Rune of Striking, MR of Spite
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer

10 Quarellers, Great Weapons
10 Quarellers, Great Weapons, Rangers
10 Thunderers, Shields
15 Longbeards, Shields, Full Command, Rune of Stoicism, ancestor rune
20 Warriors, Shields, Full Command

15 Ironbreakers, Full Command, Rune of Battle, Rune of Stoicism
10 Miners, Musician, Champion
Grudge Thrower, Engineer, Rune Of Accuracy, Rune of Reloading
Cannon, Engineer, Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning

Flame Cannon

His list is an experiment and I was surprised to see it:

Dark Elf Raiding Party (2250 points)

Dreadlord, Pendant of Khaeleth, Great Weapon, pair of handbows
Master, BSB, Great Weapon, Blood Armour, Seal of Ghrond, pair of handbows
Master, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Great Weapon, Lifetaker
Death Hag, Cauldron of Blood
Assassin, extra hand weapon, Touch of Death, Black Venom (with Black Guard)
Assassin, Rending Stars, Manbane, extra hand weapon (with Shades)

10 Crossbowmen, shields
10 Corsairs, repeater handbows
5 Dark Riders, repeater crossbows
2x5 Harpies

13 Black Guard, Full Command, Banner of Har Graef, Ring of Hotek
6 Shades, great weapons

2x Bolt Thrower
War Hydra

What struck me as a surprise was the lack of troops in this army! With no magic to speak of and mediocre shooting support, I was wondering where the rest of the army was hiding…

For this battle, we used a rather innovative way of placing terrain: We placed a couple of hills, a couple of forests and the ruins in a straightforward manner, then scattered all the pieces 2D6” to see what happened!
…What happened was that almost all of the pieces scattered 8+ inches, turning the battlefield into a surrealistic surrounding. After I lost the roll for deployment, I was forced to deploy out in the open, with almost all lanes of fire covered by forests!


Deployment was awkward, with me setting up in a reserved manner, wary of my opponent’s heavy hitters. When we both finished setting up, every Dark Elf was other out of sight of my units or out of range! To make things worse, I also lost the roll to deploy my scouts, which meant that the shades deployed dangerously close to my battle line, hiding behind a hill. In retaliation, I placed the Rangers inside my deployment zone, ready to intercept the elven scouts.

Thankfully, I won the roll for the first turn, and elected to go first, hoping to redeploy a bit and cause some early casualties.

TURN 1 – Dwarves
Movement was focused on countering the enemy fast elements with my slayers. (the two opposite the shades moved up at the foot of the hill and the one facing the Hydra moved at full speed to intercept it) Warriors and longbeards shifted a bit each facing the most imminent threat, in the face of Shades and Black Guard respectively. Finally, the Gyrocopter advanced behind the safety of the rightmost woods and the thunderers marched into the no-man’s land searching for targets.
In the shooting phase, the Flame Cannon pivoted and unloaded a gout of flame at maximum range against the Black Guard. Aided by a high Artillery roll, it incinerated 10 Black Guard! Following its lead, the cannon aimed for the BSB, but he passed his “look out sir!” and 2 normal black Guard fell instead, leaving a sole survivor (the standard bearer). The stone thrower aimed accurately on the Hydra, the scatter die produced a HIT and I proceeded to roll the “1” everyone was waiting for, leaving the monster unscathed.
The quarellers’ fire accounted for 2 dead crossbowmen, concluding what I like to consider a very successful shooting phase.

TURN 1 – Dark Elves
Still stunned by the barrage, the character quartet consisting of an Assassin, the Dreadlord, BSB and a Master decided to abandon ship and scattered across the battlefield: The master advanced into the woods, the Dreadlord and BSB joined the nearby RBT and the Assassin followed close behind but lacking the movement to join as well. The Black Guard standard hid behind the central forest.
Both flanks advanced with haste, harpies close behind the Dark Riders and Hydra. The shades scaled the hill and the second Assassin revealed himself, leaving the unit in the process.
The Bolt Throwers opened fire against my cannon, fortunately only killing a couple crew members and wounding the machine once. A Slayer died to three Strength 7 stars (!) and the other one took a wound from the Shades, while the Dark riders’ bolts took down two Rangers. Finally, the Master’s lifetaker accounted for a dead flame cannon crewman and a dent on the gun itself.

