View Full Version : Godwyn's Stormriders: 2k Bret List for Review

12-11-2008, 00:04
Hello. I was hoping to get some feedback about a new list I made and drug up some activity related to Brets. I strive to play balanced, take-all-comer lists that are fun to play and play against. I think the one below is quite well-rounded and strong; let me know what you think.

I didn't take a lord because I wanted to use the points for more units. I chose the units first then added a contingent of heroes.

Paladin [General]: armor of agilulf, virtue of the joust, lance, barded mount
He rides with the KotR to provide a bit more punch.

Paladin : sword of might, gromril great helm, barded mount
This combo provides good protection for my battle standard and decent quality of attacks. He rides with the KE to add Ld, damage potential in later rounds, and combat res.

Paladin: questing vow, virtue of empathy, enchanted shield, insignia of the quest, great weapon
I like this setup because its flexible and survivable. I either have str6 attacks or a 2+ armor save. The insignia should help keep him alive. He goes with the men-at-arms to spread leadership.

Damsel: level 2, power stone, dispel scroll, steed
She will likely use the Lore of Life to help slow the enemy down with Mistress of the Marsh or protect against ranged attacks through damage or defensive magic. She joins the KotR too.

Damsel: level 2, 2 scrolls
This damsel goes with the footknight. Her lore is up in the air but it will probably be Beasts. Then, she can cast Bear's Anger on the paladin if she ends up with it.

7 Knights of the Realm: full command, warbanner
8 Knights Errant: full command, errantry banner
25 Men-at-Arms: full command
10 archers: skirmishing, braziers
10 archers: braziers
10 archers: braziers

3 Pegasus Knights: musician
15 Battle Pilgrims
6 Mounted Yoemen: musician


Points: 1997
Models: 99 plus Trebuchet & crew

Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.