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13-11-2008, 17:20
Hey everyone,

I just got back into the hobby after a year or so, and Want to re-establish my Alpha Legion army with the new codex...

I was wondering if anyone knew of a company in Canada that i could order GW stuff from for reduced prices... like bitkindom and chaosorc, but without the boarder taxes... Also, I need a place that sells Alpha Legion shoulder pads... maybe this is too much to ask.

My order would be:
2 chaos rhinos
2 blisters of shoulder pads
1 new rulebook

Thanks everyone!

13-11-2008, 18:13
try checking out miniwargames.com they seem to have some good prices and are located in southern ontario

13-11-2008, 18:24
You can also try www.thegameshop.ca

They are local to me but do ship accross Canada. They offer a discounted price that will fluctuate a little based on the US to Canadian dollar exchange rate. They unfortunatly don't carry the shoulder pads that you were looking for but they carry everything else.

13-11-2008, 18:54
I use GC-Minis (http://www.gc-minis.com/) it's 30% off the retail price.

The warstore (http://www.thewarstore.com/) is nice as well, it's 20% off US retail price but shipping is more expensive.

Welcome back to the hobby.

13-11-2008, 21:11
I have used GC-Minis a few times in the past and I guess that with the dollar taking a plunge and the GW Canada price drop they would offer a fairly good deal now. I always received my stuff from them, but they ship slow, it's faster to use the Warstore. Also, I don't think they advertise a phone number if you need to call them and they never, I repeat never answer emails.

13-11-2008, 22:08
I've used GC minis and thewarstore often. GCM can be a bit slow to ship, but I usually get my emails answered within a few days at the most. It's a small operation, so don't expect corporation style customer service. Thewarstore is good for specialized stuff, and Neal has an amazing reputation because of his customer service. Once, something in my order got mixed up. Not only did Neal refund me, but he also sent me something extra as an apology, cant beat that kind of customer service!

As Hicks said, with the recent GW price drop, the marginal difference between ordering from GCM and thewarstore is decreasing and in some cases (like terminators) negative. For your order, I would recommend GCM for sure.

13-11-2008, 22:14
The folks at Gamer's World in Montreal used to sell at a 25% discount and they shouldn't have to worry on brokerage fees. They were pretty good to deal with when I was in town this summer.