TURN 2 – Dwarves
My second turn began with a charge from the surviving slayer to the Shades, who fled (they were half an inch too close to stand and shoot), panicking the Harpies lurking behind in the process. The other slayer and the Ironbreakers raced towards the Hydra, setting up a trap, should it elect to charge the orange-haired lunatic. The Longbeards moved up, shielding the flame cannon from enemy fire and the Gyrocopter flew behind enemy lines, next to the ranked corsair unit (juicy!).
Shooting began with the cannon spotting the assassin all alone out in the open and falling 3 inches short of him! (I rolled a “2” followed by a “4” –having already expended my rune of forging misfire) Drat! The flame cannon overshot against the lone Master and the stone thrower’s shot veered off its target and landed on top of the Harpies hiding the Hydra, killing two and panicking the unit! (it subsequently failed to rally and ran off the table, ensuring the survival of my catapult) The Rangers decided to ignore the imminent threat of the Dark Riders, shooting and killing the lone Assassin, the thunderers put 2 wounds on the Death Hag (wo-)manning the Cauldron, but her ward saved one. Finally, the Gyrocopter shot at the corsairs, killing two and hit the Black Guard survivor partially, but he passed his save.

TURN 2 – Dark Elves
The only charge was that of the Dark Riders against the Rangers, who picked up their Great Axes and stoically took the charge. Shades and Harpies rallied, the assassin joined the other RBT, crossbows and corsairs maneuvered to face the Gyrocopter, the Cauldron went inside the safety of the wood (and spent all game giving 5+ ward to the Hydra) and the latter danced around the naked dwarf, ready to burn him. The last survivor of the Black Guard decided that discretion is the better part of valour and hid inside the forest all game long.
Shooting saw both warmachines losing a crewmember to Bolt Thrower fire and the lifetaker, while a volley from the other RBT failed to finish off the slayer on the hill. His mate at the other side of the field however, suffered a wound to hydra fire. The combined efforts of Corsairs and Crossbowmen took two wounds off the Gyro.
In close combat the Riders made good use of their hatred, felling three dwarves. The remaining Rangers unhorsed an elf and then passed their break test.

TURN 3 – Dwarves
No charges for me this turn, as both slayers were better off annoying their targets than charging to their death (yet). The miners showed up and, avoiding their original target – the Bolt Throwers now bolstered by 3 characters-, emerged next to the Rangers, bearing at the flank of the Dark Riders. The gyrocopter flew to the flank of the crossbowmen. The combat units moved up, all in different directions. The right slayer moved inside the forest, next to the cauldron of blood and his mate approached the shades.
Shooting once again targeted the hydra, but the stone thrower shot scattered away and the cannon overshot by a fragment of an inch. The flame cannon, now down to 1 crewman, elected to reserve its shot for when a suitable target appeared. The Gyrocopter steamed 5 crossbowmen to death, panicking them and the quarellers on the hill put a wound on the Master inside the woods.
In combat, the Dark Riders, now depraved of the benefits of the charge and hatred, only killed a single ranger and suffered two wounds in return, remaing locked in a stalemate.

TURN 3 – Dark Elves
The Harpies charge the flank of my miners (I hadn’t foreseen that!), who hold. The rest of the Dark Elf army stays relatively put, with only the Hydra maneuvering away from any potential charges and still within flame range of the slayer. The crossbows rallied and the corsairs turned to face the gyrocopter once more.
In the shooting phase, the shades finally killed the slayer bugging them (the other one came out of the Hydra flames unscathed, save for a fashionable tan), the lifetaker silenced the cannon once and for all and the two RBTs killed 6 quarellers between them, panicking them. Despite the combined shooting of the Dreadlord, BSB and corsairs, the Gyrocopter wouldn’t fall!
Combat came, and the last two dark riders managed to fell another ranger before they were destroyed by the dwarven Great Axes. The miners’ armour protected them against the harpies’ attacks and they even killed one in retaliation. This was enough to send the flyers running for their lives. In an impressive show of speed, the miners not only caught them, but rolled double sixes, hitting the Shades in the process, who elected to flee rather than receive the charge.

