View Full Version : Storm boy Warboss, a "flying hulk"

12-11-2008, 21:53
Hello warseer :)

this is going to be more of a concept thread till i get the mini as it's still in advance order.

Well i really liked what fw did with the Ork warboss so my little green plan is basicly to remove that massive rocket from the bike, attach it to the Warboss, resculpt the leg interior that is fitted to sit on the bike. keep the same pose ( well maybe one leg will be extended but still not sure. And give him a good old shoota on his right arm. His left arm will stay as is, as i think it has quite a nice pose (and that saw is dead sexy ;)).

Any more ideas for my big green flying monstrosity ?

13-11-2008, 11:21
any idea for the converion apart from what I've mentioned ?...I'm tempted to make it a duel diorama perhaps or just leave it as an exibition piece. Either way i can't think of an appropriate model to have for the duel, first thought was using some sort of Elysian model with grave shute, having the combat in mid air. Hopefully the small size of the Elysian will bring out the oversized look of the warboss.

13-11-2008, 11:34
sounds really good. hope it goes well.
expensive model to cut apart though.

13-11-2008, 11:45
I know the price is quite high, but i like spending more money on a very well sculpted mini than buy armies/an army. What i don't spend on buying more miniatures i spend on buying two or three very nice ones usually only buy 3 models a year simply to convert paint etc.

16-11-2008, 17:58
ok, found exactly what i need for the duel, concept so far is the Ork Warboss (with storm boy conversion) and this fellow http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/boobytraps.htm , the cadian trooper skeleton. I will remodel it to look like a fallen cadian holding his gun (probably some pistol) at the warboss flying and shooting at him.

so what do you think of the concept so far ?.....good? bad? or waste of 38

16-11-2008, 22:26
well you could probably make a lying down/fallen over cadian trooper without having to buy that whole set of booby traps. i mean if you have the greenstuffing ability to change his head, make hands/arms, give him a gun and fill in that hole in his chest you could make it out of plastics and greenstuff legs. - it just seems like a lot of expense, especially if your not going to use the other bits in the set