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Da Boyzz
12-11-2008, 07:48

So yeah, there is a 1200pt tounrey coming up in my area in 2 weeks.

I have decided to take my tau, as they are my only army completely painted atm and I think they will be fun to play (I do not expect to win).

I actually have 1750 pts of tau, And I would really like to know what you would take for such a low points tournament.

I am expecting orks and eldar to be prominant, as well as Space marines of course. The day is broken up into 4 games.

Here are the painted models I have to create a competitive list with:

1 x crisi suit commander
3 x crisis suits
6 x stealth suits
47 x fire warriors (have carbines, half rifles)
1 x Devilfish
18 x kroot
2 x piranhas
2 x hammerheads (rail guns)

Would love some help on this.

Da Boyzz.

12-11-2008, 10:31
You probably want to move this to the Army Lists forum mate?