TURN 4 – Dwarves
The last slayer charges the Cauldron of Blood, in an attempt to kill the already wounded Death Hag.The quarellers rally just an inch short of the table edge and the rest of the army moves up. Warriors scale the hill, going for the ruins where the Miners are chasing the Shades, Longbeards run towards the hiding Master and the Ironbreakers once more close the distance between themselves and the hydra, trying to force it to charge. The Gyrocopter got the message and flies away from the RBTs, within steam distance of the Corsairs.
The guess weapons scatter/overshoot (flame cannon was going for the lifetaker master, stone thrower was still trying to hit the Hydra). The combined fire from the Gyrocopter and Thunderers makes up for this, killing 5 corsairs and sending them running for the hills! (they rallied an inch from the board, though!)
In combat, the slayer can’t hit a thing with his 4 attacks and is subsequently cut down with a bunch of poisoned attacks.

TURN 4 – Dark Elves
No charges still, Shades and corsairs rally. The Hydra evades the Ironbreakers and moves up facing their flank (gulp!) The Strength 5 breath weapon kills 5 ironbreakers, despite their save – they pass the panic test. Both bolt throwers aim at the warriors on the hill and kill 4 of them. Finally, the lifetaker takes the last crewman’s life, silencing the flame cannon.

TURN 5 – Dwarves
The miners can’t reach the shades for a charge, due to the interposing difficult terrain, so they move towards them, along with the Warriors. The Longbeards close in on the master and the Ironbreakers turn to face the Hydra, with the gyrocopter coming to their aid.
The thunderers take aim at the lone master in the woods, score two wounds, but are both saved thanks to the sea dragon cloak! The Stone thrower scores a HIT for a change, but the other result is a MISFIRE and it cannot fire that turn. Trying to salvage whatever it can from such a disappointing shooting phase, the gyrocopter takes aim at the Hydra and, against all odds, wounds it!

TURN 5 – Dark Elves
The shades charge the miners, who gladly hold their ground. The Hydra dances around the Ironbreakers (I was sure I had it cornered this time! Gah!) and the Master evades the longbeards.
Shooting is totally ineffective, as the Hydra’s weakened breath can’t penetrate Ironbreaker armour and both bolt throwers miss the Warriors (single shot).
In combat, the shades kill 4 miners with their great weapon and suffer a single casualty in return. The dwarves lose by one and hold their ground.

TURN 6 – Dwarves
The Warriors declare a charge against the Shades, but are out for less than a fragment of an inch due to interposing difficult terrain!
I then perform what is to be the most beginner’s mistake ever: I totally forget that it’s my final turn and, instead of capturing table quarters and generally minimizing my losses, I try to corner both the Master with my Longbeards and the Hydra with my Runelord (solo), Gyrocopter and Ironbreakers!! I figured that if I let the Hydra charge the Runelord, chances were that he’d hold the charge and put a wound or two on the beast. Then, I’d flank charge with my Ironbreakers. It would have worked, but it was still a stupid mistake!
The stone thrower misfires for the second time and I have to use the engineer’s re-roll to avoid its destruction.
In combat, the shades kill two miners and suffer a loss themselves, drawing the melee.

TURN 6 – Dark Elves
Not much movement here (you see, my opponent has no problem remembering the game’s turn count!),so on with the shooting: Bolt throwers kill 4 longbeards and the Hydra unsuccessfully tries to fry the Gyrocopter.
Combat ensues, and the shades now kill three miners, leaving a single survivor who cuts down an elf. He then rolls insane courage and ends this intense match with style!

Dwarf Victory Points: 990
Dark Elf Victory Points: 625


i)The first shot of the flame cannon incinerating the entire Black Guard! (find me an organ gun capable of doing this!) While it neutralized a great threat early on, it also changed they way my opponent played and denied me a great load of victory points. Both the unit standard and all the characters were out of bounds after that shot.
ii)The Rangers gunning the Assassin down, then beating the Dark Riders in close combat
iii)The Lifetaker Master hiding in the woods; he took out both my warmachines and survived a lot of shooting.
iv)The Hydra dodging 4 rocks and a cannon ball, then playing hide-and-seek with my Ironbreakers, effectively taking them out of the game.
v)The amount of shooting the Gyrocopter survived! A key unit for this game.
vi)Forgetting the turn count and losing a couple of table quarters because of that!


