View Full Version : Is there a "proper" skin colour for Ogres?

21-11-2005, 00:49
I'm not a fantasy player, but I picked up a Maneater because the model was so awesome, and I figured I could get some use out of it as a Hired Sword on Mordheim.

I've primed it and its ready to paint, but I'm kind of curious about the deal with ogre skin-tones. Most of the ogres from the Ogre Kingdoms list on the GW Online Store have a pale bluish-grey-green skin. However, the Mordheim ogre has a healthier, pinkish-orange glow to him.

So is there a story behind the variations in ogre skin colour? Does it depend on habitat, geneaology, etc. or is it just artist's preference?

21-11-2005, 01:25
In essence, it is a re-immagining of the Ogres for the Ogre Kingdoms in order for them to look less like merely big humans. I would expect further ogre models for other ranges (should there be any) to use the same skin tone as the Ogre Kingdoms ones, in the greyish tone. You are, of course, free to use what you wish on them.

Should you wish to replicate, I suggest you go to the ogre page on the relevant GW website andlook for the ogre painting guide, which will have the mix used.

21-11-2005, 01:27
The mordheim ogre was painted before Ogre Kingdoms came out and the new Ogre flesh colour was decided.

As for ehat colour to paint your ogre choose that for yourself. I for one paint my ogres very lighty in flesh tones rather than the tones that GW have made. I also know that many others are like me but the scheme you see on teh GW site for OK is the one they have decided ogres have.


21-11-2005, 12:21
I decided to paint my ogres in a tanned-flesh tone, rather than the greyish-blue skin GW depicts the OK in. Feel free to paint them whatever color you like though. I always thought they could look cool with a pale green color scheme, kinda like orcs.

21-11-2005, 12:29
See pics on how I painted my Ogres.

- Ogre Bulls (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y114/Badgobbla/My%20models/ogrebulls.jpg)
- Iron Guts (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y114/Badgobbla/My%20models/ironguts.jpg)
- Hunter (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y114/Badgobbla/My%20models/hunter.jpg)

I've used Shadow Grey as my basecolor and then worked up to Space Wolves Grey.

21-11-2005, 12:31
My ogres are dark brown to make them stand out from the orcs (back when I got my ogres there was no Ogre Kingdoms list) and make sure they did not look like big humans.

People paint their ogres any way they like them, I have even seen some blue "frost ogres", which admittedly looked rather odd.

Col. Dash
21-11-2005, 14:05
The greenish blue paint jobs, which they must have outsourced because 'Eavy Metal doesnt paint that bad, is why I didnt start the ogres and waited for wood elves. Paint them the flesh tones because you can do so much with it, plus they wont look like zombie ogres.

Rich 123
21-11-2005, 15:24
Unfrotunately the 'Eavy Metal team just doesnt paint all that well IMO Col. Dash. Not since Mcvey left and things started to slide (or did I mean not when he left GW but the 'Eavy Metal team ;))

The OK are very mongol themed so I think the skin tone they were going for something looking loosly an oriental mountainous skin tone.

I think if you jsut work up in yoru mind where you think/claim your ogre(s) have come from and decide from that what their skin tone was. Ogres from Araby would look alot different to those from, say, Lustria or the Bad Lands.

Its your own choice - I just think things can look far better with a bit of forethought and planning like this :D


Col. Dash
21-11-2005, 16:45
I can understand the mongol theme but they should then be a dark tan, they look too undeadish with the grey scheme. I agree with you though, 'Eavy Metal has been on a downward slide of late and now that you mention people leaving, that could be why. They did do a pretty good job with most of the wood elves though. If you have been following the new stuff for the 40k tau, I hope that those not 'Eavy Metal's work, if so then even worse than the OKs, they have taken a severe turn for the worst.

Cpt. Drill
21-11-2005, 17:51
I went for a really really pale pastey skin tone... because yes they arnt humans.. thats why they are about 10 feet tall... but they can still have the same skin tone!

Like some cats have the same skin tones as humans... but they arnt human... right?

A neutral shade of black.
21-11-2005, 18:05
Unfrotunately the 'Eavy Metal team just doesnt paint all that well IMO Col. Dash. Not since Mcvey left and things started to slide (or did I mean not when he left GW but the 'Eavy Metal team ;))

Didn't that have to do with his painting skills being too l33t, so GW kicked him out and asked the rest of the team to dumb it down a bit because they were scaring potential buyers away ("I'll never be able to paint like those guys!")?

Anyway, as far as ogres is concerned, the Western ones are human-coloured/a bit yellowish, and the Eastern ones somehow turned into Tau. Paint them in an Asian skintone, if you want my opinion - they look so much better when painted in realistic colours, it's incredible.

21-11-2005, 20:47
GW tried explaining away the new skin tone by saying it was a by-product of their living environment as well as a side-effect of their exposure to the Maw. Personally I think a more human skin tone is just fine.