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13-11-2008, 01:36
I dont have the army book... but I've been reading tactica and have come up with a list that I hope will be effective in the unknown points it costs.

Exalted Hero (or whatever the best h2h oriented hero I can get)
- Geared with equipment that would provide an awesome challenger

15 Warriors of Khorne with GWs
15 Warriors of Khorne with GWs
20 Houndes (squads of 5) used to screen the Warriors to control frenzy and being shot at.

I'd also like a unit of Knights for a fast moving unit or a Hellcannon... something that would provide support for the Warriors.

13-11-2008, 06:21
That will be very expensive points wise, your looking at 315 points for each warrior unit asuming you take a full command. you'll want maruaders and marauder horsemen. as you have only one hero, i'd say this is for about 1000 points to 1500 and honestly just to get the hounds and the warriors you're spending 750 points. on the upside when you hit in combat you'll hurt like no other.
also looking at what you want, maybe a war shrine would be a good idea to give it the real honour on the battlefield for khorne. your warrior champions would have 4 attacks each and S6 making them hit like a sledgehammer aswell as being able too take on minor characters and even some bigger ones, thinking of empire.