Ah!!! So close to my second win! All things aside, it has to be noted that had my opponent had better luck with his shooting, I wouldn’t be so close to the victory margin. Still, the game was a blast and an entirely new experience for me; you don’t see Dark Elves playing like Wood Elves often, do you?
In this game the lack of movement of the dwarves was prominent. If an elf doesn’t want to engage my units then there is nothing I can do about it that doesn’t encompass a couple of turns of careful maneuvering and a bit of luck. The Hydra-Ironbreakers standoff illustrates this perfectly. If it hadn’t been for the slayer who delayed the beast, the Ironbreakers would have been greatly diminished or wiped out.
For another game, my MVP’s were the same units that are shunned by most people: My Dragon Slayers (chased off Shades, delayed assassin and Hydra), my Flame Cannon for that one-in-a-million shot and my trusted Rangers (killed the Assassin and broke the dark riders, protecting my entire flank from collapse).

So, there goes the fourth episode of the Look Snorri! Reports.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed playing the actual battle and if you did, please leave your comments, criticism or praise before you leave these Dwarven Halls.

Until the next time, may your ale be strong and your treasure holds full!


vinny t
11-11-2008, 22:56
Great job!

11-11-2008, 23:07
In the shooting phase, the Flame Cannon pivoted and unloaded a gout of flame at maximum range against the Black Guard. Aided by a high Artillery roll, it incinerated 10 Black Guard! Following its lead, the cannon aimed for the BSB, but he passed his “look out sir!” and 2 normal black Guard fell instead, leaving a sole survivor (the standard bearer).


Not enough for Look Out Sir!

You got cheated. Especially if he had a champion in the unit, because they don't count as rank and file models for that purpose.

12-11-2008, 03:01
lol, you use the same green/purple dice i do:)

i love reading your dwarven battle reports, keep 'em coming

12-11-2008, 11:39

"...and this one is for my great-grandfather's uncle, Krengi, who was murdered by your lot!" yelled Snorri, striking the now broken assassin croutching in front of him. Although he didn't usually interrogate the captives himself, it was a matter of Honour this time. His Rangers had brought him the wounded Dark Elf responsible for the ambassador's death shortly after the battle and it was with his last breath that he whispered: "Fool, my soul will rest with Khaine while you and your people suffer the terrible fate you have weaved for yourselves..."

************************************************** **************


Not enough for Look Out Sir!

You got cheated. Especially if he had a champion in the unit, because they don't count as rank and file models for that purpose.

Are you sure about this? We usually count the remaining models in a unit and if they are more than 5, then one gets his "Look out sir" save.

I wouldn't call it cheating, though... More of a rules oversight on both parts. (The battle could have been won either way if I wasn't so absent-minded!)

vinnyt, DasKhorne : Thanks for your support! (The dice are the classic Chessex ones and they are really practical...)

So, I'd like to hear comments concerning not only the battle itself (like SolarHammer's- cheers mate!) but also on the battle report layout, as well as the background pieces I wrote.

PS: I apologise for the out-of-focus photographs, my hand isn't always steady and the lighting obviously didn't help!

12-11-2008, 15:04
If a character is part of a unit consisting of five or more rank-and-file models and is hit by such ranged attacks, roll a D6.
Look Out Sir! rules, p.75

Champions are treated as characters when their unit is hit by ranged attacks (eg, they benefit from the "Look Out Sir!" rule, etc).
Champion rules, p.81

By the way, an otherwise interesting battle. Terrain sure played a factor!

12-11-2008, 15:45
On the format, the dual map/picture format works great and often I can tell exactly what is happening just by looking at them.

(Although I like your writing so of course I read through it too ;) )

12-11-2008, 22:01
I enjoy reading these reports. A strange dark elf army- I was sure he'd lose when I saw few honest ground pounders he took.

Dwarf armies have a bad reputation around here, because they tend torwards really aggravating compositinos, but yours is very gratifying to see and I think it would change some minds if dwarf players here used it.

12-11-2008, 22:57
Great report! That was some start you got of to toasting the black guard- flame cannons definitely can be fun! Enjoying the reports- loving the fluff, the writing is great and the pics do the job very well. Really showed how the dwarfs lack of movement can really be a liability- and showed the benefits of your lone slayers to counter this somewhat.
Are you planning any tweaks to the list yet? Seems to be doing rather well- good combination of shooting and combat.
Looking forward to the next installment.

