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13-11-2008, 07:41
We are a rather new group and have had a few issues in our last few games

1) what happens when you charge a fleeing unit?

(we had them flee again to the nearest table edge because I thought I read that, but couldn't find it on a re read)

2) shooting at a fleeing unit?

(my friend said you can not shoot at a fleeing unit)

3) fireing a cannon or stone thrower without LoS basically he fires at my screen but intentionally hits something behind it, is this allowed?

4) can you react by fleeing when you are rear or flank charged?

(a friend said you couldn't and a call to GW confirmed it, but I can not find it anywhere in the rule book)

5) can you give two units the same magical banner?

6) can you use a dispel scroll to stop a rune casting from a anvil of doom?

7) special carachters such as archaon or other named heroes, are they ok to use in tournaments and what not?

13-11-2008, 07:50
1) you carry on running.....

2) erm. don't know this one

3)you must have LOS to the unit you declear shooting at, over guessing is allowed (but frowned on in places)


5)Nope - you are not allowed duplicates of magic items except scrolls and powerstones.

6)No - the anvil is a shooting attack.... :'(

7)Depends on the tournament.

Hope this helps

13-11-2008, 07:53
1) Flees away from the charge - Charges section BRB

2) Yes - Shooting chapter

3) Inadvertent hits are allowed. It's up to players to ascertain whether the distance estimate, correctly targets a unit within LOS. Each player's ability to estimate distances correctly will vary.
However *intentionally* over and under estimating a distance is against the rules.

4) Yes all units not ItP can flee as a charge reaction whether the charge is frontal, flanked or rear.
- Charges section, BRB

5) No, like all Magic Items , they are unique for each army. - Mentioned at the start of the army book's Magic Items

6) No, the Anvil is not a spell. It is used during the Shooting phase - Anvil rules

7) Some tournaments, a minority. Most of them will specify. However Karanak etc is usually accepted.

13-11-2008, 07:58
3. It's considered bad form, if it's obvious that you are deliberately overestimating the range. With a cannon you can probably get away with 4" short of the LOS unit, with stone throwers you get more leeway.