View Full Version : Yet another 2250 WoC list

13-11-2008, 09:40
Thought I'd try something different than my last couple attempts. It is unfortunately very light on magic (had to cut 2 sorcerors for the cannons) but I'm hoping the Hellcannons can make up for it in different ways.

Chaos Lord
Crown of everlasting conquest
rending sword
enchanted shield
favor of the gods

1x 5 Chaos Knights, Standard, Musician, MoK

1x 5 Chaos Knights, Standard, Musician, MoN

2x 15 Warriors, shield, full command, MoN

4x 5 Marauder Cav, MoS, Javelins, musician

2x Hellcannon.


13-11-2008, 10:58
Just get both hell cannon to misfire then roll 3's and you have dealt with most (if not all) of the wizards ;).