13-11-2008, 19:43
Jolon: As I stated in the beginning, the Dark Elf army is new and he still experiments with builds. The list he brought has a ridiculous amount of points into characters (approximately 1000) and most units are dirt cheap. Armies without a solid shooting phase will have trouble facing the black guard unit, as it contains 4 characters and has ASF!

Concerning the reputation of Dwarves, I have to agree; most armies I see are silly, over the top builds. They aren't overpowered, but they are bound to make for a boring game. (I shoot you, if you reach me I lose) What I've been trying to do with my dwarves is to have a solid shooting phase in order to keep other armies honest: as you saw in this battle report, when the opponent tries to evade my blocks, I can't do much. But this stance usually will cost him the battle, as I have enough firepower to make up for his cowardice! ;)

Malorian: Glad you like the report's format, because these maps take a lot of time and effort! Until I can perfect my photography skills (read:not a chance), this is the format I'll follow. I suppose you haven't had the time to play any matches with your dwarves, did you? (I love the little buggers! The more, the merrier!)

Silverstu: Although I wasn't thinking of changing my list (I want to learn how to use it effectively), you got me thinking: This weekend I will play against the Daemon player again and I don't really like to play the same match-ups, so I came up with the following list. I really like it and I believe it still is out of the ordinary.

Runesmith, shield, rune of stone, rune of resistance, MR of Spite
Daemon Slayer, MR of smiting (D6 wounds), 2x rune of Striking (+2 to WS)
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer

20 Warriors, shields, Full Command
14 Longbeard Rangers, GW, shield, throwing axes, Full Command, Rune of Slowness
10 Quarellers, GW
10 Quarellers, GW
10 Thunderers, shields

14 Troll Slayers, champion
10 Miners, Blasting Charges
10 Miners, Blasting Charges
Bolt Thrower, engineer with pistol, rune of burning,
Bolt Thrower, engineer with pistol, rune of penetrating

Flame Cannon

Total: 2250 points

The next installment will be a battle from the past, when Snorri was still a Runesmith and will shed some light on the past of Karak-Dran.

I expect the list to work quite well and have less problems with movement, what with the 2 units of miners. Hopefully, the runesmith will be as resilient as the Runelord and the loss of one dispel die won't hurt much...

The choices I want to experiment with are the Daemon Slayer (against armies without shooting he'll work solo), the Blasting Charges (I have faith in these auto-hits) and my Longbeard Rangers (they may even get a charge off!).

So, apart from any comments for the Dark Elf battle, I'd like to hear what you think about the new list!

13-11-2008, 22:44
Nicely written report as always happy_doctor and it's definetly better seeing all your Snorri reports showing up in one thread (I was tired of looking for each one seperatelly when I wanted to show other youngbeards how they should compose their lists!;) )

Just for completness reasons I will mention the following rune's choice:
- Bolt Thrower (+1 to Hit Flyers), plus engineer.
- Bolt Thrower (2+ to Hit, one use), plus engineer.

That combination won me some very nice moments in the latest tournament, especially when those proud/naif HE dragons came rushing forward, the high time being when a dragon mage decided to come near to threaten my war machines. He did almost nothing with his spells, the Dwarves typically passed their Ld test for the terror and then it was dragon-kebap for dinner followed by a very dead HE mage in the next round!
(You know how well it worked! It was your proposal after all! ;) )

14-11-2008, 02:20
Nice report, truly odd DE list. I'm actually impressed that he managed to do so well(Even taking into account your error), its probably just shock at seeing something different though!

Note to self: Equip Master with Lifetaker, hide in forest, proceed to manic laughter...

Nice style of writing and presentation.

Looking forward to the next one.

Onward brave Druchii! (I get the feeling I'm rooting for the wrong team here...)

14-11-2008, 10:55
love these battle reports. the set out for the report is great. this would be the only thing that makes me like dwarves. so congratulations and i hope you win your next battle and can't wait to read it. :skull:

Gazak Blacktoof
14-11-2008, 12:32
Great report and fantastic format.

Not nearly as much combat as I'd expect to see in a game of warhammer though, all that shooting and dancing is great but it should lead to some good old bloody slaughter and the clash of shields.

14-11-2008, 23:27
Gazak Blacktoof: Hmmm....I think I can sense the Orc Warlord in you getting upset over the lack of hand-to-hand! You are correct, though: Usually great amounts of maneuvering go into getting in close combat under the best circumstances and not avoiding it altogether. My Runelord would have liked to have a personal talk with the Hydra, for instance...

