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12-11-2008, 07:06
Here's my list which I was planning to try out for an upcoming tournament.

*Sorcerer of Nurgle, Level 2, Book of Secrets, Power Familiar, Barded Warhorse
^Sorcerer of Tzeentch, Level 2, Rod of Torment, Conjoined Homunculus

15 Warriors of Khorne, Additional Hand Weapons, Sheilds, Full Command, Banner of Wrath
^24 Marauders of Nurgle, Sheilds, Light Armour, Full Command
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds
5 Marauder Horsemen of Khorne, Flails

*5 Knights of Nurgle, Standard Bearer, Banner of Rage

1 Spawn

The Tzeentchian Sorcerer is the general and joins the marauders, the Nurglich Sorcerer joins the Chaos Knights.

This army is quite magic heavy, hopefully my sorceres will draw out all enemy dispell dice and then my bound spells will be free to kill those pesky enemy fast cavalry and skirmishers.

I figure I have enough heavy hitting units to be able to manage without an exalted.

Any thoughts?

Should I drop my marauders down to 21 to squeeze in mark of slaanesh (ASF) on my spawn?

12-11-2008, 18:56
Good list. And yes, I recommend you to drop some marauders to give to your spawn the MoS; you flank will be more safe from fast units.

12-11-2008, 23:57
The spawn doesn't get a whole lot from ASF, and you get more from the static CR the extra marauders provide.