Stay tuned, however, as the new list favours close combat over shooting and has the right tools to force my opponent into it!
If only someone could answer my question concerning Blasting Charges... I don't know whether they are affected by the rules of normal missile weapons concerning the charge distance and also what happens in case the charge is failed and the enemy remains more than 4" from the miners. Any ideas, people? (SolarHammer, perhaps?)

Hellequin: The combo you are suggesting sure is nice, but recent army books make more use of the regeneration rule, hence making the rune of burning a valuable asset. Since I dropped the cannon, it didn't feel right to leave home without a single S7 weapon...

Draconian77: Lifetaker is a nasty piece of equipment, almost on par with the reaver bow High Elves have at their disposal. If I were you, I'd invest in it without hesitation! As for your team preferences, it's fair game since you play the Druchii! : )

Sidorio: Thanks for your kind words! Dwarves can be fun and effective at the same time... let's hope this proves to be the case in my next match!

Still waiting for comments on the new list!


14-11-2008, 23:47
Any idea what the daemon player will be fielding, that might help with getting advice. your list looks good... but i'm no expert on dwarves (lose every time i use them), but i do know daemons and know the rules quite well aswell as their tricks (unfortunately their banned at my club) so i should be able to give advice for dealing with them.

Gazak Blacktoof
15-11-2008, 00:00
I'm not sure about the list, I haven't used dwarfs since 4th edition, even though we swap armies occasionally I've never been keen on revisiting the dwarfs. My friend's dwarf army changes quite a bit game to game but there are a few runes and units he particularly likes, recently he's been taking double organ guns and double unit strength and fear causing runes.

I think the most fun I've had playing against dwarfs was when he took the rune that allows you to surge forward and take the initiative. He'd never used it before so the sight and surprise of his dwarfs legging it across the field caught me off guard with regards to deployment. I spent most of the battle struggling with animosity and poor placement to try and fend him off. I can't actually remember the result now but it was great fun being that surprised by dwarfs who I usually regard as being a bit one-dimensional.

My favourite choice in the list has to be the gyrocopter (which you've already got). Its a great force multiplier and it allows the army to pull off tricks and tactics it couldn't normally.

I've never understood the point of slayers in dwarf lists, I would think they'd end up as pincushions quite quickly, that's been my experience. Clearly they work for you though, I was very surprised how long the dragon slayers lasted.

The list certainly looks mobile and I salute you for that even if it all goes horribly wrong. Fingers crossed its a success- The orc in my feels a little sick now.:p

15-11-2008, 13:12
Hi Doc,
really like the new list- 2 units of miners seems like fun and the bolt throwers look good. I haven't played in a fair while but i can give you a few thoughts- the daemon slayer- I like- I used one a while ago- i gave him the master rune of swiftness and 2 runes of fury- basically to inflict maximum damage to a unit and hopefully remove/reduce the possiblity of retaliation[makes him a bit more survivable]. I take it you are planning for high WS to make him hard to hit in combat and the master rune of striking to make any hits he does make to be fatal to large monsters?
An observation from your battle with the DE- avoidance- your tooled up runelord didn't see much action- I'm thinking of not taking a lord character but spreading the paints across heros- each can afford to be "runed up" a bit to give them more edge in combat across the battlefield. It's a risk as you may not have enough hitting power to take out the big guys- but it may help your units inflict more damage in combat with the rest of an opponents army. So instead of piling all your points into the daemon slayer what about taking 3 dragon slayers each with a few runes?
The rune that forces a unit to charge or flee might be handy in gaining the combats you want as well- might be an idea to try?
I really like your approach- these are just my thoughts on putting an army together[bit of a ramble]- hope they are useful.[sorry -no idea re:blasting charges!]. looking forward to how your next report turns out. [By the way I still really like your original list!]

15-11-2008, 14:49
If only someone could answer my question concerning Blasting Charges... I don't know whether they are affected by the rules of normal missile weapons concerning the charge distance and also what happens in case the charge is failed and the enemy remains more than 4" from the miners. Any ideas, people? (SolarHammer, perhaps?)

If you are charged by a unit (i.e. Flyers charge range 20') to a unit of shooters with range less than 20' (i.e. Pistoliers range 8') you still get to stand and shoot as soon as the taget enters the 'killing zone'.

I would interpret that this means that the unit has an understanding of their preffered weapon such that enables them to hold their fire until the very end (something like not shooting until they see the whites of their eyes or somthing similar)

My interpretation is that the Miners declare to stand and shoot, but since the enemy never enters the 'killing zone' then the whole 'stand and shoot' reaction becomes a 'Hold' reaction.

If your concern is that, since it's a one use only weapon, some people might consider an intetional failed charge so that you will expend the charges then I say that in the Rulebook it says that in the shooting phase first you declare the target and then you measure the distance and if the target is not within range then the shot is lost! :S In your case this only means that you have to judge the distance and make sure that the charge will reach you!

:S Of course it seems so unlikely that a dwarf that is stingy with everything would dispose of something that he has only one of for something that he knows is not going to reach him! Absurd!

15-11-2008, 19:14
Stay tuned, however, as the new list favours close combat over shooting and has the right tools to force my opponent into it!
If only someone could answer my question concerning Blasting Charges... I don't know whether they are affected by the rules of normal missile weapons concerning the charge distance and also what happens in case the charge is failed and the enemy remains more than 4" from the miners. Any ideas, people? (SolarHammer, perhaps?)

If the chargers start their charge beyond the maximum range of the shooting unit's missile weapons, their charge is interrupted and the shots are made at the maximum range of the weapons - the unit lets loose as soon as their enemies are in within range of every firing model in the unit. Rulebook p.19

As the range on the Demolition charge is 4" the unit will wait until the enemy is within 4" before resolving its firing for its stand and shoot reaction. If the enemy never gets within 4" of the model armed with the demolition charges then the unit never gets to shoot. As the Blasting charge would not get fired (thrown), it would not be used up.

This is also why it is potentially a disadvantage to put pistol armed characters in missile troops, as occasionally an enemy unit will be able to complete a charge before they are in range of the pistol armed character, which would prevent the Stand and Shoot reaction from taking place. Comes up most often with skirmishers, but could also happen with long lines of handgunners or the like.

17-11-2008, 07:38
Solar Hammer: Thank you for clarifying this for me, it makes the one-use nature of Blasting Charges somewhat more reliable.

Sidorio: The Daemon list was the same as in my first report (see linky in the first post)

Gazak Blacktoof: Your advice is sound, truly the BSB with the rune of Strollaz makes for an interesting list and offsets the movement disadvantage a bit. However, I have no Hero Slots available for such an expensive character.. Slayers have to be one of my favorite units in the army book and usually perform well enough. Against Orcs, however, they are simply fantastic if you get the charge (Hatred, 2 attacks each and s4!)..

Silverstu: The Daemonslayer build you proposed seems really effective, makes me want to try it soon! The thinking behind my build is that if I'm facing lots of shooting, he can hang out with the slayers until he falls into combat. If, on the other hand, the opposing army is combat-oriented, he'll move alongside the slayersand counter-charge when given the opportunity.
On the Runelord observation, you really hit the nail on the head there: His purpose is to tie up the nasty characters and break them with combat resolution and the occasional wound. Without the rune of Challenge, however, he is too much of a sitting duck and tends to be left out of combat for quite a while. I could swap the MR of Spite for the MR of Challenge (which, by the way, is situational nowadays, since a lot of armies are immune to psychology!), but that would leave him without a Ward Save... I'll have to toy with this idea.
Finally, I find that dragon slayers work so great for me thanks to psychological factors: They are a versatile, unbreakable unit that only costs 50 points each, no more, no less. I'm afraid that by giving them weapon runes I make them more of a target (without any significant advantage, as they already have the option of an extra attack or +2 strength). When your opponent learns that they each cost 50 points, they usually leave them be, which makes them all the more useful!

On the news front, I played my Daemons game yesterday and it certainly was an interesting one! It will be up tomorrow, probably.

17-11-2008, 10:05
Glad you like the daemon slayer build- he is very destructive- especially in a unit of slayers. I understand about the rune of challenge vs the MR of Spite - I think Spite is one of my favs [from the days when it rebounded the opponents hit back at them!]. I must give lone dragonslayers a go sometime- they do seem to add an extra edge[plus they are great models!]. Looking forward to hearing how it went with the daemons this time.